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Australia is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and perfect for tourism. With a rich indigenous culture created over 65,000 years, Australia has many stories to share. From modern cities to the Outback, there is something for everyone in the land ‘downunder’.

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7,692,024 km2



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Australia is quite literally a 365 day a year destination.

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How many days should you spend in Australia?

As the 7th largest country in the world by land size... it's fair to say you won't see it all in just one visit. So it's best to break your plans into 10 to 14 days trips focussing on key places and attractions that interest you.

Where should you stay in Australia?

Australia has many destinations you can't miss, including Sydney's incomparable mix of urban lifestyle and natural beauty and Brisbane as the gateway to Queensland and its iconic Great Barrier Reef. Once you've ticked those off your list, try going to Bush and experiencing many of Australia's amazing National Parks and reserves.

Must try experiences in Australia?

Why not try climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, catching a show at the Sydney Opera House, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, or exploring Fraser Island? Honestly, the opportunities are endless and equally phenomenal.

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