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Who knew a Michelin star restaurant could be this easy-going? Restaurant Ron Gastrobar serves pure and uncomplicated dishes at an incredible price-quality ratio. This high-quality kitchen goes back to basics: every plate contains no more than four ingredients. Choose from a variety of individual dishes at €17.50 each. Try the boneless spareribs, one of Ron’s signature dishes. Other highlights include the best steak in Amsterdam and Ron Gastrobar’s famous surprise egg.

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Jesse Collado
November 7, 2023
The food was nice, although a bit irregular. Some plates were excellent, while others were a bit disappointing. In general, the service was correct, but nothing special.nnThe food menu is great for sharing several plates. The wine list is quite decent, maybe too classic and safe.nnOverall, I've been to one Michelin-star restaurants that got much more to offer than this one. The place is nicely decorated, and the food is good, but the only thing that it's really at Michelin star level is the bill.
Burcu B.
October 26, 2023
We had a “dinner like a party,” as they say in their motto. You should definitely visit this one Michelin star restaurant. The atmosphere, the welcome, the service and of course the food. Everything was truly perfect. Prices are reasonable for a dinner of this quality. We paid 155 Euros for all the food and 3 glasses of wine. I'd say it was worth every cent.
Georges Achkar
Georges Achkar
October 20, 2023
What an amazing restaurant!nWe came for dinner as a group of 7 and were seated in potentially one of the best tables in the terrace, between the trees. And flowers, which made the place feel all the more magical.nThe food was delicious and very well presented, which made it all the more appetizing.nPrice point was a bit expensive but worth it entirely.nWill definitely go back once I return to Amsterdam.
ezgi caglar
August 11, 2023
The food, the service, the ambiance were all great. We tried almost everything from starters to deserts. Each plate was like an art piece. The service is fast, people are very kind. And when we said its our anniversary, they even organized a celebration. I highly recommend this restaurant:)
Javier Perez Trigo
July 1, 2023
Good place but not as good as expected. The food tries to be too innovative, and the service is not at the level of a Michelin star and the price of the ticket. There are better places in Amsterdam.
Menno van der Steen
June 12, 2023
Great atmosphere, polite personnel ( which is unique in Amsterdam ud83dude04, surprising fresh and creative dishes. Michelin star dining and wining in a relaxed manner. Great to share multiple dishes to get a good taste of all the flavors!
Donato Atoni
May 29, 2023
Great meal! Going in with certain expectations we were not let down. The staff was attentive and took the time to walk us through the menu. From presentation to the quality of the ingredients you will not be disappointed. We look forward to returning and enjoying another wonderful meal on the patio.
J Levy
May 19, 2023
Good, creative food. This just isn't my style. Smaller portions and to much 'stuff' on the plate. For those who like the fancy stuff I suspect it would be a five star. For me, just not what I prefer. Also, on the outside side I was part of a large group and the service was still excellent and since I couldn't order what I wanted (pre arranged menu) perhaps unfair to not give 5 stars but you'll see a pattern in my reviews and I must stay consistent to me.
Jeffrey Tanggau
May 9, 2023
Service was great. Restaurant also looks good. The last time I came was in 2016. And this time round i made sure I visited again, it now has a totally different menu.nnFood wise it looks great. But somehow I had a better experience with the food in 2016. Still it's worth the visit.nnThe mushroom was great. And the oysters were good too. But then again I can get oysters anywhere.
Attila Bongiovanni
May 6, 2023
Very nice venue, cozy and well decorated. Dishes are delicious and stunningly presentednService is professional and friendly.nPrices are not cheap but compared to other places in town I think that Ron Gastrobar has better price/quality offernI will definitely come back again!
May 2, 2023
Style is very unique and everything was tasty and prepared beautifully. Chicken Tacos was a highlight and something I was surprised to see on the menu. Another great thing I enjoyed was the Easter egg dessert. absolutely beautiful. I would come back for those two things itself. I feel like service was lacking but overall had a great dinner experience.
March 25, 2023
Gave us the wrong table, then made us move twice. Food was average: salty, overly buttery, generally unimpressive. Gave us red wine glasses for white wine - no care for details. Timing was completely off. There are much better options in Amsterdam for a lot less money.
Harmony Eveleigh
March 3, 2023
Came to Amsterdam for a mini break with my partner, we landed on the Sunday and came here for a couple of drinks. The bar tender who served us was professional and extremely polite. He knew all cocktails off by heart and was happy to experiment with different ones. We the booked a table for dimmer for our last day and it was an amazing experience! All of the staff were extremely lovely and helpful and the food was exquisite. Thank you so much to the Team at Ron, you made the end of our holiday magical.
Gennaro Martello
Gennaro Martello
February 27, 2023
Amazing dinner. So far one of the best place I ever eaten in Amsterdam. Congratulations to the Chief for the perfect balance of flavours and the hi quality of the ingredients. Really tender and perfectly cooked meat. Thanks also to the floor staff for the knowledge and welcoming atmosphere. Just perfect. I will come back for sure.
Yasmina Amarchouh
Yasmina Amarchouh
February 25, 2023
We enjoyed our early dinner. Food was delicious and staff was professional. Extra kudos as we brought a toddler along and staff was really friendly.nn2 points of constructive feedback: as you have a lot of student employees would be great to increase diversity as it was completely lacking and we had the table for two hours and ate pretty quickly but due to kitchen timings had no opportunity to order dessert as the next guests were soon arriving. We really wanted dessert! So adjust booking timings to give opportunity for a full meal.
Marc Kochan
October 31, 2023
Great Place!nSuper creative dishes and the taste is amazing.nThe Spareribs are really a must do.nAlso the service is very good and the wine list as well.

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