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IMG Worlds of Adventure, owned by the IMG Group, is Dubai's first super-themed entertainment attraction, offering guests from all over the world the thrills of four epic adventure zones in one venue. Two of the four zones are dedicated to well-known global brands such as Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones are IMG Group initial ideas. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world's largest temperature-controlled indoor-themed entertainment venue, with over 1.5 million square feet of space. The attraction features a unique collection of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions focused on famous Cartoon Network characters, classic MARVEL Super Heroes, and hair-raising dinosaurs, with the capacity to host more than 20,000 visitors every day. There are also a host of world-firsts, themed department shops, exclusive dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art cinema at the destination. IMG Worlds of Adventure is expected to be a must-visit international destination, introducing the best of family entertainment to Dubai's growing leisure industry. It is located within the City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

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Crafty Monkeys Dubai
March 12, 2023
We absolutely loved our visit to IMG this weekend. The place is very organized, has multiple rides and areas for fun activities, staff is very friendly and helpful. Temperature and ambiance inside are very pleasant, the whole area is fully indoors and is air conditioned. We arrived just before the opening time (12:00) and bought general admission tickets straight at the counter; no fast track purchase was necessary as there were no queues, despite it was weekend. It got a bit busier after 1 pm though, but queues were still minimal and well managed. At lunch time we were impressed with choices and quality of F&B;, as well as number and variety of food outlets. Apart from the rides, IMG has roving entertainment, so the place is lively and entertaining at all times. Height limits on the rides are fairly set and are appropriate to age groups; if you plan to visit with small kids, suggest to explore the website to see rides and playareas restrictions in advance, all info is available online and is clear. We will definitely come back again and we highly recommend this place.
Sadz Tabz
February 14, 2023
My son loved it here... No wheelchair accessible rides. But all areas are wheelchair accessible. Staff are really helpful and friendly. IMG entertainment was really good. Would definitely recommend a visit with kids. Rest of family enjoyed the rides. My son said it was his best day ever. I would give it 10 stars just for making my son so happy.
Screen Time
December 25, 2022
Absolutely amazing place. It is a bit expensive, so I suggest getting the entertainer coupons. Entertainer coupons are really worth it as they work at the theme park and I’m other places including restaurants and other places, but it also depends on is the place allows them.nnI suggest coming in the morning and on a weekday, as there are barely any queues. I suggest starting with the Velociraptor to start the experience with a bang. There are many allocated areas for different themes, which is amazing.nnFood and vending machines can be found anywhere, with some being relatively cheap and some being a bit expensive.nnI STRONGLY suggest getting a map of the whole area. I made the mistake of not getting one, and it is a bit confusing to get to different rides without a map.nnFor adults, there is a haunted house which is really nice. Kids can stay outside, where two zombie looking people entertain them. They don’t dress up casually, they take it to the next level, acting like one, moving like one, sounding like one, and everythingnnOverall, it is an amazing place, and it is definitely worth it.
Utkarsh Singh
August 21, 2023
Rides: One of the best ever experienced. I believe IMG has better rides than Ferrari world. Thor ride is one the most thrilling one to start your adrenaline rush.nAmbiance: Indoor and fully air conditioned, good vibes inside.nFood: Loads of food options to choose from.nShop: Tons of Marvel merchandise to buy from.
Neha Gandhi
July 23, 2023
A large indoor theme park which will keep you entertained for hours. Before going we checked the height restrictions for all the rides on their website as my two are under 130cm. We were pleased to find that they were able to go on majority of the rides apart from a few. The 3D illusion rides were one of the best Iu2019ve been on as the way in which these have been designed are brilliant - creating a real life exciting experience. The Spider-Man one was our favourite given we are huge marvel fans. If you have the entertainer app they have Buy One Get one free which gave us a huge saving. It is easy to spend an entire day here, particularly in the hotter months.
Ruckshani Randeniya
July 18, 2023
Super! Had the best time! A variety of activities and rides for different ages. Clean, and they always had safety in mind. We think the spider man ride could have had a better belt though it was very uncomfortable. All other rides had more comfortable seating. The ticket covered all activities but not food and drink and since no outside food was allowed it was quite expensive to buy food there. Overall we had a good experience but we did needed more time as the wait at some popular rides like Spider-Man and predator took too long. We went in at 12noon and left by 10pm yep and still we didn’t have time for some rides. Staff was super thanks again!
