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Motiongate Dubai, part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, brings Hollywood to life with lights, cameras, and action. This exciting theme park offers thrilling rides and attractions based on some of the most memorable and famous recent film franchises. Meet your favorite characters in person and get a souvenir shot. At Motiongate Dubai, expect to see films from Ghostbusters, Kung Fu Panda, The Hunger Games, The Smurfs, Shrek, and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, among others. Play some of the world's most thrilling rollercoasters, like The Green Hornet's High Speed Chase and Madagascar Mad Pursuit, or drop down vertically in the high-speed Zombieland Blast-Off. The Backlot Tour is a great way to get a closer look at one of Dubai's most famous attractions. You can see how these incredible films grow from a simplistic concept to being a smash hit. Visit the Kung Fu Panda Academy or Operation Penguin Shake to see a demonstration. Every day, there will be plenty of entertainment, and some will even invite you to perform on stage.

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Ishari Pathumika
August 15, 2023
It was a great experience...You should spend the full day and enjoy the all rides. One to one it was unique and different. Enjoyed and had a great day. We started our day around 1pm and it went till 9p.m. so that we were not tired and had time to enjoy and experience everything. Also, you can find good restaurants inside. That was also a different experience from each other. Should spend the night as well because the view outside is beautiful in the night. However, few rides was not available. But it didn't impact since we had lot of others to enjoy. Waiting to visit during the winter also.
Safa Al Ismaili
August 11, 2023
I visited Motiongate for the first time, the park is so wonderful there are rides suitable for all age groups. I had the chance to try most of the roller coasters and they where so amazing. Unfortunately, I was so so so disappointed because I didn’t have the chance to try the John Wick ride and the water ride as I came specially from Oman to try them as they were closed I think they were under maintenance 💔😔.
Muhammad Farooq
August 1, 2023
Very nice and memorable place. 3 d rides are very impressive. Other rides are fast and adventurous. All the sections esp DreamWorks, Smurf village are awesome. Columbia pictures and lions gate need you to be strong hearted and good stress handlers
Mara Lecaros-Arica
July 2, 2023
A great place to explore & have some fun time. Best time to go is during winter since there are a lot of spots that aren't covered. You can be quite sweaty to go around the place. Wait for their special offers - these are great deals to grab.
Madina Yakubova
Madina Yakubova
June 13, 2023
Been there two times: first time during spring break and second on last Friday. Amazing park, best time to visit on hot weekday as there are completely no any queues and we even managed to enjoy all the rides few times within 4-5 hrs. Otherwise you'll not manage to finish all rides because of big queues as during our first visit (we could not even reach one side of park, all the rides were closed and we had to leave the park).nOverall very nice place to spend time with family, kids will enjoy a lot!
Dharam veer Singh
Dharam veer Singh
May 8, 2023
Nice place to visit with family and friends.nnAmazing place, am in love with Dream works and this my favourite spot at Motiongate ud83dude0d i love the attractions and the lovely atmosphere that make you feel that you are in the Movies, the decorations are wonderful and amazing. And lovely place to spend a great time with the family.nnBest area of the park, very well themed. Make sure to visit it at the beginning of the day because the waiting times can grow pretty high.
Jessica Stokes
April 25, 2023
We had so much fun at Motiongate! As a family of four with a one year old and three year old we were apprehensive it would be suitable, but they had the best time! The rides were outstanding (how to train your dragon was a personal favourite) and as we went on a Monday in April, the queues were five-ten minutes per ride!nWould definitely recommend and visit again!
Dr. Alexander Lutz
March 19, 2023
itu2018s sad, that almost every attraction had u201etechnical issuesu201c. We were there, when the park opened and with some attractions, we had to try repeatedly to be able to take a run. But it was fun in the end.nnThe Q-Fast Lane Ticket was worth itu2018s price, as we were able to skip normal lanes. I guess one doesnu2018t need that on normal Weekdays for the most attractions, but we were lucky to ride the Rafting more than once, while normal lane waited 45-50 minutes, so it was fine.
Hina Sami
Hina Sami
March 14, 2023
Nice place to visit, specially for kids . Very thrilling 3 D experience. The" meat ball" water ride is the best . Lots of things for almost everyone 's interest. Some rides are too daring. May be for those who like complete adrenaline rush
Miraj Desai
February 24, 2023
It was a lot of fun to go to Motiongate with my family. The park offers a variety of activities and rides for both children and adults. This park is both indoor and outdoor, however it is best to visit during the winter months to have the most fun.
Vladimir Kas
January 1, 2023
It's a fun park to visit with younger kids. About half the park is inside so it's OK when it's too hot / raining.nnMostly busy, but if you time it right and come on a non busy day (like 1st January, weekdays, off peak season) then can probably do the whole park in c. 4hrs.nnThey are also building at least 2-3 new rides, which will greatly expand the offering and thrill factor.nnOverall a great day out.
Samir Shraiteh
December 28, 2022
This amusement park is incredible! It has many fun rides for all ages and has some restaurants throughout the experience that are really tasty. The people working there are friendly and well-trained. The prices of the food are pretty good and not expensive. I personally love going there with my family and friends and I recommend this amusement park to everyone!
December 6, 2022
Very entertaining. The kids had a blast. I think they need better food options. Otherwise all the facilities and the design of the park is very good. If youu2019re kid is a 100 cm tall. They will have alot of rides to play.
Benjamin Craft
Benjamin Craft
August 13, 2023
When everything is working this is a great place to bring the family. There are even plenty of rides indoors for those hot summer months. That being said, the last few times we have gone this summer, the best rides indoors (Dragon Riders, Madagascar Carnival ride etc) have all been not working, making them pretty much a wasted trip.
Subham Burnwal
May 15, 2023
A lovely place to have a retreat and forget everything about your regular mundane life. A place to get back to the good old days meeting all your favorite characters from your favourite animated movie. Enjoying the rides that fill you with a rush of adrenaline and get you invigorated instantly.
diala harb
May 3, 2023
We came in may. The park open in the afternoon until late night because of the heat.nEnjoyed dream park since its indoors. The rest of the park opened later on.nKids loved the high speed rides and repeated them many times.nThe queues were short because we came on a week day.nHighly recommends the meat ball ride but you will probably get wet.nThe Madagascar mad pursuit is a high speed roller coaster. Kids loved it but it was too much for my taste.nI would definitely recommend the park.
Danny Crasto
Danny Crasto
March 31, 2023
Really well put together and nicely done. All the mini theme parks and rides make you feel as if you were part of that world. Pricey and could use more rides but my favorite was the Viking gliders. So well executed.nWill go back again.
Rohit Goyal
August 18, 2023
you have to visit this place to see how beautiful it is.. it can't be explained in words. Had a very good time there with my kids. This park has rides for both, kids and adults. Some rides are common for both. One more thing I like about this park is that it's different sections are so well connected that you can easily cover all its attractions without walking extra steps. I just loved it.!! Must go. Water and eatables are very expensive there, better to take your own stuff to save money.

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