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Cancún stretches along the coastline of the scenic Caribbean Sea, and the island is known for its luxury resorts and vibrant nightlife. The archaeological sites at Cancún are fascinating, and it is also a destination that University students often visit.




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1,964,375 km2



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How many days to stay in Cancún?

Most tourists stay for 3-5 days. However, if you enjoy the beach and the water sports, you can extend your stay by another week.

What is Cancún famous for?

  Cancún is a fantastic city known for its beautiful sun-kissed beaches. Water sports lovers can enjoy snorkelling and exploring the coral reefs. Moreover, the marine life is vibrant. You can also enjoy the historic Mayan sites of Chichén Itzá and stop at the Maya museum, but the underwater Maya Museum is even more charming. Divers can explore the conserved art underwater, and children can enjoy the company of interactive dolphins. The archaeological sites of Cancún are worth a visit.

Lesser known facts about Cancún

  Till about the 1970s, only three people lived in this city that managed a coconut plantation. Cancún's coral reef belongs to the second most significant reef barrier in the world. Divers from around the world come to explore the underwater caves and vibrant marine life. Whilst there, you could be lucky and see a turtle nest because the area is a nesting ground for Turtles, and giant turtles return every season to lay eggs. Daylight saving differs in Cancún, so the clock needs to be adjusted by an hour every six months.

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