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V Lounge at V Hotel | Dubai

About V Lounge at V Hotel | Dubai

V Lounge, 30 stories above Sheikh Zayed Road, is the place to be for visionaries and cosmopolitan creatives. As the city's most buzzworthy scene plays out against its gorgeous skyline, groove to worldwide rhythms and spice things up with brilliant mixologists. Step into this futuristic runway, where the latest innovations, artists, musicians, and designers will be unveiled.

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Наталия Музыка
Наталия Музыка
February 2, 2023
Highly do not recommend this placenThey are not taking offer - or putting people to wait long time, after informing that offer time finished, kitchen closed and etcnAnd 23:45 stopping to react on request, not informing about last offer time and not taking orders - refusing in very bed way - looking to your face and not coming
Regina Nigmatullina
Regina Nigmatullina
August 20, 2022
They have cockroaches in the lounge. And manager didn’t care about it that much. Just apologize and promise to have pest control. Don’t recommend it.
August 5, 2022
Friendly staff, nice and peaceful atmosphere and drinks. Beautiful view during the day and night. Recommended ✅️✅️✅️
Aknight withouthorses
Aknight withouthorses
July 14, 2022
Very nice atmosphere.nUse Loyal by AHG APP for points and discounts 😉
Rosa Pérez
Rosa Pérez
September 15, 2021
I went on Friday to the High Heels night event with two friends and it was the worst experience I've had so far in Dubai in 3 years. The offer included unlimited drinks + 3 course menu. We arrived and the waitress took more than 15min to approach us even though it was not super busy. After that, we waited for more than half an hour to get our first drink (we could say that we already lost 45min of that "free flow"). After a long wait for the food, they brought us ONE starter (we were three people). We waited even longer thinking they would bring the other two starters any time soon. After waiting for long half hour, we asked the waitress where the other two staters are. At that point she informed us that the two starters we ordered were not avaliable (so then what? you don't bring anything?). No one informed us about this when we ordered. (Important note: there was only three choices for starters and 3 choices for main course). Suddenly, other waitress comes with the 3 main course. So, we didn't get the starters and they brought straight away the main courses. We asked to talk with the manager. Manager comes, apologizes (quite briefly) and tell us that we can have more main courses if we want. We don't want to eat more main courses, we want to have what it said in the offer: a nice dinner with friends having starter, main course and dessert. Finally, the manager brought us some sliders and salad to apologize, I guess from another restaurant of the hotel. This was actually the only food that tasted good. The food that we had from V lounge was very bad quality and very small plates. After all, no menu sequence followed we had to eat everything at the same time and after a long wait. We appreciated the "efforts" the manager did to apologize, however the whole experience was ruined since we couldn't enjoy our night out with all these thigs happening. We just wanted some drinks and enjoy our dinner.... I know it was an offer, but come on, still you pay 155ladies/205gents. Not worth it at all.

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