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Legoland is the ultimate year-round theme park destination in the Middle East for families of children aged 2 to 12. Families will enjoy a full day of LEGO-inspired activities at LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park, which features 60 indoor swings, water slides, exhibits, and LEGO construction experiences. Welcome to the coolest city on the block, where you can ride a helicopter, drive a ferry, save a burning home, and even get your own LEGOLAND Driving License! In LEGO CITY, the building blocks are determination and coordination. The fun for the whole family starts at FACTORY! Visit the LEGO Factory to see how LEGO bricks are manufactured and The BIG Shop, the Middle East's biggest LEGO store!

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Cristian Onescu
January 4, 2023
It’s nice, if you arrive early you can see everything in a day. The food was also good. We ate in a place where only adults had to pay and children eat free, it was also all you can eat and drink with a one time fee. The attractions are numerous and children will definitely have fun. There are queues to every attraction but the good part is that you don’t have to pay for anything than the tickets (and the food). I wish the shops had more lego products.. i didn’t really had anything to buy :(
Shlomi Ben Shimon
December 20, 2022
This place is no less than perfect for children aged 3-7.nOlder children might get bored, as there are only 2-3 thrilling rides.nnWe have spent a full day with our 5.5yo son, and he enjoyed it so much.nLuckily, we came in on a non crowded day in December, so the park was relatively empty and there were no lines.nnThere's a great fully equipped baby care center for breastfeeding and dining tables, and many very good restaurants.
Udit Jain
November 20, 2023
Amazing experience. Specifically the themed hotel makes it interesting and special. Theme park and water park are just like any other theme park with theme park being the better for us than the water one which seemed a bit small with less number of water slides but enough for 4-5 hours.nTheme park is divided into various zones and each having few themed attractions and rides. Dragon roller coaster being the highlight which we can do as an adult.nRest rides have height restrictions so please check with your kids height before going. Good for 3-10 age kids.nHotel served as a best part for us with lovely vibes and themed rooms. Breakfast buffest also having various options.nGo for it for a weekend and you will not regret regarding experiencing something new and unique.
rajalakshmy sv
November 14, 2023
This park is too good for kids between ages 3 to 9. There is height restrictions for many rides. So check before you book. My son thoroughly enjoyed it. Go a weekday to avoid crowds or go early in the morning, only then you can cover all the rides. Kids will definitely enjoy
king fung cheung
November 13, 2023
There are plenty to do and play there. The rides are fun and mostly suitable for children between 5 to 10. It is advisable to check height requirements for the rides on website prior to visit.nArea is clean and litter free. About 70% of the park is outdoors. The staff are good. You can feel they are trying hard to be nice but you can also tell they are tired.nI would recommend waiting for discount and get annual tickets. The park is great but I feel it's normal ticket is pricey in comparison to others in UAE.
Nana Piesie
November 1, 2023
Quite fun if your child is 107 but under that don't even attend as they hardly can do anything and if under 88 cm (i think could be wrong your child cant even ride the small slopes. Great staff otherwise. The food is not good but the staff ask you what is you think about the food several time so good service again!
Ben Ginsburg
October 17, 2023
Amazing experience like a lot said here! Super friendly staff, our kids (4 and 2) really enjoyed the day. they are strict about the height a cross all the parks. But still for 90cm there’s a bunch of stuff to do.
September 24, 2023
A great family-centric park. Found the water park very relaxing. Lots of pool beds for parents to relax in while watching kids play.nnThe main Legoland park had a lot of activities but most ideal for kids below 10, I would say. My kids were super excited to win a humongous stuffed elephant at one of the game sections. Talk about an extra piece of hand luggage to travel back with.
August 23, 2023
First time visiting and we loved it.nWe visited during the month of Ramadan so it was very quiet and hardly a line for any of the rides. Temperature wasn’t too hot either so perfect weather.nPark was clean and tidy and there were plenty of rides for my kids and us to ride together. Even my parents loved some of the rides. Great family day out.nnLarge pizza restaurant that served delicious pizza and pasta. Cold refreshments and ice cream were available around the park.nnStaff very friendly and spoke English.nWill be visiting again when in Dubai.
Aura Carolina Macu00edas
August 11, 2023
Great place for the whole family, very clean, a lot of lifeguards, the staff is very friendly. You can't bring in food, except for babies, and it can be a bit expensive. You have to bring your own towel or rent/buy there. There are lockers for rent 45-75 aed and free showers/changing rooms. Expect to spend 4-5 hours there.
Ch Adeel Ur Rehman jutt
June 18, 2023
Come explore a world where the LEGOu00ae brick comes to life at LEGOLANDu00ae Dubai, the ultimate theme park for families with kids aged 2-12. Set your imagination racing with over 40 LEGOu00ae themed rides, shows and building experiences to enjoy together. With 15,000 LEGOu00ae models made from 60 million LEGOu00ae bricks, six themed lands and a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions, itu2019s where awesome awaits!
David O'Sullivan
David O'Sullivan
June 17, 2023
A great day out for all the family. Went here with my 3 year old nephew and he absolutely loved it. I am 40 years old and I loved it too! So many amazing lego sculptures to see and lots of fun interactive areas in the park. Simply great fun for all ages. Can't wait to go again!
Bilal Rafi
May 9, 2023
Amazing outing even on a hot day. Locker rentals are worth it to keep all valuables in one place. The slides are fun for kids and adults alike. We were not enthusiastic about very adventurous rides so chose to come here. It was a good decision!
