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Wafi City Mall

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About Wafi City Mall

Fancy going inside a pyramid? yes. Wafi city is a shopping mall located in the Wafi complex that’s styled after Ancient Egypt. this is one place worth checking out, and there's something here for everyone! with a unique mix of retail, leisure, dining and entertainment.

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engineer infood
August 17, 2023
If you talk about classic, elagant, slowed down and old school mall !nnWafi mall is the one. Most famous for the VFs visa services and in between old and new dubai windownnIt's a very handy place to go grab your stuff. Slow and easy to roam shopping destination, a dinning place and entertainment spot.nnThey got metro link, some Caffè and premium perfumes, watches and jewellery collection shops.nnNot a bad option to spend few hours with classic interiors, middle Eastern themed lobbies, glass ceilings and beautiful interiors.nnOverall I would like to go again
Saad Aftab
August 12, 2023
The least crowded and nothing to do mall. The directions to food court are even confusing and the court had almost nothing to offer. Management should make it more engaging and bring it to the standard of other malls in Dubai
Ali Tayim
August 6, 2023
Quite never crowded mall. VSF consular services are located inside the mall. Several nice restaurants are also available. However shopping there isn't comparable to mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall.
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan
July 30, 2023
Great place to hang with friends and family and there are lot of shopping options banku2019s money exchange. Also u will find VFS visa offices labor court there in wafi mall.
Jawad UAE Adventures
July 8, 2023
What beautiful architecture of wafi mall. Theme represents old Egyptian culture you will feel very good here
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June 28, 2023
I love the vibes also need more restaurants and food curt is very minimal needs more varieties
Telbin Thomas
June 27, 2023
An awesome location for shopping which having Egyptian architectural treat.nnYou may require while day for Experience the mall.nnRegarding the Retail outlets, will give a great experience and value for purchase.nnone stop place for outing and purchase.nnSpacious parking area with 3hrs (might change seasonally) free parking for customers.
Hazim Alali
Hazim Alali
June 24, 2023
Very quiet mall not to many shops, carrefour is available there plus other restaurants. Nothing much to do. The have some of traditional wing (Murjan). Unfortunately, one of the shop owners was smoking cigarettes inside his shop which violating the rules.nnI would like to thank Mr. Patrick (Life Balance) employee he was very helpful, professional and informative with regards to the products and services his company provided. Keep it up Mr. Patrick.
Shahid khan
June 18, 2023
This is where most of the people go for Visa applications at VFS , It locates next to Obilisk Residences tower in Bur Dubai. The building is outstanding. however there are some great places for food and shopping. Specifically Wafi Gourmet is highly recommended. There are also several boutique shops for clothes and shoes
Dishank kumar
Dishank kumar
June 13, 2023
Egyptian themed Mall, very elegant and always less crowded not much in the food court, includes vox cinemas and souq has lots of decor items, paintings etc. Mall has small art gallery too. Very quiet ambience.

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