Saira Jabeen
July 13, 2023
An excellent theme park. Lots of interesting rides for all age groups. Totally indoors and completely air-conditioned. What I loved the most about this Park is the queues were not very long. And there were a lot of cafes and restaurants also there was ample seating areas fir people to sit and relax.
fady elzayed
fady elzayed
May 2, 2023
IMG worlds is really an adventure, it's amazing what human can create to build this world of creatures, if you are a fan of Avengers it's the right place to go. All ages will have fun there. We have had an amazing time with family specially my daughter it was her best time. She enjoyed all rides specially the lost valley, she was excited going all the way to the top and sliding, the place is so big that it takes more than 5 to six hours to almost do all activities, at the end of each ride the exit will lead you to a gift shop. There are lots of restaurants, I took from the wing stop it has the best chicken wings. IMG is a good place to spend a day with family
Sameer Sanghvi
Sameer Sanghvi
April 23, 2023
I had a great time with my family, we were a total of 4 adults and 3 children. We all had a blast! the best thing about this place is that it is completely air conditioned!! so that is great! the rides vary from thrilling to being pretty chilled out. Velociraptor is the biggest attraction there and is super fun for those who like it. I loved it! Beside that there are many attraction for kids of different age groups so keep that in mind. Cause we saw that the older kids love the thrills but the younger ones might not like it an then you will have to split them.The food is decent but overpriced as one would expect in such a place. I recommend you take water and a few power bars to get you through about 4-5hours of entertainment depending on the crowd there.nOverall good fun and a definite recommend!
Nuala Murphy
April 21, 2023
Great family day out. We have 3 boys. 8,7 and 2. So all diff stages. It’s middle of Ramadan right now so place is empty. Didn’t think it was open when we arrived as car parks were empty. But for us today it has turned out to be best time for a visit. We purchased the fast pass although have not needed it as we are only ones in the queue for most rides. We needed a day out of the sun. I personally hate theme parks but this one seems to have changed my opinion. Spotless. Great food options. I even went on my first roller coaster. Nice. Temperature too. Used a third party for tickets and got 30% cheaper tickets. Just meant that we had to wait ten mins for the system to register them as they were only booked half hour before we got here.
Dharam veer Singh
March 20, 2023
World largest Indoor themed Park. Good rides but waiting time is more. An amazing experience. The park was well thought of. Great rides, awesome staff. It's easy to go through all the rides in a day. Food though is a bit pricey but affordable.nnKids will enjoy.
FQ 513
FQ 513
August 20, 2023
This place is just perfect, the roller coasters, slow rides, food,drink etc is just all round perfect. To avoid Dubaiu2019s heat you must come here under AC where itu2019s all good. The Cartoon Network area was nostalgic for me and i suggest for 90s-00 kids to just take a look around or even go on the rides which I enjoyed! Marvel area was thrilling and fun, I enjoyed the spider man ride. Highly recommend it as ur first ride to get the adrenaline going. The dinosaur area is recommended for all ages in my book! Loved the predator ride. This review is based on only some rides but in my 5 time experiences I can say I went on all rides, and suggest going on all from how much I enjoyed.
August 15, 2023
Worlds biggest indoor theme and amusement park with thrilling rides. Itu2019s approx 1.5 million square foot of playground. One of the best was the themes of marvel. Exciting rides featuring super heroes and Cartoon Network. My absolute favourite is the haunted hotel. It is fun watching your friends getting scared.ud83dude2c I think this is definitely a whole package of luxury, amusement, thrill and entertainment! I would recommend it to every one.
Rajish P
Rajish P
April 28, 2023
Loved time spent her with family. It was a great feeling watching your loved ones enjoying the place. Food options are also good. Please is very neat and tidy. Well maintained rides, less crowded, staffs were polite and helpful. Ample parking space
Aman Bhandari
November 14, 2023
Absolutely marvellous place! ud83dudd25ud83dude0dud83eudd29nMy experience at IMG was amazing and beyond expectations. ud83dudd25ud83dudcaf The rides were really great and secure and I enjoyed every single one of them. ud83dude04 Fun place to be with family, friends and even strangers. Definitely a place Iu2019d love to go back to if given the opportunity. The place features a lot of stores with variety of options as well as ATMs, ample parking space and everything youu2019d need during your time there. The only issue I had with it was the distance from the city but other than that itu2019s a great place to visit. ud83dudc4dnA little pricey but 100% worth it. I would definitely take the kids again. Food Is also little pricey but you cannot take your own. Best thing is to go there in the morning and then global village in the evening as it near by. You need about 5 hours here to get everything done comfortably! ud83dude0a
annie rose
annie rose
November 7, 2023
Certainly a fun place. Totally loved every minute. Safe for children, elderly and lot of fun. Got strollers and wheelchair, but you pay for it. It's worth it. One draw back is not much of food options, pretty limited with choices but yeah you got what is required. Avangers series rides are coolest and kids will enjoy a lot..plan your day such a way you be there by 12:30 and you can enjoy a full day. Definitely a come back kind of place..I would recommend go for unlimited ride package if you are an adult who loves thrill rides however, if you are not then go for general one the three ride option where you also get free meal combo.. however, it's fun place..do take little ones and they will enjoy!
Christos Mets
August 19, 2023
Nice overall experience. However, the selection of rides could be better. There could be a few more rides to cater to younger aged children as well.nIf your kids are between 8-14, they will enjoy a few fun hours.nClean areas and very polite and helpful staff.nGood choice for the hot summer months

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