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About BB Social Dining- DIFC | Dubai

BB is the title given to a respected and loved member of the community. BB Social Dining is a member of the DIFC community. BB is your friend, a rebel, and a pioneer. BB’s name was also constructed from the Arabic word ‘Habibi’ meaning love, and that is exactly how you will be feeling when you leave BB. You will be captivated by the food, drinks, décor, and delicious lunch prices!

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Mamtu Mirchandani
September 17, 2023
I am really surprised that this place doesn’t have a higher rating.nHad a fabulous experience.nService was really good and the food and drinks were absolutely fabulous.nnThis place deserves to have ratings of 4.5 like some of the other popular restaurants at this location.
Pooja Varyani
August 23, 2023
BB Social at DIFC do amazing Asian fusion of sorts with a menu of baos, Katsu, bowls (ramen, pho). The best vegetarian bao inventions out here with their 4 cheese and spinach bao (my favorite and 10/10 recommend) and their mushroom and chestnut bao.nnFor starters, I couldn’t recommend the cauliflower popcorn and the Brussels sprouts enough 👏🏼 The cauliflower popcorn is unlike any other fried cauliflower version you’ve tried - they bring a delicious twist to theirs! Their superfood bowl was decent, and for a healthy treat, their mushroom and barley risotto qualifies!nnFor dessert, the fry pan brownie is quite yum, topped with raspberries, marshmallows and a chocolate toffee sauce. The waffle apple pie (like a deconstructed ice cream) is quite a scrumptious mouthful as well, with a wonky salted caramel syringe!nnIf you’re looking for a nice mocktail, I must recommend the sparkling elderflower! It won my over 👏🏼nnBB Social has some nice deals on their business lunch menu (4B menu). Great ambiance and service on point!
Magnus Ericsson
August 16, 2023
This place is a gem among all the restaurants and bars in DIFC. Go there and you won't be disappointed!nnThrough the times, they keep up a high minimum standard, with great attention to detail. I can specifically recommend their Negroni, and if you're in the mood - the Speroni, named after one of the owners.
Meghana Rao
June 27, 2023
BB Social Dining is one of our favorites in DIFC. It offers 3 levels of dining space and the interiors are stunning. Their Asian fusion menu is interesting and also their cocktails are great. We especially love their green hummus, cauliflower popcorn, tofu ramen and chestnut bao. Definitely one of the must-visit restaurants in DIFC for good food !
Reyof Alawaji
June 24, 2023
The restaurant accepted our reservation and when we arrived as soon as we sat 2 waiters asked us to order as fast as we can. after pressuring us we ordered, while waiting for the food the waiter came and told us they canu2019t do any of the things we ordered cuz the kitchen is closed, so we left hungry. They shouldnu2019t accepted our order if they were closed, this is irresponsible.
wootwoot joma
June 18, 2023
My old phone cannot give justice to the aesthetic of the food to add to the dimly lit ambience ud83dude05 I lost hope taking photo of other stuff we ordered. Food and service is great! Ali made sure we were attended as well as the other staff. We are on the ground floor in the middle table and boy you have to scoot everytime someone has to pass by. Even the waiter find it challenging to place the food in the other end ud83dude06 Itu2019s our first time and didnu2019t know which floor is the best so we were booked on the ground floor since itu2019s a non smoking floor too. I was kinda hoping it will be a pleasant quiet dinner but since tables are close to others, there was just so many noise together with the loud music being played. But loved the place I mean I think I gotta try during day time and maybe on a different floor perhaps.
Anand kumar
May 14, 2023
Great food, drinks, service & ambience! The bar tender Nitin visited our table & we had a nice conversation. Appreciated!
Anand kumar
May 14, 2023
Great food, drinks, service & ambience! The bar tender Nitin visited our table & we had a nice conversation. Appreciated!
Stefan Jeschonneck
April 24, 2023
Beautiful brunch, the starters were hands down the best we've had in Dubai. Great drinks and brilliant service. We have been twice now and we will be back.
Tiago Tomu00e1s
April 22, 2023
One of the best experiences on Dining in Dubai. Food is amazing - probably the best Baos of the region and the restaurant is incredible. Worth the visit if you are planning a relaxed experience combined with tasty food.
