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The Glass House, one of the two primary attractions in the Quranic Park, is home to 29 different plants and trees mentioned in the Quran and is aimed to promote a greater cultural and educational knowledge of the Islamic heritage. a wonderful destination to visit for kids, families, and anyone interested in learning more about the Holy Quran The world's first park devoted to the Holy Quran is now open in Dubai. But Al Quran Park is more than simply a location to learn about Islam; it's also a terrific location to relax, with a lake and fountains.

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Anil Valil
August 16, 2023
It's a very pretty place and during sunsets it looks extra pretty it's a place that suitable for walking even tho the photos I post look edited there not!!!! It's an amazing place expect some parts of the park where the stones are not fixed yet!! But they are working on it! Definitely should visit there!!
Mass Way
August 9, 2023
Summer or winter its a good place to visit with family. the park is well maintained. Good walking tracks for those who would like to walk - its in between trees, keeping it cool even in the hot summer. Thank you Dubai for this park.
Priyank Bhatt
June 28, 2023
What an amazing peaceful park. It's located in another corner of the city but it justifies its name. Located opposite to Last Exit. Very well maintained, free entrance and lots of green area and beautiful spots. There is a cycling/running track outside and Careem bike station as well.
June 19, 2023
Donu2019t visit now a days , visited today 19/06/2022. Most of the places are under construction ud83dudea7 ,staffs are not too friendly . And the Quran history was not clear due to the lights are open and the screen was not clear to see the pictures , it is like just they need the pass the process . Need more improvements . Or they should inform if there is no proper service as it is paid .nnJust one two washrooms, it is also accessible if you paid for any of these , no feeding room , no water sources -coolers . ud83eudd76
Mohamed Salman
June 6, 2023
Biggest oval walkway in town extending nearly 3.5 KM with bike lanes and children play areas.nHas some Islamic museums for those interested but none that provide a special experience.nThose who come here walk or exercise and occasionally pickup snacks from the many cafes spread throughout the circumference of the walkway.nBe aware...nIt can get crowded at times
Huda Hasan
May 24, 2023
Well kept, beautiful park. Glass House and Cave of Miracles are must-see. Learnt many new things and enjoyed our overall experience. We went during the day so it was extremely hot and the walk between 2 points was difficult at times.we kept wet towels and insulated water bottles to counter the heat :)
Omar Einea
May 14, 2023
One of the best parks. Large green areas, different sections each with unique features, kids play ground and other experiences like the green house.nnThe park itself is free and has lots of parking areas all around. Recorded Quran is being played most of the time through the park's speakerphones.
Haneen Isleem
May 6, 2023
Very beautiful experience in the miracle cave specially to know all of the miracles and quranic stories, the weather was great , you have a very nice park and play area to sit and chill. The glass house was nice also, I would like to see more natural plants not only the roots of it.nnRecommended
Ashraf Nana
March 20, 2023
Don't go here. March 2022. All outdoor fruits and vegetables and plants are dead and closed due to construction. Only 2 places to visit. Cave is worth it for 5 Durham's but please don't waste your time or money on greenhouse. Everything in greenhouse is dead and closed and nothing is growing
Saif BinAdhed
March 17, 2023
total dos regard to cyclists safety, no age restrictions on cycling track, dangerous driving by staff members with their golf carts on the cycling track, they sometimes drive against traffic.nna lot of things to hinder cyclists but zero efforts to educate people who go there to walk, although clearly stated that the direction of the walking path is counter-clockwise, home people walk clockwise and ON the cycling track and municipality staff in their golf carts don't say anything.
Amna Rashid
February 23, 2023
A great place and the way it provides information is quite new and innovative especially the stories of Prophets in the cave with the feature of translation in different languages. A must visit place to know about the Holy Book of Muslims and enjoy the park visit.
Mr. Jeep
February 23, 2023
A great and knowledgeable place for the family to visit and learn more about Islam. The indoor facility and the caves are great and have been vastly appreciated. The overall maintenance of the park is not as expected and should be improved. The roads and walking areas are not paved and they are very uncomfortable otherwise great place to spend the day. Will be visiting soon
Zkash Beauty
February 20, 2023
It was indeed incredibly beautiful. Little attention to audience-make sure must purchased tickets for Miracle Caves and The glass house at the main gates. We didn't know due to this we missed out on the chance to caves as after 30 minutes due to the long queue, when our turn came then security asked for tickets. There were 3-to 4 of them checking the queue but none bothered to mention to us about getting a ticket from a Nol card. It would have been much better if they checked people in line if they had purchased already rather than telling them when it's their turn (to get from the main gate). We preferred to leave the venue as we were already exhausted waited for 30minutes!!!!
Muhammad Qader Ali
February 15, 2023
It was great holiday picnic along with families and relatives, You can't cook but you can take ready made food,, Grill and BBQ not allowed. Quite and peace for Families. ALLAH BLESS US.
Manoj Telrandhe
September 4, 2023
Very nice park. The cycling track is very good. There are different tracks. The one which is inside the park is around 2.5 km. If take the track which is outside you can complete 20 km.nnThere is one track which connects Mushrif Park cucl6 track also. It's amazing. It have two bridges to cross. Which increases the difficult levels.
Abdelrahman Khammash
August 3, 2023
Amazing park as Dubai parks are.nIt is spacious, has public amenities and most importantly cycling and jogging track at its circumference.
Badar Khan
August 1, 2023
A park for winter season only or at least outside temperature must be in low 30s. Lacks user friendly directional signs to and from Glass House and The Cave. The Glass House though an impressive feast could have had kind of mini museum on its upper deck displaying old Islamic artifacts and manuscripts and same goes for the Cave spread over itu2019s different sections. Caveu2026 video and audio presentations could be improved story and visualization wise and language option wise and be more children friendly and entertaining. Food outletsu2026 very few, need more choices and setup improvement enough to attract and be summer friendly. Overall experience not bad but definitely leaves a wish for more.
Khaleel Rahman K. T
July 25, 2023
One of the best park in Dubai.nU can study more about quran and prophets.nGlass house and miracle cave are the main attraction in this park.
September 18, 2023
MASHA Allah..super trip

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