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About Deep Dive Dubai

In Dubai, explore the largest and deepest underwater attraction in the world. Explore a metropolis that has been abandoned and is 60 meters underwater by taking the plunge. Discover the interesting and distinctive scuba and freediving experiences at Deep Dive Dubai. Deep Dive Dubai is unlike any other pool in the world because it was designed for both experienced and novice divers. This underwater attraction, which boasts a record-breaking 60 meters in depth, enables beginners to explore in the security of a regulated diving environment. It offers new opportunities for seasoned divers and thrill-seekers who want to go deeper and explore more because it is filled with 14 million gallons of warm water. This endeavor, which draws inspiration from the UAE's extensive history of pearl-diving, reaches new heights (and depths) in the country's ambitious goal for an amazing future. Deep Dive Dubai is now open and offering a variety of experiences, including discovery dives for first-timers, scuba dives, freedives, as well as diving courses and workshops on all levels of diving from beginner to technical instructors. Deep Dive Dubai is located in Nad Al Sheba, 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

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unchained django
December 26, 2022
We had a great experience from the reception to the dive til the moment we exited the facility. The staff are extremely competent, it was my 10 years old son's first dive and he loved it. His assigned dive instructor did fantastic in briefing/training/monitoring him, I just tagged along and enjoyed watching him thru his first experience. Perfect place for new divers as this is probably the safest environment you can learn in.nIt is pricey for the average Joe like myself but the service you get, the state of the art facility and the amount of people involved around your dive make it worth it.
Florian Robin
November 25, 2022
I recently done the free diving AIDA level 1&2, it has been the most amazing experience… The coaching is absolutely incredible, Gaspard in charge of the free diving at deep dive Dubai is really professional and passionate by discipline he teaches.nIncredible Facility, I will recommend visiting even if you are not interested in free diving. It is out there with the must seen landmarks in Dubai.
Abdul Jalil Shreim
November 19, 2023
I went to Deep Dive Dubai to celebrate my Birthday! The place is a 5 star dive site with amazing people that are skillful, knowledgeable and friendly. They take you o a journey that will blow your mind. The experience is highly recommended! Specially got special occasions!
Dani Mora
October 17, 2023
The most incredible experience in Dubai!nnWow this was just so fun. Diving and being able to touch and play with everything down there is an incredible experience.nnWe definitely recommend this activity, it is super fun.nnOur instructor was Ericsson, who was super friendly, fun, and really helpful taking photos and videos of us down there.nnHe explained everything so well and made us feel safe and comfortable.nnThanks Ericson! Thanks Deep Dive Dubai.nnWe'll see you soon again!
Rafaela Gavetas
October 16, 2023
An amazing experience we had in Deep Dive Dubai. The staff is extremely professional, friendly and so welcoming. I felt very secure and had so much fun. Looking forward to my next dive, when I will have my PADI, that I can experience even more from that pool. Very recommended and I would also love to experience the free diving course. 🤗
Alexey Kokin
September 28, 2023
This should be on your to-do list for Dubai vacation. Worth visiting at least once for the unforgettable experience and achievement of diving in world's deepest pool.nThe building, equipment and pool itself are high-tech and very impressive. Staff is friendly and professional.
Waruna Jayasinghe
August 9, 2023
Me and my brother had a fantastic time today.nnThe instructors were very helpful & shared all the information needed.nnWould recommend ud83dudc4c ud83dudc4d for anyone who wants to dive into another world ud83cudf0e ud83dude09
Waruna Jayasinghe
August 9, 2023
Me and my brother had a fantastic time today.nnThe instructors were very helpful & shared all the information needed.nnWould recommend 👌 👍 for anyone who wants to dive into another world 🌎 😉
Dhaval Thakker
July 26, 2023
Deep Dive Dubai was my first diving experience and trust me there wasn't a place on Earth that I'd choose apart from this. I sincerely recommend Deep Dive Dubai since the instructors are also extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Special shoutout to my instructor Ibrahim who was just amazing throughout my dive! Cheers guys! You'll are rocking it! ud83cudf7bud83cudf7b
Diana Gerdom
Diana Gerdom
July 15, 2023
That was a great experience! The guides were very professional and super nice! My daughter is 11 and went to 12 meters, my son (13) is Junior Open Water Advanced and went to 21 meters and both loved it as much as my husband and I.
