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Kouta Park - El Maamoura Beach

About Kouta Park - El Maamoura Beach

With three Theme Parks, one in Alexandria one in Porto marina and other in Sharm El Shiekh we offer a chance to the most spectacular entertainments this is the place to celebrate! So gather with all the family or the friends who make you the happiest and come to have the best experience of fun

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Mahmoud Abolfadl
September 18, 2023
Expensive but very entertainingnPhotographs are bad and expensive. It'll be better to take it with your phone
Mostafa Sobh
August 5, 2023
Only two games that are interesting, the rest doesn't worth the travel
Nahid Nabil
May 15, 2023
Good funfair but prices are too high and people tries to take money by any means !!
mostafa el samra
March 19, 2023
Very nice for age +12 , games are very cheap and only 2-3 games are adrenaline stimulating. You need maximum 2 hrs to go through all games in the park
Moh Teama
February 19, 2023
Feb 2022nIt's not that great amusement Park but it's OK for kids and they will have fun there.nWhat I don't like there you feel like the park is worn out and need refreshments and maintenance.nBut again it will be ok for kids.nYou have to pay first 20 pound to enter to el mamoura City then you will pay 5 pound to enter the parknThe games in kids area with good price most of them 10 pound and only the electric car is 15 poundnThere is alot of adults games but I didn't try or ask about the price as I go for my kids.nYou can park your car outside it's free and safe.
Walid M. Shaf3
July 24, 2023
A great and very entertaining amusement park for adults and also a very large play area for kids with fun and interesting games. There are great sweets, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream🥰
Ahmed Adel Kamh
July 4, 2023
many games available with reasonable prices, it has a photographer where you can take instant pictures riding a horse or playing a game
sameh fawzy
September 20, 2023
Very nice
Nour Ahmed
September 19, 2023
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dalia badr
August 29, 2023
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ramy reda
October 6, 2023
Spent lovely time there and my kuds had alot of fun. Most of games suitable for kids above 8 years old however there is a corner for kids. You will find face painting and animals photo session.
Najwa Raslan
August 23, 2023
Not for the faint hearted, rides are mostly for the age of 16+ but there is a small section for small kids. Staff are helpful, and nice. Place is small and compact so there isn't much walking between rides so when it's busy it's packed. Also it's highly recommended to have an Arabic speaker.

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