In Italy a spaghetteria is a stand-alone phenomenon. A place where local chefs do nothing other than cooking fresh pasta dishes. At Spaghetteria this is no different. We too are devoted to the art of producing and cooking pasta. The production of our fresh, homemade pasta takes places in our very own laboratorio artigianale, an artisanal workplace where we produce different kinds of pasta in accordance with the traditions of the Italian pasta guild. Each with its own shape, origin and preparation method.

During the evenings our Italian chefs serve the fresh pasta in six different dishes on our daily changing menu. Like they have been doing their entire lives back in their homeland. The dishes are straightforward and originate in traditional recipes based on fresh products. Dishes that could easily be served in the spaghetterie of Italy itself. Full of flavor and without any ado.

This uninhibited way of cooking is also reflected in the waitstaff and atmosphere of Spaghetteria. With enthusiasm, hospitality and a tad of Italian swagger, young people serve the dishes in a vibrant environment. Whether you are planning on staying all night or you rather fancy a quick, tasteful meal, everybody sits down next to each other. At one of the big tables or one of the high bar tables. And after dinner there’s always some time left for a tiramisu with an espresso or a homemade sgroppino or limoncello.

Benvenuto a Spaghetteria!