Kelly Gay Rosil
Kelly Gay Rosil
July 14, 2023
100% recommended to adventure junkies like me. It was my first time diving but my instructor Anastasia made my experience incredible. The staffs were so welcoming and the facility is superb! Just a little too pricey but worth it, the fact that your diving into the world's deepest pool. :DnI just hope the video can be sent sooner. Otherwise, all great! Kudos to DeepDiveDubai!
James Anderson
James Anderson
June 12, 2023
From the outset, Deep Dive is impressive: the facility is immaculate and futuristic. All the staff were helpful, particularly during the gear selection and this carried all the way through to getting in the water. Instantly, my instructor Saska made me feel at ease and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable - thank you!nI am a novice diver and found it to be everything I wanted. Your mileage may vary depending on what you're seeking, so if you're an experienced diver, check out some of the many videos that exist beforehand. If you want a fun activity without the fuss and logistics of an open water dive, I highly recommend Deep Dive Dubai and the video package to remember it.
Aaliah Jacksi
Aaliah Jacksi
May 27, 2023
Let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, it's expensive. However, it's absolutely worth the money.nnAs a first time diver, I was nervous ngl.nThe thought of breathing through a tank had me terrified but the instructors approached the induction with a bit of humour and eased my mind almost immediately. They made sure we were safe, and checked on us using hand signals frequently. They let us go at our own pace, and made sure we took in every little bit of the centre. From sitting on the motorbike, to playing chess. All things I didn't think were possible under water.nnThe entire experience was a lot of fun. The instructors, and staff were friendly, and ensured we were comfortable. Yes, it's expensive. But would I do it again? Absolutely.nnGonna try to get my scuba certification so I can explore the entire depth of the pool one day.nnOh, we didn't get the film add on, but I kinda regret it now.
Natalie Madison
Natalie Madison
May 27, 2023
I had a WONDERFUL experience at Deep Dive Dubai! I was a first time diver but that honestly didnu2019t matter at all. I felt so safe and genuinely just had the best time ever!! The facilities are next level amazing! ud83dudcabud83dudcabud83dudcabud83dudcabud83dudcab My instructor was Ibrahim and I would recommend him 100%. His enthusiasm and passion for diving was infectious. He was so calming and lovely. He made me experience really special. Ibrahim was incredible.
Natalie Madison
May 27, 2023
I had a WONDERFUL experience at Deep Dive Dubai! I was a first time diver but that honestly didn’t matter at all. I felt so safe and genuinely just had the best time ever!! The facilities are next level amazing! 💫💫💫💫💫 My instructor was Ibrahim and I would recommend him 100%. His enthusiasm and passion for diving was infectious. He was so calming and lovely. He made me experience really special. Ibrahim was incredible.
May 12, 2023
First time in Dubai and never dived before but this was an awesome experience for a beginner. Staff were helpful and facilities were modern and clean. Special shoutout to my instructor Leah who was amazing! Highly recommend the video upgrade as well and thank you Deep Dive Dubai ud83eudd19ud83eudd3f
April 30, 2023
Amazing experience! Everything was arranged perfectly.. the facility is so clean.. staff is so friendly. Our guide Charlie is the best! He even made the dive more fun! Thank you deep dive dubai !
Orianna M
April 24, 2023
The DeepDiveDubai is a top-notch facility with nice and welcoming staffs! Special thanks to the reception guy, our instructor Simon, the Equalize guy who are still willing to sell me drinks even their register is closed, and the lady working opposite side of the room across the floor from reception. The dive was interesting and fresh, we got to organize a chess board and played table soccer! Would recommend.
Vincent Korstanje
April 19, 2023
We had an excellent time at Deep Dive Dubai! As experienced divers we were in our element and our 5 yr old could actually observe what the rest of the family gets so excited about.nnThe place is of a super high class finish with all its gear from Halcyon, which was very similar to our own setup and gave a great experience. We were allowed to use our own regulators, which is good in covid times :)nnUnder water this place is really awesome, look at their website will give you a better idea than me describing it, apart from it is really that good
Tibor Es
March 23, 2023
Top notch facility, couldnu2019t recommended enough. Special thanks to Tim (driver instructor) he was brilliant went out of his way to make it special for me, looked after all elements from safety, comfort to having fun and the best time! Much much appreciated!
