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Welcome to Miniworld Rotterdam, the largest indoor miniature World of the Benelux. Miniworld Rotterdam offers you a unique way to explore the city of Rotterdam, her stories, history and absorbing maritime tradition, all in a bird’s eye view. Look closely and discover the many surprising and often amusing details of this exceptional world. Travel through vast rural landscapes, filled with windmills and typical Dutch villages, to the cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam, including the largest indoor miniature port of Europe.

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Platinum u201cStevenKnowsBestu201d Child
Platinum u201cStevenKnowsBestu201d Child
March 26, 2022
Good place to go if you want to know Rotterdam, take your kids with you.nnFood is great
September 10, 2021
Beautiful miniature world that shows the best of The Netherlands. It has moving trains, a day night cycle and shows many interesting little scenes with posed mini figures.
Dawn Shannon
Dawn Shannon
September 8, 2021
Mini "world"? It's a misleading name, since the place only displays a miniature version of the city of Rotterdam. They allow you 2 hours to view the place, but within 20 minutes or so, you will have seen it all. Hanging your coat or belongings at the reception costs you another u20ac0,50 per item. The snacks are overpriced. The price for tickets is far too high compared to what you get.
August 20, 2021
Absolutely amazing place. Lovely easter eggs inside miniature city. Respect for creators, you're cool ud83cudf06
Ramya Veilumuthu
Ramya Veilumuthu
August 25, 2020



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