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In 1880 the U.S. of Pennsylvania abruptly raised the cost of licensing a bar from $50 to $500. Like snow in the sun, many bars instantly disappeared, with the exception of a few. Operating under the radar of the law. Bars where cautious owners would often hush loud customers with the phrase: “Shhh... Speakeasy boys, speakeasy.” Existing in secret these became known as the speakeasies… “Spikizi” is a trendy and cosy bar hidden in a side street of Witte de Withstraat. With music for all tastes, Spikizi provides the perfect environment to chatter, socialize and sip on your favourite drink.

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Ash Goosey
November 18, 2023
The best zombie cocktail I've had in a long time. Made in really cool glasses and the barman's knowledge is amazing. This drink was made by his own special recipe.nnSuch a great atmosphere and games scattered about the bar for you to play. Really wished I could have gone back for more whilst in Rotterdam.
Andre Kuo
November 6, 2023
The Best cocktail bar in Rotterdam!!! The bartenders are super nice and professional and so do the waiters. For now, I'm actually feeling a bit sorry not knowing their names lol. The guy with a cap sharing garnish candy with me and the super cool Ukrainian girl, hopefully I can visit them again real soon!!!
Wing Cheung
October 3, 2023
We arrived just before it got really busy on Saturday evening. Have been here once before and the waiter was super kind and helpful last time. Had an amazing experience again this evening! Fantastic recommendations for cocktails and very kind people. Will definitely visit again, but perhaps when it is less busy :)
Tommy Jam
September 5, 2023
Me and my boyfrined came to this place after searching through the internet for some special coctail experience. Turns out - not so easy to find one in Rotterdam. As far as I've noticed, most of the bars in Rotterdam offer the same assortment of coctails: martini espresso, margarita and other classic stuff. BUT Spikizi its the right place for those, who appreciate interesting flavours and combinations in their coctail in addition to great presentation and reasonable price. This place really stands out! Staff was friendly and non-formal, they were easy to speak to, more like to a friend then a waiter. Bartenders really know their job, feels like this place is made by and for people who care.nThe only thing is that this place is so small, that they had to dedicate a part of storage area to sitting. That farther part of the bar kinda contradicts with the frontroom interior.nGuys you need to move to a bigger place! You'll have plenty of guests, promise to be one of them forever.
Marcel van Zwieten
August 27, 2023
Simple awesome! Just passion in a tikimug.nThis tiny but so cool venue is the very place to be to chill out with the greatest cocktails you can drink in the 010 city.
Anthony Gunawan
August 27, 2023
Today we met Nikola. An amazing person that introduced us to cool drinks and gave us good service while we went there for the first time. Drink was smooth, nice mixing. Cool ambience, nice board games. They even give you complimentary chips in the beginning. Nice place to visit with friends/date. 10/10 recommended 🔥🔥nnJust tiny note; the sitting inside is abit limited. Loves the mugs for cocktails. Give you lots of tiki vibe
W Drayer
August 9, 2023
Good cocktails and a nice little spot with games. Kind bartender but no communication between other staff. They were busy counting inventory, taking breaks and leaving cocktails on the bar for 15 minutes. Kinda disappointing for our first experience.
Angela Lee
August 8, 2023
Been at the bar twice and tried at least 7 different cocktails, loved each one of them!nThe staffs are super friendly and speak very well English! Enjoyed the chats and the drinks are so delicious~ the best in Rotterdam
Alexis Siagkris-Lekkos
May 13, 2023
Positive:n1) nice cocktailsn2) friendly servicen3) waiter kept refilling our chips.nnNegative:n1) my seat was on the corridor which meant that people kept bumping on my back as they passed by.n2) i asked for a glass of water and they told me that they don't have tap water (i wondered how they are washing the glasses then)
Kirah G
May 1, 2023
Gorgeous place, not big so get in the hour before you think people will be there. They recommend good drinks too, small snack menu and maybe 20 cocktails to choose from (u20ac10-15).
paul scott-griffiths
April 30, 2023
A superb place for a cocktail. All of them were well made and the place is both cool and trendy without being pretentious.nThe staff were attentive and knowledgeable.
Andreas u201cAll_Inu201d Freyaldenhoven
April 26, 2023
I was at Spikizi with a friend of mine. It is the second time we went. This time we went at 20:15. We were one of the last customers to get a table. Only a bit later, the bar was packed. Friendly staff, good drinks, good atmosphere.
Vilmar Simson
April 11, 2023
Small place with great cocktails and interior design.nnThey make their own twists on non classic cocktails.nnStaff is friendly.
Alisa Kurasova
March 25, 2023
Very tasty and amazingly presented cocktails, big selection and great vibe - very cheerful, happy and easy going - perfect spot for nice drinks. The bar is conveniently located but at peak times can get rather crowded.
Habib Mazahir
March 18, 2023
Drinks were nice, ambience was chilled though service and interactions from staff can be improved.
Pim van den Toorn
March 13, 2023
Wonderful ambiance, very cute small place just outside of the busy street and absolutely amazing cocktails. A broad choice, perfect presentation and exceptional taste!nCome early 'cause it fills up fast. I'll definitely visit again.
Shinara Geluk
February 27, 2023
Nice cocktails but extremely small place, way too dark so we couldn't read anything and the table / games at the table were extremely sticky. Staff was very friendly and drinks were great which made up for a lot! If the light wasn't as dark and chairs more comfy / tables less sticky, ir would've been awesome
Tom Liolios
November 12, 2023
Had a great cocktail workshop here with my colleagues. Fun guys, cozy place, and very tasty cocktails. They really care about what they're doing. I will definitely come back with friends to enjoy more cocktails!

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