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The Dubai Souks are situated in Old Dubai and, while still very touristy, they provide an insight into what was once one of the region’s most important ports. The souks are a sensory overload; a busy marketplace where you can buy one-of-a-kind souvenirs and get some of the best gold prices in the world. The word “souk” means “market” in Arabic, and the Dubai Souks are a network of small shops selling everything from gold to spices, perfumes, and textiles. The Souks, which are located in one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, date back to the early 1900s, when Dubai was the biggest commercial market on the Gulf Coast.
THE GOLD MARKET is the most visited of all the souks in Dubai.
This is the best spot in the UAE to buy gold, thanks to their fair rates and large range of jewelry. There are over 300 outlets and at least 10 tons of gold in this industry at any given time. The UAE government strictly regulates authenticity, and costs are negotiable. When it comes to pricing, gold is sold by weight at the prevailing selling cost (which will be on display in the market). PERFUME MARKET
A collection of Perfume shops on Sikkat Al Khail Street, to the east of the Gold Souks, market aromatic Arabic perfumes, incenses, and oils. You can also mix and match fragrances and make your own scents, which can be a special memento of your visit to Dubai.
While you’re there, try a couple different oud fragrances. Oud is an oil made from agarwood resin that is one of the world’s most valuable natural commodities (1.5 times more valuable than gold!). Oud is a common addition to luxury fragrance lines such as Le Labo, Tom Ford, and Jo Malone. It is typically worn by Emirati men and women.
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