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It’s no surprise that the United Arab Emirates is home to over 400 Guinness World Records! But have you wondered how many the Emirate of Abu Dhabi holds? Well, in this video we've listed 5 mind-blowing records Abu Dhabi has broken!

Andaz Capital Gate

Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi has won the Guinness World Record for the world’s most leaning building in the world! Fun fact: it beats the leaning tower of Pisa by 4 times! If you’d like to stay in this iconic building, the book your stay at Andaz Capital Gate a concept by Hyatt.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This one is for the adrenaline seeking junkies and people looking for that extra thrill. The Formula Rossa will ensure you feel the surge of 4.8 Gs in the pit of your stomach. So strap in, put your goggles on and prepare to be blasted 240km/h in 4.9 seconds on the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Located at Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, it’ll be a fun trip and it’s something everyone needs to check off their bucket list.

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi

Get blown away in the World’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber with an unmatched width of 32 feet and a record breaking height of 104 feet. Whether you are a beginner or an expert flyer, Their skilled instructors will guide you throughout your flight. Depending on your level and comfort, they will help you develop your flying skills and teach you different flying positions as you progress.

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

The next one is fun for the whole family. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is the World’s Largest indoor theme park! How cool is that? With 6 different lands to explore from BEDROCK with the Flintstones to Batman’s Gotham City home to infamous Super-Villains! You’ll never run out of rides here at this iconic park. once you’ve built up an appetite there many dining options for you to choose from that’ll ensure to fuel you before you head home.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was built to be a symbol of Tolerance and respect. But did you know it also holds 2 Guinness World Records? First, it has the largest dome in the world measuring almost 32.7 meters in diameter and 85 meters in length 2nd, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has the world’s largest handwoven Carpet crafted by 1,200 skilled workers, weighing more than 12 tonnes, incorporating 2.2 billion hand tied knots and covering 60,546 square ft of marble

That is our top 5 for this week. If you know the exact number of records, or even cooler ones, tag us on Instagram @Welcometo.uaeofficial and follow us to see our latest Welcoming Benefit and offers.

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