Michaela Löffler
April 23, 2023
Really great facilities! Very clean, perfect changing rooms with integrated showers. Very cool all day drinks flat with a souvenir bottle for a great price. Got to more rides than in Aquaventure because there were almost no line ups. Good for small kids and older kids.
Ashraf Obaid
April 22, 2023
Well laid out and with enough rides to keep kids entertained. I only give it 4 stars as I feel it is expensive for kids to be paying full price especially if they are not tall enough to do many rides. If you haven't been to a legoland before, it's worth a visit.
R Taj
April 19, 2023
Our first visit. Our 2.5yr old loved it but not many rides for him. Above 105cm is eligible for all rides so keep that in mind ! You can check their website for more info on rides and map of the place . It’s more fun going with friends. Advisable to go when the weather is better, getting hotter by the day.
R Taj
April 19, 2023
Our first visit. Our 2.5yr old loved it but not many rides for him. Above 105cm is eligible for all rides so keep that in mind ! You can check their website for more info on rides and map of the place . Itu2019s more fun going with friends. Advisable to go when the weather is better, getting hotter by the day.
Raeesa Amod
March 30, 2023
Great rides and attention to detail. Very clean.. and everyone is very helpful.nA few more adult rides would be nice.nThey need to ease the rules with regards to height restriction. My little one is capable going on her own yet they insist on an adult accompanying her.
Ashley Joy D'Souza
Ashley Joy D'Souza
March 25, 2023
This is the best place to take your kids for a whole day outing. We had fun. The staff and security were amazing. My wife lost her phone and we were anxious and frantic only to find out that it was brought and handovered to the guest services and security from whom we received the same which made our day. We are grateful and glad we chose to come here and there will be more visits from our side. Simply put OUTSTANDING.
Rami Salamu00e9
March 12, 2023
A good way to spend a half-day with the kids. There's always something going on, like a challenge or something to collect. This gives the kids a path to follow or a purpose during their playtime.nnThere are several dining options, not just the usual theme park fare. Prices are a bit steep, even with the annual pass 10% discount.nnMostly outdoors, so keep that in mind for the hotter months.
Yogurteria Albania
February 27, 2023
Best hotel for kids, my kids Loved it. They where crying when we have to leave. Like a guest in the hotel, the parks are 10 steps away. Everything new. Rooms comfortable. Service 5 star. Nice people working there. I really suggest it, Iu2019ll turn there back every time when Iu2019ll be in dubai with kids.
ashish a
February 26, 2023
Had the craziest most fun day in Dubai. So many rides, adventures it is a true delight for your kids. You will have fun all day and still you will feel many rides are still left to explore. It is immaculately planned and pristine well maintained. Amazing place. Another feather for Dubai tourism.
Rohit Bhargava
Rohit Bhargava
February 18, 2023
Full day entertainment for kids of any age. But if your kid's height is above 105 cm he/she can enjoy much more rides. The submarine ride is really good as kids see different kinds of fishes. Dragon ride is a must if you like a bit of thrill. Overall great experience. Lots of places to eat (pizza and pasta buffet my recommendation)
Samir Shraiteh
December 28, 2022
I love this awesome attraction park! It has many different rides for people of all ages and has some restaurants throughout the wonderful experience. The people that are working there are also very kind and well-trained. The prices of the restaurant are pretty good and are not expensive. I personally love going there with my family and friends. The only thing that I donu2019t really like about this place is that you have to pay a separate ticket for the water park there. I think that it should be included with the Lego land ticket and should not be separate. In the end, I recommend this place to everybody!
sarah IS
December 13, 2022
The staff is not trained to deal with young children one blocked the way of my 3 year old with his body telling him (no! it for older children) with a firm voice while he was trying to set at the front of a game scaring my child and leading him to tears the whole ride. You should lean down while talking to young children and explain to them with gentle voice what you want!
Lorraine Lartey
Lorraine Lartey
September 7, 2023
My kids enjoyed every experience in Legoland. I liked the main room that has the whole of Dubai crafted for easy view. My kids enjoyed the boat ride, the car driving, the underwater ride...totally fun!nnWhat else I enjoyed was the bottles that were sold at the entrance where we could refill the whole time we were there until we were about to leave. It was actually very refreshing as we needed the drink more often than we thought.nnEvery staff at this place was exceptionally nice and very patient. When my daughter couldn't get the car driving well, they took their time to assist her with it. I am definitely coming back to see this again
Carlos F. Su00e1nchez
December 27, 2022
Great for kids! My 5y, 8y and us enjoyed the visit. The team was very careful and clean everything after each ride and they were enthusiastic with each of the visitors. We loved it
Atique Khan
December 20, 2022
Open to general public after pandemic and I must say the safety protocols are good, they clean the rides every time before using it again, social distancing is applied wherever necessary and wearing masks are enforced in the park.nThough some rides and activities are closed, we must understand that it is better to keep them closed rather than be a public health hazard in this pandemic.nThe normal parking is closed due to field hospital facility, you can go directly to VIP parking.nI upgraded my ticket to annual pass, will be visiting there frequently.
Quazi Humayun Kabir
December 7, 2022
Had the opportunity to take advantage of the New year offer at Legoland Dubai! It was totally worth it for the kids and family. A full day to see your Lil ones big smiles and loads of love later for taking them there. The miniature replicas of the Dubai skyline and world wonders were truly spectacular. The rides are family oriented and good fun! The food is overpriced and blunt to be honest! But all in all it is a good spend of day and money! Legoland is the best of all the attractions Dubai parks has to offer.
Mohamed Hesham
September 18, 2023
Best place I've seen u2764ufe0f

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