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Now we all love Island food, no questions there. But the Dutch are also very familiar with the Moluccan Island cuisine, as they have fostered this rich culture for over three generations in the Netherlands. The Moluccan Islands are located in the pacific. Here Asian cuisines are often known for their large rice tables, bringing families together with extensive dinners. These traditional and outgoing flavours combined with feelings of familiarity and ease, are what makes the food worth every single bite. The Food Department has now come across a concept that can deliver the public exactly this sensation and this taste; snack-style! Ta Toru is a snack bar with a generous nod towards the Moluccan Island cuisine. The three cousins behind this great concept all have Moluccan roots. Put that heritage together with their love for the kitchen and the energy served to them by our amazing city, and you’ve got yourself a winner. With their Fries and Rice bar they transform the Dutch ‘kapsalon’ into a surprisingly luxurious, tasty dish, how can it go wrong? That’s right, it can’t. Especially because these boys have extensive culinary experience in kitchens throughout our city. Now it is their turn to take the reins, their turn to show us good tasty food the way they love having it themselves! In one bite you can experience the flavours of heritage, family, good food. Make sure to come to the Magna Plaza, load your fries or rice, sit down at the boys’ kitchen and get yourself a piece of that action.

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jeroencarlo van der Meulen
July 25, 2023
The best satu00e9 in town and very friendly serviceu2665ufe0fu2665ufe0f
July 10, 2023
Delicious, authentic and nice place to hangout. Try banacho fried banana with delicious sauces
July 30, 2023
such a great place to eat real moluccan food! Not only the food is perfect (meat from the grill) everything is so colourful served and above all the taste is Perfect! In addition, the staff is very friendly :)
Leroy Soumokil
July 22, 2023
Great place!!nLoved the sate Kambing in particular but all the pdishes were parties in my mouth.nLocated in the top of the food court of Magna plaza.nIu2019ll definitely come back soon!
Leroy Soumokil
July 22, 2023
Great place!!nLoved the sate Kambing in particular but all the pdishes were parties in my mouth.nLocated in the top of the food court of Magna plaza.nI’ll definitely come back soon!
Joanna Choblet
July 12, 2023
Great place, very nice owners and food ! The babachos are amazing ud83dude0a
Keith Milburn
January 26, 2023
Loved the food! We have the chicken skewers and cheese on chips (can't remember the actual names!). Have a little wait while it's grilled, but so worth it!
Peter von Weisz
Peter von Weisz
January 8, 2023
Had the Saté Kambing (goat) which was really delicious. My wife thought it was good but quite a bit too spicy. I ordered some extra homemade hot sauce. 😈
Cody Wang
October 22, 2023
I cannot believe I am the first to review this place, in The Food Department of Magna Plaza... What a gem! We wandered in around 8:30pm on a random Tuesday night, and ordered the Sate Pesta for 2 to share. They got to work right away, and it was actually amazing to watch how seriously they worked on our order, grilling the skewers to perfection, and even paying attention to the beautiful plating. Great service, but even better was the food itself. That chicken satay was amazingggg... Speaking as someone who loves food-on-sticks an abnormally high amount, and has eaten every kind of skewer from street stalls to Michelin starred yakitori, this chicken satay is among the top 5 skewers I've ever had in my life. So tender, so perfectly grilled, and the satay sauce seasoned perfectly with a delicious sticky texture. The other options like pork and goat and fish were no slouches either.nnDefinitely have to check this place out, for anyone who loves a good skewer. If I lived in Amsterdam, I'd be here every week... Sighhh, if only.nn(P.S. seems like most of The Food Department food places start cleaning up and shutting down their kitchens by 21:00 or so, at least on the Tuesday weeknight we were there. Totally reasonable since there's very little traffic by then, but just fyi since the website says everything is open to 22:00, that you probably shouldn't be expect to get much in the way of hot food options for the last hour).

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