Rotterdam is hip, Rotterdam has a lot to offer.

The people of Rotterdam have known this since their birth…

At Around010 Events we would like to introduce you to the city and its inhabitants. Unlike many other providers, we want you to experience how the local residents live, eat, drink and live their lives. No Euromast and Markthal, but a real all-encompassing, local experience!

An event can be fully customized, in terms of duration but also in terms of content. Should the emphasis be more on food and drink? or would you rather know more about sustainability or the history of the city? We set this up together. Whether you want to have a day (part) or a whole weekend taken care of, we can arrange it. And we offer the full experience including activities, chaperones, transport, food and drinks. From snack to gala dinner and from water taxi ride to a tour with the old tram 10.

Everything is possible and the whole picture is taken care of.

Because as we always say in Rotterdam;

on 1 leg you don’t know lopuhh…