Tina Fisher
March 16, 2023
This experience was just wow. The building is incredible and the staff were helpful and friendly. Our instructor Erickson was super cool and helped to make the whole experience as epic as we hoped it would be. Even diving with the company kit rather than our own familiar kit wasnu2019t an issue. The pool wasnu2019t over crowded too so it made for a really fun experience. We opted for a video package too and Iu2019m so glad we did. Weu2019ve received the link to our video in a few days and been able to share it with our family. The equalizer cafe is also stunning. I would recommend any diver visiting Dubai to try this experience.
Reza Nourani
March 13, 2023
Thanks a lot to Ibrahim and Jack, our instructors!nnThey were VERY professional and the way they explained everything in their calm way made it much easier for us first-time divers, even though we were, of course, nervous they made us feel very calm so it felt really good! Great experience, a must-do in Dubai.nnWe purchasedu00a0the beginner'su00a0package for diving and we dived up tou00a0 12 meters down in the water, and it felt like we were much deeper,u00a0 highly recommended!
Ali Alhumrani
February 16, 2023
It was a unique experience for me specially that I done it with a motivating friend, some low light a out it is the high price, I've dine the none certified dive and I think it deserve a lower price than 500$, also the system doesn't tolerate delays in timing, unfortunately we arrived 1 hours late from the time a d it was almost cancelled with no refund but the management gave us one last chance on a the same day a d we were not allowed to reschedule.nThe instructor was a wonderful person who gave all his efforts to make it a safe and enjoyable experience as it was so big thanks to him and if you get the chance to choose the instructor then ask for Ericson.
Olin Polinski
December 2, 2022
Staff are amazing, friendly and helpful! Beautiful design, impeccable maintenance. The dive is amazing and definitely an experience all should have. The design is so modern it looks like something out of a future space movie. Can't recommend ot enough.
Andreas Kugelmeier
November 15, 2023
Great facility, and awesome instructors/coaches. I would give them 5 stars, but unfortunately Deep Dive Dubai enforces a strict equipment policy that prohibits wearing your own wet suit. Comfort and relaxation is so very important in freediving especially. I like to wear my own clothes, and I do feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that are not mine.
Lauren McNoble
November 4, 2023
Not for an experienced diver - I do not recommend anyone with more than 10 dives come here - the facilities are very nice and staff are friendly but save your money and dive literally anywhere else. I dove for the pool experience but it was not worth the price tag attached. It is a cool concept but really geared to the Instagram experience of taking photos vs actual diving. Controlled environment for a new diver but very boring for an experienced diver. I ended the dive early because I was bored. During my dive I was the only diver and I was told that is unusual - if the pool was packed you would only be looking at other divers fins anyway.
Peace Steve
August 30, 2023
Dubai and its futuristic look into its development, never fails to break and create new world records.nnDeep dive Dubai located in Dubai's Mad AL Sheba has been verified by Guinness world records as the world's deepest swimming pool for diving at an incredible depth of 60.02 meters (194 ft) and holding 14 million litres of water the equivalent of 6 Olympic sized swimming pools.nnWater is kept at 30u00b0 to create the perfect condition for diving. Explore a stunning underwater attraction that is themed to resemble an abandoned sunken city.nThere is also a restaurant on site as well as a dive shop and gift shop.nState of the art water purification system to maintain it's purity and hygiene.nnVeteran divers and trainer are available to give you that exceptional experience and guide you on the use of your diving equipment making even a newbie feel the whole experience, cameras are positioned for protection and safety as well as medical teams available on standby.nnThe thoughts, planning and design put together to pull this off keeps you astonished and trusting that Dubai can deliver more.
August 27, 2023
One of the most amazing experiences of my life. My instructor was amazing. She helped me and eased me into my first ever dive of my life excellently! Would 100% recommend checking this off your bucket list!

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