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With decades of experience in destination marketing, Welcome to the World is founded by a group of global marketeers. Being the world's first customer-generated video platform we mobilise stakeholders to jointly promote destinations. Designed to boost direct bookings, Welcome to the World is eliminating commissions and giving back the power to the travel & tourism industry.

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Our platform seeks to involve all local tourism stakeholders and offers travellers a more plugged-in and intimate insight into their destinations globally. We believe that by highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of every location and enabling a direct connection with travellers that may be considering visiting, we can make a difference. Both in terms of supporting travellers who are keen to visit, engage, and have sustainable new travel experiences and in terms of giving power back to the tourism & travel industries.


With video inspiration from over 175 destinations, Welcome to the World is the first video inspiration platform to boost direct bookings online.

“What a difference one word makes” – An article by our founder.

When we changed our site’s “Book” button to say, instead, “Book direct”, tourism product owners just got it. With the addition of the word ‘directly’, they realised that the power of booking had been put back in their hands, allowing them to bypass paying commission, to have better access to the interactions that enable them to understand their customers’ needs, and to share what it is that makes them unique – directly.

For many product owners, the move was not only against the grain, but it even felt a little incredulous: were we really sending customers off of our site, directly to theirs? And yes, this seems to run contrary to everything that marketers know about keeping customers on-site – particularly when there’s a whole content platform to be explored, clicks to be counted, and time-on-site to be accumulated – but for us at Welcome to the World it was important.

...This wasn’t just about the booking process, there was much more going on behind that button. Our approach was about ensuring that the power is put back into the hands of tourism product owners, from restaurants to hotels, small businesses to luxury properties. We wanted to abolish high commission rates and present a way to achieve the same results through a collaborative approach.

For the traveller, the benefits were obvious: trust and practicality. No-one knows their businesses like these product owners do, and that meant that travellers get to benefit from insider knowledge through a direct connection that allows them access to the people best-suited to answering the questions that’ll optimize their experiences.

The events of the last few months have left little doubt in any of our minds that our spending choices have a genuine impact on businesses in the hospitality industry. In a Covid-19 climate, we’ve seen first-hand that our purchases can save our old favourites and local stalwarts. And we’ve also learned how much our support means to the establishments that we once took for granted.

For many would-be travellers, the decision to book trips and experiences locally has been made for us by restricted borders, so it would be difficult to say with any certainty that consumers have made the shift to “choosing” local travel, and even more of a stretch to suggest that we’re all doing so for altruistic reasons.

But whatever their motivations, travellers are choosing destinations closer to home, and loving what they discover on their own doorsteps. For travel product owners, this is cause for both celebration and smart strategy. Image and video sharing platforms have had an undeniable impact on the ways in which we experience a destination – first on our screens, then in person. As travellers, we get an impressively intimate preview of what to expect from experiences, hotels, and even our meals, thanks to multimedia created and shared by individuals from owners to influencers and everyday travellers.

Our world has changed, and so have the ways in which we explore it. An increasingly well-prepared and savvy consumer isn’t someone to underestimate, but to embrace, and new attitudes to travel have the potential to move the industry in a direction that benefits travellers and providers alike. Wherever the future takes us, we’re confident that our current era isn’t an end to travel as we know it – it’s the beginning of a transformation.

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Founder, Welcome to the World

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