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A part of the Barbizon Palace Hotel, has undergone a substantial face lift. At Star restaurant Vermeer, the dining room was relocated, at the expense of the stately marble and the Old Dutch decor. At least as big a change took place in the kitchen, where chef Chris Naylor continues the greening and simplification of his menu. The menu became smaller and cheaper, the dishes are now all prepared à la minute and per person. That's more special than it sounds, Naylor explains.

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Deepak Birdja
February 23, 2023
Restaurant Vermeer is one of my favorite places to eat. I have visited the restaurant multiple times over the last 5 years. The consistency of quality and attention to detail is what sticks with me the most.nnThe staff is very friendly and professional. When they serve you a course it feels like a well choreographed routine as they will present the dish at the same time for all the dinner guests.nnThe food has been consistently amazing. The flavour combinations and daring dishes - the Belgian andive apple pie for example - are confirming that the chefs know how to cook top-class food. Next to that, the sommelier makes sure you have a great wine paired up with the dish.nnIt has been absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to my next visit.
Sara L
January 3, 2023
We stop by to have some snacks and drinks. During Christmas time Amsterdam was packed with tourists, too crowded. We were very happy to find a quite place to sit down after a long walk. The food was very tasty, fresh and good quality. The place was nice and clean. Friendly staffs.
skip ster
August 16, 2023
Food, service and atmosphere was top. Perfect balance of intimate and personal. Food was delicious and not to contrived. Located in an odd spot but still a must visit.
Robin Flamant
July 31, 2023
I had the chance to visit the restaurant for my birthday's dinner and I was not disappointed.nnThe room was well decorated, with a kind of Nordic feel. The staff was cheerful and professional. As for the meal, everything was tasty and the several associations brought interest to each of the meals. I generally do no like mussels but they just melted in the mouth here. The pigeon was also amazing and the sauce, as well for all other sauces, made a perfect companion.nnThe only plate that was a bit beneath the others was the veggie one, with carrots, salad, green peas, etc. There were a bit too many ingredients to my taste, which lost us a bit in the overall impression of this plate.nnAlso huge huge mention for the wine list. I rarely see one that furnished. We had a bottle of Puligny Montrachet which was just perfect. And also a glass of red wine for the pigeon.nnThe staff also had me prepared a birthday cake, the attention was very nice!nnAlthough they lost their star last year, they clearly deserve one to me.nnWe'll be back!
Wendy Chan
May 8, 2023
The dining experience was exquisite there, we went there for dinner to celebrate a birthday and we felt very spoiled - the food was excellent, really friendly and attentive staff, great atmosphere and the attention to details was second to none. Although it could be pricey, it's really worth a visit if you are in town.
Victor Garcia
March 25, 2023
Amazing place. They play and dance with your taste's sense. I have been here two times and will be back for sure! Super friendly staff (special mention to the sommelier)
Tom Sagramola
March 20, 2023
A very spatious and comfortable restaurant. The staff was very professional and friendly albeit more on the reserved side compared to other Michelin-star restaurants.nYou don't really get to choose your menu, only between 4,5 or 7 courses which is fine.nYou do get to have a look at the used ingredients which is somethingnI hadn't experienced before.nTheir wine list is expansive.nThe dishes were all very experimental and delicious. My fiancé usually hates brussel sprouts but loved them here.nThe chefs really do know how to create dishes with different flavour dimensions which makes each and every course special.
Francis Holminski
February 13, 2023
We stopped in early and had cocktails while we waited for the dinner service to start.nWhen dinner service started we were impressed by the presentation and we loved the wine list.nWe highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who wants a fine dining experience.
Graham Blanchard
February 12, 2023
Food was great. Really innovative and different to what I would normally go for. The taster menu was a fab choice. Service was top quality and the entire team made my partners birthday really special. Would highly recommend.
November 14, 2023
Really good experience. Service is casual and perfect. The food was fabulous, directly from their farm. We did some extraordinary culinary discoveries. Thank you for everything!
Paul van den Berg
October 8, 2023
Vermeer a Dutch classic you must have visited onces. English Chef using a lot of veggies in his menu's. A set menu (choose number of courses). Of course using seasonal ingredients it's a refined kitchen with (luckily) not too much going on on the plate. Enough wine to choose from. High on flavours resulting in a good diner. Good staff adapting to the people on the table. Espressp at the end can use a small upgrade ;-)
Angelica Rao
September 15, 2023
We had such a wonderful experience at Restaurant Vermeer! We went to celebrate my birthday and booked a Culinary Experience which included dinner, room service breakfast and a night at the hotel where the restaurant is located. From the moment we entered the staff was very friendly, professional and quick. We had a 5 course meal and 4 complimentary snacks in between, all of which were superb 👌 The food was served either by the chef himself or someone else working in the kitchen, amazing presentation, fresh ingredients from local sources, creative dishes. We went for wine pairing with all the courses, which was a great choice because the sommelier really knew how to bring out the taste with each course. The atmosphere at the restaurant was very comfortable and laid back. At the end of the evening the staff recommended us some cocktail bars which also turned out to be amazing.nDuring dinner we received a few options for breakfast from which we chose. When breakfast came, I was shocked at the amount of food they brought, was too much for two people 😀 Needless to say, it tasted amazing. Thank you to everyone at Restaurant Vermeer for making my birthday such a special celebration!
Tomas Beerthuis
September 11, 2023
Fantastic dishes, very vegetarian friendly, superb service and a cozy and warm atmosphere. A truly memorable place that you must visit in Amsterdam!
Clara van Opdorp
Clara van Opdorp
July 30, 2023
A year ago 2020, we celebrated our first anniversary here with my husband. We loved the whole experience, food was excellent, innovative, everything well timed and balanced. I loved the service and attention to explain us and guide and answer questions about their concept and experience.nnThe wine arrangement was also perfect to elevate the whole night. Thank you to everyone in the team for it.
Kenneth Sullivan
Kenneth Sullivan
December 5, 2022
Wonderful evening, fantastic food and amazing staff, they made an already great day even better. Thank you
Andreea Sut
November 23, 2023
Wonderful place to enjoy a delicious dinner! Having booked a Culinary Arrangement with included accommodation, we got to enjoy a really nice weekend, all within COVID-19 regulations. Overall the staff was welcoming and the food was delicious.
Oliver Reinhardt
June 19, 2023
Fantastic restaurant. They went above and beyond to serve us the best they could and it was truly incredible. I have highly positive memories from this restaurant but something that stood out to me was that the butter they served with the bread was absolutely incredible.

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