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Deira's historic souk district, which dates back to 1850, now includes a variety of markets that have been renovated to highlight their original architecture. The Grand Souk Deira, located just steps from the Spice Souk entrance, is a great place to go shopping for gifts and traditional Arabian products.
Toys, kitchen objects, and a selection of gifts and keepsakes with an Arabian aesthetic are among the items available at the store. Trays, spices, perfumes, flowers, shawls, and other fabrics are examples.

Due its proximity to the harbour district, where traders obtained supplies from merchant ships arriving from Africa and the subcontinent, the shopping site arose. About 220 historic building facades have been restored, and the local urban environment has been altered to improve the tourist experience.

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Arpit Garg
November 1, 2023
This place will wow you for sure. The richness, the gold bazaar. As an Indian it’s a must stop to buy vat free gold jewellery.nnBest part about this place. Although it’s an open market, the walkway is covered by wooden roof, which makes it easier to walk and not be bothered by the heat too much.nnWe went to Damas Jewellery shop among others. Professional people.
Riaz Lorgat
October 6, 2023
Offers a much more "street experience" and semi-wholesome ( could visit more authentic places) but still has a good shopping experience. It's very humid in these passageways but rewarding both with deals and the experience. Definitely a must visit - 🌅
Talha Saleem
March 29, 2023
What a sight. What amazing pieces. My wife who does not like gold even a bit was stunned to her core seeing the gold suits. We could not imagine who wore those and when. Not normal any way. Not casual any way. Super amazing and super heavy. Detailed work done on rings even. They have amazing collection. If you want variety and styles that are new and different, you ought to contact someone who can get you those from here.
February 22, 2023
I don't like gold, I prefer silver or white gold, but all the things there were just wow. The designs of some of those jewelry pieces were amazing, although probably they aren't so comfortable to wear. Who can resist glitter though, right? It's my favorite joke now, to point to those pictures, if someone ever needs an idea on what to buy me for my birthday.
Khandakar Morshed
January 24, 2023
One of good place to buy gold in Dubai, you will get latest design and model. But remember they are charging lots of Making Charge. But as a tourist you can roaming around the place and can enjoy the multicultural beauty.

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