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Tent Jumeirah is ideally located in Jumeirah 5 Umm Suqiem with the best view of the enticing beach. It is a collaboration between an old lifestyle and modern touristic city to create a delectable Emirati cuisine. Enjoy the best experience in Dubai, the only beach restaurant in Jumeirah. This riveting diner revives and commemorates the history of old Dubai, when it was a small town on the Arabian Gulf's coast, nestled in an idyllic location near the creek, with rows of wind towers surrounded by the Al Badia oasis. It specializes in local traditional Arabic cuisine, serving the best seafood and international dishes.

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Oleksandr Martiukhin
Oleksandr Martiukhin
November 16, 2023
Charming small restaurant in the beach with a great view and delicious food. Unfortunately we missed the chance to experience it before however we enjoy having our lunch with my wife.
Anett Shabani
April 11, 2023
This was one of my favorite places to go. Shocked to see the beautiful authentic cozy seating areas along the beach all gone! No more lounging on pillows or feeling the sand under your bare feet. Instructions by the municipality, I heard. The place is stripped down to a few tables on the concrete floor with no ambiance left. Staff is still friendly and I feel very sorry for them that this place has lost its attraction. The food is still good. Yet my heart is broken. I hope the decision will be revised.
Kareem Ali
March 25, 2023
The atmosphere and seating are amazing right on the sea side. The service was good, food is average. There are better options in the area.nThe hygiene is an issue as I found some hair in the food!!!nI am not visiting again for sure.
Sherif Soliman
Sherif Soliman
March 15, 2023
Used to be one of the best hidden traditional places in Dubai. Unfortunately, they substantially downsized the restaurant and restricted it to a few tables only (due to business reasons which I fully understand). However it still has some of the old charm.n5 stars for the old times' sake.
Abbie Franchette
Abbie Franchette
February 5, 2023
A quaint little place by the beach. It’s quiet and very straight forward. Food prices are reasonable. Can be a bit inconsistent but it’s still a great place to take visitors to enjoy some of the local food without having to brave the crowds or being forced inside. Perfect for big groups but that’s not to say they’re just limited to that. Nothing beats karak chai and food by the beach knowing you didn’t exactly break the entire bank.
Robert Tullberg
December 26, 2022
Unfortunately the beautiful genuinely Emirati restaurant has been removed on request by the Dubai municipality. It was a wonderful place to spend a whole day and people couldn’t believe this was Dubai when seeing photos. Unfortunately today it has only few tables and lost all its charm and romance. Still the food prices are extremely low and especially the early morning crew, Fauci and Ahmed are making me take my breakfast there every day. Still the view is beautiful and to my opinion, one of the best beaches in Dubai. Unfortunately photos are before it was demolished but there are still tables and view is the same 🙏
Eating Bro (EB)
December 26, 2022
Small hut like cafe with emirati food near the beach. Had some emirati breakfast and a few other items. The breakfast was ok I suggest order the eggs directly and 1 or 2 of the sides you want unless you want a small portion of all the elements. The saffron tea was good. Price is mid range.
stephen vickery
stephen vickery
December 17, 2022
The Tent Jumeirah Restaurant is great place to eat. It is situated fronting the beach in Dubai. There is seating inside or alfresco, which we chose. A pleasant sea breeze refresher us in the night air under a starry sky, an ideal setting for a family dinner. The choice from the menu was extensive. Everything for all tastes, I had a vegetarian dish, on of my grandsons had crabs, the other battered chicken and fries and my son and daughter-in-law had a roast meat dish. Everyone enjoyed the food and the deserts were just amazing. The service was immaculate and the Turkish coffee was also fantastic. A great evening and a great restaurant, I highly recommend it.
Imran Sait
October 29, 2023
I have been coming to Tent for many years and it had a great combination of ambience, food, friendly staff and competitive pricing.nIn winter, it is a place I visit a few times a week with all my friends.nSimply put...I love this place.nI am, however, devastated to learn that they have been ordered by the municipality, to remove the beach front seating that they had available.nIt is what made this place an icon and it is heartbreaking to learn that they have been reduced to just a few tables.nIf you are reading this then you probably either know of their predicament or are just learning of it. I do hope the municipality reverses their decision and allows them to go back to the old set up that all of us came to know and love.nI am happy to report that, even with the changes, the quality of the food and drink and the hospitality of the staff is still the same as it was before.nI will still be back again and again, all the while nurturing the hope that as I turn the corner, I see the all to familiar beach seating back again!
October 22, 2023
This is a very nice restaurant especially in winter. If you want to try local Emirati cuisine they have great options. They have a nice ambience the tents are on the beach. the food tastes amazing
Festa Trading
May 9, 2023
A very nice restaurant serving local Emirati and serving many other options right at the Jumeirah beach. Must visit place if you like to experiment new places. The main highlight of the place is its location. Ideal for couples, bachelors, family and itu2019s very kidu2019s friendly place too. This restaurant is very spacious with various seating options ranging from cabins to open seating. The price is quite reasonable too.nAmbiance: u2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fnQuality: u2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fnPrice: u2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fnLocation:u2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0fu2b50ufe0f
December 30, 2022
Great place to have a evening tea or coffee with friends or some one special. Place is full of vintage design and local history.nStaff is friendly but Service has to be improved.
October 20, 2023
This quirky but lovely venue, right on a beautiful beach, is a hidden gem of Dubai. Totally informal, it provides great fresh fish and seafood, a wide range of arabic dishes and fresh juices, coffees and teas. All this in an unique, Gulf style, ambiance and setting with the sand on your feet. Family friendly, it looks out over white sand to the beautifully coloured sea. A 'must visit' for those that love the beach, want to experience a change of menu and eat well in a really relaxed and very different setting.
Rad Marczak
October 6, 2023
Best place ever. Its setup right by the beach directly on the sand. Place is well shaded and ventilated. There is a pleasant breeze coming from the sea and seating area is equipped with fans. There are even some air-conditioned huts for those who don't enjoy heat at all. There are tables of various size available to accommodate small and big groups. Fresh water showers to rinse off the salt after bathing in the sea. There are water scooter, jet board and banana ride available for rental. Food is good and affordable. Staff is helpful and polite. All together made one of my favourite spots in Dubai. Thank you very much!
Basma Younis
September 14, 2023
One of my fav places in Dubai u2764ufe0f

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