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About Etihad Modern Art Gallery | Abu Dhabi

Etihad Modern Art Gallery (EMAG) is a multi-purpose contemporary art space and café in the heart of the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

H.E. Khaled Siddiq Al Mutawaa, the owner, envisioned a welcoming and adaptable art venue available to everybody, encouraging the promotion, discussion, and growing awareness of the Emirati art scene.
Since its inception in 2013, EMAG has hosted important art exhibits as well as local historical exhibitions, forging connections with the worldwide art scene and academic institutions.
We did so by inviting foreign artists to live, teach, and create in the UAE, encouraging local artists to exhibit their work, and presenting a variety of complementary cultural activities such as art classes, poetry evenings, and music events.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery's ongoing success in 2016 resulted in the addition of a well-known European curator. Every month, EMAG hosts a new exhibition with a VIP opening, and we've strengthened our ties with prestigious galleries and institutions around Europe.
EMAG was the first privately-funded gallery from the UAE to hold a large-scale show in Berlin, Europe's art capital, in December 2016. With several outstanding reviews in German and worldwide media, including Harper's Bazaar magazine, the ‘Art Nomads: Made in Abu Dhabi' show marked the entrance of Emirati artists in the international art scene.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery will continue to promote outstanding Emirati and UAE-based international artists with a presence at prestigious art fairs across the world in 2017.
The 2017 exhibition season will feature an even more broad and distinguished presentation of new and interesting artists from across the world, as well as continuous worldwide exposure for UAE culture. EMAG's mission is to promote Emirati traditions, culture, and art to a larger worldwide audience while also advancing the art scene in Abu Dhabi.
We want to engage the public in a discussion and promote new cultural concepts while also supporting our founder, H.E. Khaled Siddiq Al Mutawaa's, ecologically aware vision.

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Danelle Oosthuizen
March 13, 2023
Really enjoyed the unique experience walking from room to room to see the art. It can be difficult to navigate since no one is there for assistance. In the same lot is a restaurant where some of the art is also displayed
Anvar Nazarov
February 19, 2023
Hello, I am Anvar Nazarov. I am a graphic artist. I just came to Abu Dhabi for the festival. I and my students had works in oil painting, water painting, coffee and miniature lighting. Is it possible to sell them to you in your art salon? I also have works of Uzbek applied art. I'm happy, thank you.
Jane Daniel
December 14, 2022
From time to time there are good displays of Art work.
Alexey Kokin
August 28, 2023
Small gallery with art from local artists for sale.
Sonja Mollentze
August 27, 2023
Gallery has some lovely pieces. We were expecting a more supported art gallery. Maybe it needs additional resources to attract a more diverse and quality artists. We did not eat there so cannot rate the cafe.
NASA Muller
July 15, 2023
Good place to relax ,feels like Asian country
raghunath avanali
May 17, 2023
Small yet wonderful art gallery and attached is a spacious cafe. Whole complex got a relaxing atmosphere.
Kim Mig
April 7, 2023
A small place with lots of character.nBeside a very nice outdoor and indoor coffee shop. One of my favourite places in Abu Dhabi.
Sonesh Chattlani
July 29, 2023
Beautiful place to visit, I will consider buying a painting some day. I especially liked the works of Silvia Sidorov, she is so talented and her style is sophisticated.
Lili Dioso
July 22, 2023
Interesting place. Nice pieces of sculptires
Mumeena Shali
July 19, 2023
It is a nice place for art lovers. Its very quiet and serene. The art cafe is wonderful.
Rana Abu AlHaija
April 10, 2023
Wonderful place for art lovers. The cafe Art house is next to the gallery
March 22, 2023
Hidden gem of Abu Dhabi. Great variety of exhibition. Very nice coffee house with creative spark.
Bernadette Brooks
March 18, 2023
Art was thought provoking and beautiful. Explanations by the artists made it an even better experience. And the cafe was great too!
Andreas Ludwig
November 29, 2022
Must visit in Abu Dhabi. A wonderfully renovated building, providing space for exhibitions of local and international artists. All art work is for sale (at more or less reasonable prices). Exhibitions change frequently, but stay for a while (unlike Manarat Saadiyat, where they are typically only shown for a view days. Very nice feel. Get some refreshments in the little cafe that is attached. A museum's shop offers prints, catalogues etc. for small amounts of money.

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