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With spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, Luna Park is an amusement park for families and children. You can experience a fantastic view of Milsons Point from harbourside vantage points around the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay. Come and discover a lot of fun on rides such as the Ferris wheel and the Tango Train on the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful harbours.

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Rob Pitingolo
November 7, 2023
Luna Park is good for a few hours of fun, but not the kind of place you're going to spend an entire day. Is it worth 60 dollars for a rides pass?.. eh it's not really a great value. But it is cool that the park is free for those who don't want to ride. The park itself feels well maintained and the few rides they do have are pretty decent. Sledgehammer is definitely the most thrilling ride in the park. My favorite thing about Luna Park is the unique landscape. Unlike North American Parks that are built way out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles of parking lots, Luna Park has incredible views of the harbour, bridge and skyline.
Cindy Warrington
August 22, 2023
Went for a conference, which happened to be held at Luna Park, amazing spot for the event. I heard that the theme park is actively open to the public.nnUnsure what you need to pay to enter & play with your kids. I can imagine a nice family day out there tho!
Zac Belmonte
August 6, 2023
We were surprised how great Luna Park was and how much it has improved. Food was expensive, but that's a given at all amusement parks.nnA great selection of fun rides. The new coasters were fun. Line ups weren't too bad either.nnIf you want to save money, purchase your tickets a few weeks before, otherwise prices are jacked up as you get closer and on the day.
Brendon Lee
July 19, 2023
Great day out with the kids, beautiful weather and location, but a shame that it felt like half of Sydney was there, so the wait time for rides was a bit long. Only ended up going on 3 rides during the 3 hours we were there. . . Advice is to skip during school holidays and try to find a time when it won't be so busy. I reckon early morning before lunch or evenings would be better. Evenings with the lights for a better atmosphere. . .
Sabina Giado
July 18, 2023
The lines were way too long. We did 5 rides in 6.5 hours. But still it was a nice family day out. Look for discounts on tickets. Also they serve pork at all the restaurants so it wasn't halal by our standards. We brought our own food but no time to eat it.
S Newman
July 12, 2023
An enjoyable place to visit, a clean park and a lot to enjoy. The website clearly states which rides are operating on the day. And also clearly states who can ride each attraction based on height.nVery easy to do the research before you visit the park.nnRotor and Coney Island are very good. The new Big Dipper is extremely rough though. It's a good ride, but be prepared to be shaken about.nnPrepare for lines for the rides, which is standard for any park like this.
June 26, 2023
Fun park but lots of waiting for rides. Would recommend going on a quieter day if you can. Not as big as I thought but still spent a full day here. Food not overly priced compared to anywhere else. Hotdogs were nice.
Tenino Foxxe (1090)
May 31, 2023
This is a super fun little theme park! The rides are great for both adults and kids, there's enough to do to keep you entertained for a few hours. The nostalgia of the place is really great too, I love the retro carnival vibes this place has! Only thing is that it's a bit more expensive than what it's worth in my mind, especially the food (you're looking at almost $6 for a bottle of coke, and most of the meals at the diners are around the $20 mark). With tickets it's easy to spend about $200 for a half-day visit. It's a pretty small park too so it's easy to do everything in just a couple of hours. Other than that it's a really fun park and a real testament of its time! ud83cudfa1
Lindie Crampton
May 16, 2023
Luna Park is just an amazing place for all ages. There is something for everyone and some amazing views of the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour bridge. Great fun with some epic rides. Entertainment for the little ones, great food. Very clean and very high safety standards makes this one of my favourite places. Highly recommend that you book tickets online it can safe you up to 50%. Long rows but it moves pretty quick. Highly recommend this place for a whole day of fun for everyone.
Jen C
April 22, 2023
We had a great time. Skipped the rides and just wandered around the park and took in the ambiance. Played heaps of sideshows, each kids got a $40 for 10 games pack, they loved it won 18 things between them and got a free hat and lanyard. The staff running the sideshows were very nice, special shoutout to Katie. Loved it!
Jacob Kelly
February 18, 2023
Luna Park is awesome! Had a super fun day here with the kids! The rides were really enjoyable and it was a good atmosphere, all the park workers were so nice and the vintage parts of the amusements were really interesting. It was a cool window to the past mixed with some games and newer exciting rides that made for an excellent day out at a pretty reasonable price

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