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Dubai’s Best Entertainment Bars | 2021

With Covid-19 still affecting the world today, many clubs are closed, and sometimes it may feel as if there's nothing to do. However, this is not the case in Dubai. Some clubs have transformed into entertainment lounges, and other Dubai outlets such as entertainment bars are open and ready to welcome you. Here are our recommendations for a fun night out.

Topgolf Dubai

Topgolf Dubai promises a night of fun that you haven't experienced yet. With over 190 individual golfing bays you and your friends can enjoy an active evening of golfing paired with delicious food and drinks. Regardless of your skillset and ability, Top Golf is great for all ages, in case you are looking for a more family-oriented day out. Book Direct at Topgolf Dubai

Brass Monkey

Have a fun happy hour with a twist at Brass Monkey and bowl and game the night away. This venue for age 21+ location genuinely lets you feel young again. Race down memory lane while playing the retro arcade games, snooker tables, virtual reality driving simulator or its iconic 12 Lane Bowling Alley. They are ready for all kinds of monkey business, whether you come to play, party or dine. Book Direct at Brass Monkey

Wavehouse Dubai

Located in the heart of the famous Atlantis hotel lies an authentic experience for a fun night out. "Wavehouse Dubai". This industrially themed nightlife hot spot features some of the best arcade games for you to try out. Afterward hang back for a refreshing drink at the bar, or go surfing on the flow rider while your friends watch and dine in style. A must-visit on one of their many live music nights where you can enjoy some of the best performances by the up-and-coming artists in Dubai. Book Direct at Wavehouse Dubai

Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice is for the talented or the bold! Who doesn’t love a fun night of karaoke? Feel the rush while you sing the night away in front of a full crowd or build up some Dutch courage and enjoy some of their signature cocktails from their extensive menu. For those too scared to show off their skills in public, private rooms are available too. Book Direct at Lucky Voice

Let us know which Entertainment bars in Dubai are your favourite.

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