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NOLA Smokehouse restaurant and Bar is found in the heart of Sydney. This unique destination takes a modern approach to antique flavours from Cajun and Creole cuisines and Southern BBQ. the NOLA Smokehouse offers warm hospitality to its guests in a New Orleans culture, American Whiskeys, and wines from the old and new world. NOLA has a unique, diverse heritage with many inspirations that continues to evolve today, especially across food, music, art and drinking culture.

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Daniel Levison
Daniel Levison
December 9, 2022
We’re hear for the thanksgiving dinner.nNice set menu with classic American thanksgiving dinner.nNothing was overly mind blowing, but generally everything was good, enjoyed the food and service a lot.nTurkey was good as well as some of the other starters, desserts were the weaker part of the meal in our opinion but didn’t ruin the overall good experience
May 29, 2023
Came here for the Valentines Day dinner with my boyfriend and had a few ups and downs all night. The most significant was finding a whole piece of plastic inside my croquette.nnFirstly, the view was spectacular and we got a window seat facing outside. The food came out in about 5-10 mins which I was happy with as I was quite hungry anyways. What was surprising was that 2 of the entrees came out at the same time. Then after that, the other entrees came out 5 mins apart from each other meaning we hadnt finished the food on our plate before more had come out. One of the entrees was the pulled pork croquette which I found to have a piece of plastic inside of it. I notified the waiter and she brought out 2 more croquettes for us.nnThe rest of the meal was great although it was quite a lot of food. My boyfriend paid the bill as I went to the bathroom but he told me after we had left that the waiters said my glass of wine would be on the house ($17) due to the plastic issue we had earlier. He was happy with that and paid the bill but when he told me the price later ($260 including his beers) I realised that they in fact had not deducted my glass of wine. I was already happy to pay the full price as that’s what I ordered but it was surprising that we had not asked for any reimbursement and they offered it themselves but didn’t end up honouring it anyways.nnOverall, it was a really nice restaurant and I had a good time but to pay $260 for the food experience we had was slightly disappointing. For that price you could go to a fancier restaurant where the food and staff are more organised and thoroughly checked.
Ben Percey
April 14, 2023
I shared a brilliant dinner with the wife and kids at Nola, it’s a great venue, great fitout and vibe.nEven though there wasn't a kids menu the staff went out of the way to ensure they were well looked after.nAs for the food, the Steak Tartare was great.nBut the highlight were the Ribs and Brisket, super high quality American style Bbq, great smoke ring, right amount of bark, and superb flavour profile.nThe tenderness of the Ribs were they way they are meant to be, nice bite mark, tender, but without the meat falling off the bone. One thousand times better than Hurricanes.
Jessica K
March 26, 2023
Booked under Jaye for a 6-8pm booking. It started off lovely. Food came out quickly and was decent. Cocktails quite nice. Not a fan of the 10% gratuity added automatically (we aren’t america) and then when we went to pay the waitress asked if we wanted to tip?! Anyway before we ordered we were told we had till 8pm to leave as they had another booking, around 7:20 we were finished with food and table was cleared and asked if we wanted dessert to which we declined so bill was brought and payment made. One member was still drinking his cocktail and we were sipping on water. The waitress who was lovely for the first 3/4 of the service started to clear the table, taking full glasses of water which was being drunk and took my friends 1/2 finished cocktail from in front of him without saying anything and walked away. We took this is our queue to leave (7:35ish) on the way out I told the hostess what had happened and she confirmed we were entitled to stay until 8pm and that the drink wouldn’t have been taken and that we must have gotten up - which was incorrect as all six of us was sitting at the table the entire time post paying bill. We paid over $700 for a party of 6 and were treated very poorly at the end. Not happy and expect an email or phone call in response to this. You are welcome to check the cameras and see what happened cause we are all very confused. I probably won’t return unfortunately.
December 18, 2022
Wow! What a great restaurant. It’s located on the first floor of building in Barangaroo area. Restaurant is open aired with views of water. Atmosphere is fun and lively and the wait and bar staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. And then there’s the food and cocktails…which are absolutely delicious. We ordered the St Louis sour, the Buffalo Theory cocktail, wedge salad, ribs, snapper and fries and finished off with a couple of desserts. What a great night!

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