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About Lovers Canal Cruises | Amsterdam

We are the local expert, with precise scheduling and modern, impeccably maintained boats. Since the establishment of Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam in the 1950s, we have strived to provide the best canal cruises in Amsterdam. Today Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is proud to offer cruises that pair variety and customization with expert knowledge. Expertise and professionalism are what Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam is all about.

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Aislinn O' Driscoll
November 6, 2023
Our Guide Martin made the tour, absolutely excellent! Really enjoyable evening on the canal, loved every minute of it
ken erdle
June 29, 2023
The cruise itself was very good. Beautiful sites with very good. However, the boat was packed barely Rome to move. The captain was good but the gatekeeper was sury and discourteous to people. I would not do this again. I'm sure there are better operators.
Christian Salome
April 16, 2023
Good experience, definitely a must if ever in Amsterdam. The trip is exactly an hour long with enough time to take the proper pictures. You also get the proper details from the audio guide but also the person in charge. His tips were really helpful to move around the city and avoid major delays on a limited schedule.
Miguel Marquez
November 4, 2023
Uitstekend personeel, uitstekende service, het beste wat je kunt doen als je Amsterdam bezoekt. Alleen de historische opmerkingen een beetje vroeg. Maar ik zou opnieuw de 100% aanbevolen reis maken
jon brierley
August 27, 2023
Fantastische cruise door de prachtige grachten van Amsterdam, vergezeld van een interessante audiotour. Grote waarde voor slechts 12 euro, met een reis van een uur en langs de Herengracht en door naar het IJmeer. Daarom is dit een geweldige manier om de grachten van de stad te verkennen.
jon brierley
August 27, 2023
Fantastic cruise through Amsterdamu2019s beautiful canals, accompanied by an interesting audio tour. Great value at just 12 euros, with the trip lasting an hour and journeying along the Herengracht and through to the IJmeer. Hence, this is a great way to explore the cityu2019s canals.
Steven YJ LIM
August 17, 2023
You walked too much??? Then definitely you need to relax with this cozy boat tour.nJust sit on the deck and enjoy the breeze of the Amster river.
Sandro Betocchi
February 23, 2023
Very nice cruises. At night, there's something extra.
Phan Lam
February 3, 2023
Prachtig personeel, zeer flexibel voor reisgroep in termen van timing. Alle boten in de stad varen bijna hetzelfde in dezelfde kanalen, maar we waarderen de diensten.
Ainur Solnyshko
January 23, 2023
Veel geluk met het zonnige weer. Ze namen een combinatie met een bezoek aan het Van Gogh Museum. De reis door de kanalen was cool, maar de tijd eindigde zo snel))
Irene Viola Tjin-Kam-Jet
December 22, 2022
De stoelen inde boot waren veel te laag en de lichtshow was een aanfluiting
Richard Evans
October 7, 2023
Really enjoyable if a touch cramped, very relaxed little cruise. You really do see a different side of Amsterdam, and probably was our favourite part of our weekend trip. I can't compare it to other boat cruises of course, or the fun of hiring your own, but I'd have no issue recommending this cruise as great value. Bring your own refreshments though...
Tommy Sevens
December 21, 2022
Very expensive but had a fun ride.nWe did the light festival tour which is basically the normal tour combined with info about the lights in English. Other languages are only available for the parts not about the lights.nYou get free earplugs which we all agreed are not very comfortable.nThe captain was a good guy he went faster or slower so other boats wouldn't block our view.nSo the downsides were: high price, uncomfortable earplugs and too many people at 1 table(6)nnSome people also need to understand you should NOT flash while taking pictures when it's dark, it'll only take the inside of the boat instead of the outside plus it's annoying for others :p

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