Sabina Ion
April 10, 2023
Bao Bao Bao! Definitely order their creative bao options, various toppings in delicious steamed pockets, it's hard to go wrong. The kind server even came with a special set up to cut our bao in two to make for easier sharing. The other dishes we had were good, but not incredibly memorable. I should also note, the restaurant space is incredibly well decorated and feels cozy for a place housed across three different levels.
Getter Moor
April 5, 2023
Nice cocktails and great atmosphere for a night out. The staff is friendly and the restaurant gets vibrant and lively on weekend nights.
Abid Shakeel
April 3, 2023
After a long day in meetings, BB Social was recommended for a place to go for a meal with good options for all types of tastes and diets. We were not disappointed.nnWe asked for recommendatioms and were informed the Bao range was always welcome by first time visitors. We chose 4 different types, shrimp, crispy duck and pulled beef - all amazingly presented and the flavours were just great.nnVery convenient place to end the day as it takes you straight out to a small terrace from where you can get to the taxi stop.just nearby.nnHeartily recommended for the food, ambience and the service - smiles from the staff certainly make the atmosphere all the more pleasurable.nnWell done Team BB Social!
Mor Yahalom
March 5, 2023
Go to the garden or sit at the bar with Aziz the bartender! Great service, fun atmosphere, food is really good (just a little too much fried parts and mayo, if you don't mind that, this is your spot).
Global Nomad
October 23, 2023
Canu2019t comment on the food, since we didnu2019t choose to eat here after the pathetic hospitality from their receptionists pictured here.nnThey asked us to 1) walk down three floors to see availability and then come back three floors up so they could record our phone and e-mail for marketing ud83dude02. 2) when we pointed out an empty table we liked, were told these are booked for 2 pm (it was 2.30 pm when we arrived so they were already holding out half an hour for these mythical guests, and insisted theyu2019d keep waiting rather than offer it to us). 3) they refused to offer us a second empty table which we liked coz they said itu2019s booked for 3.15 (even as we insisted we will get done by then). 4) generally quite rude and frankly silly in their conduct.nnQuite disappointed as weu2019d heard good things about the food, but never got to experience it and donu2019t plan to anymore either.nnWonu2019t recommend this spot for self respecting guests!
Lisa Conrad
October 5, 2023
We always come back to BB, great food and atmosphere with a good number of vegan options
Md Ramjan
September 14, 2023
. With the menu items all being small bites it's a great place to go and try theor dishes. As a vegetarian on every menu slot they had a vegetarian option which is amazing to see. Well done to them. Highly recommended and my top 5 stars.
Julie u201cJuliePu201d Pan
August 11, 2023
Love the fine decor!! Service was great from beginning to end. The duck ramen was awesome. Broth was sublime, and the marinated ramen egg was creamy and flavorful. Soft shell crab bao is highly recommended!! Would love a bigger serving thoughud83eudd23
Nu00f3ra Nu00f3gru00e1di
July 17, 2023
Love the food here! We have visited on multiple occasions for dinner as well as brunch. Food is always on point, cocktails are delicious and service is attentive. They alway readily happy to cater my gluten-free diet. Amazing value for money in DIFC.
Kamal Samarrai
July 1, 2023
I loved this place. Amazing decor, amazing menu, great prices. With the menu items all being small bites it's a great place to go and try theor dishes. As a vegetarian on every menu slot they had a vegetarian option which is amazing to see. Well done to them. Highly recommended and my top 5 stars.
June 26, 2023
Great spot for special occasions or mingling with friends.nThe table space seems a bit small.nTo book in advance, they ask for your payment card, and they'll charge you if you don't show up (150/person).nWe wanted to order dessert but we were told we can't because someone booked our table and he will be coming in 15 minutes.nThe food was good though!
Apeksha Udeshi
May 3, 2023
Love the multi-level space! Ordered drinks and an appetizer to share. The cauliflower popcorn was really good! The drinks were creative, smooth and potent. Would return to try some mains and more cocktails. Definitely a place to dress up and socialize with friends.

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