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Bistro Des Arts 

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About Bistro Des Arts 

If you’re feeling the need for some authentic food that fills the soul, then Bistro Des Arts is the way to go! The 1970’s bistro serves a variety of traditional French dishes in a rustic atmosphere. While all the food is a superb rendition of French cuisine, make sure you order at least one Crème Brûlée for dessert but be careful! Chances are you won’t want to share…

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Merril Mascarenhas
March 9, 2023
I don’t think they do justice to the location that they have. The view is quite decent with ample of space but the staff messed up our order, didn’t make a note of what sides we mentioned and took a while to respond to our requests and this is reflected in my rating. But i must mention that after the correction on how we wanted the eggs to be done the dishes did taster good. Also, do tru their orange juice
Choi Serena
November 21, 2023
I tried the 119AED brunch set which is of great value, only the starters served as buffet is already nice and enough food as a brunch. The main course is also nice with a soft crepe as served as sandwiches with egg on top. Unlimited coffee and yea. Also authentic French bistro atmosphere served by a team of all french speaking staffs. Good experience and would definitely go again for dinner.
Luciano Barbati
October 22, 2023
Just walk in for a quick bite, but it's a really nice place, a proper french restaurant with a real french chef. Nice menu not big, but it's a bistro so it's good enough. The quality of the food is excellent. Staff are friendly with knowledge of the dishes served. Only they should be a bit faster. Recommended.
Tina Hassani
August 10, 2023
Used to be a really cool hideaway with a lot of charm, one of the gems of dubai marina.nSadly the quality of service, hosting, overall ambiance and enthusiasm of staff dropped.nAlso the music is almost inaudible now, this alone killed the charming-retro-cool-french vibe the place had (and maybe that's why the staff seem all to have low mood).
Chathushka Mallikarachchi
June 12, 2023
Located in Dubai Marina.nWent there as it was highly recommended by u201ctimeout dubaiu201d but it was nothing great. Very average food and overpriced with a menu of very little options. Staff is very friendly but food is very average. Even the restaurant ambiance is not so great. There was a water leak from the ceiling through out of time there and was irritated by small flies coming and resting on our food and beverage. Will not recommend it to anyone.Very average for overpriced food.
Yau011fmur Satu0131cu0131
June 12, 2023
Nice food / love it u2014 couple of things mising from menu when we were last time - one of mine going often place with friends-
April 28, 2023
I visited this bistro last night and I was pleasantly surprised, the Venue/ambiance/staff deserve 5 stars. How ever I was extremely disappointed and let down by the food quality/options as a vegetarian. There were very limited vegetarian main options which is disappointing in 2022. I chose the cheese ravioli, which was almost inedible. It was very obviously frozen ravioli. It was so hard I could barely eat the filling of the pasta instead I ate around the edges and a few of my boyfriends fries. Iu2019m rating the restaurant a 2 star because itu2019s extremely disappointing that the chef cannot at least have fresh produce. Ravioli is extremely easy to make therefore it says a lot for the standard of food quality. Shame
Eric Koulourath (Eric Koulourath)
Eric Koulourath (Eric Koulourath)
April 10, 2023
A very nice place with a very French bistro atmosphere. The food is good, the menu is regularly updated.nYouu2019ll find a good choice of French dishes (I recommend the steak Tartare for meat lovers) and drinks.nPaul the restaurant manager is super friendly and the staff will make sure you are spending a great time.nIf you are looking for a typical Parisian restaurant in Dubai, Bistro des Art is definitely the place you shall consider for a romantic diner, or a festive hang out with friends.
Alexandra Dominik
April 10, 2023
Living in Dubai more than 8 years and this place is one of my favorites. I love French food and itu2019s the best in the city.nThe service is always great (fast and friendly). Place is clean.nI love all of their starters. And the steak tartare is super good.nAlways recommend this place for my friends.nAnd location in really nice - in the middle of a life, but calm. And beautiful view. Atmosphere of the dinner is so lovely!
sophie doyle
February 8, 2023
Looked forward to this meal and ordered steak for two. Order was medium but arrived rare and not rested, so quite tough. Mash potatoes and vegetables ware bland. All I can say is that the best part of the meal was baguette with some lovely salted batter when we arrived ( expensive baguette).nWould not eat here again
Alfred Helou
January 30, 2023
Great food and ambiance. Located on the promenade and walking distance from marina mall. The food is great and so is the staff. Highly recommended
Kateryna Trusylo
January 26, 2023
Oh one of the best tuna tartare in town(unfortunately don’t have photos)! Loved it always go there to catch up with friends. Don’t really like the attitude of staff but what to do if food is good
Prosto Dilya
January 22, 2023
Itu2019s outrageously to shame young woman for having a lunch alone. More over, it is inexcusably to call her as a bit#h. Restaurant manager definitely should rethink his competence. And he will definitely understand what the case I am writing about.
Isabelle Schreuder
January 19, 2023
Food was good, not incredible but definitely good. We had the onion tart, tuna tartare, escargots and calamari for starters, followed by the confit duck, black cod and moules frites for mains. The starters were very lovely and flavourful, the escargots were definitely the highlight. Mains were good, I very much enjoyed the mussels, the black cod was quite bland and a small portion. The location is gorgeous and the outside area is very romantic with a great atmosphere. Overall a good experience.
William Dowling
William Dowling
December 13, 2022
My girlfriend and I come here about once a month for dinner. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is cozy and quaint, and the staff are incredibly attentive and welcoming. We've also been here a few times for the Friday morning brunch, which is a great deal with good food and drinks. Overall, this is one of our favorite restaurants in Dubai and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some nice French food with an incredible atmosphere.
Tamara Horvat
December 4, 2022
If you don’t already know where it is, do your best and explore the Marina mall. Because when you discover it, this will become your favorite get away place. French cuisine with distinctive dishes but each sequence has some surprise. The staff deserves extra praise. Warm, cheerful, they give this bistro a special charm. Sorry I didn't take more pictures but...you know how it is 😉
A Bee
November 27, 2022
Came for a breakfast brunch with friends.nnIt was a nice atmosphere and the food was good, service to deliver coffee/ drinks was a little slow.nnAnd the buffet section was very small but good enough I guess… the main issue there was that there was only one server guy at the buffet, and the queues got too big.
anna koval
November 17, 2023
On the bright side, the staff were friendly and solicitous however the drawbacks are too many. First, the place was dirty with some food leftovers on the floor; The waiting staff Have no clue what the dishes are made from; They serve the worst powdered juice ever; The dishes ,namely ,the salads are tasteless. Don’t order mussels :they are oversalted; French fries come in super small portions; though the steaks were nice. Would not recommend this place for those with kids.
Jin Ju Kim
Jin Ju Kim
September 13, 2023
I ordered black cod, it tasted super rich. I donu2019t know how French people would think, but I really think was similar to authentic French cuisine. At least, it really tasted good and could see they use good quality fish and veges, not cheap one.nI liked the vibe and view, but it would be better if they keep AC full, that the inside is less humid during summer season. Oh, and I was shocked at toilet, you need to hire toilet cleaner. But thankfully Mall is very close.
C M (CM)
September 10, 2023
-Food : 4 starsn-Restaurant manager :5 stars - attentive , he present us the offers, he check on us all the time.nI am happy that he came to assist us, as the first waiter he did not understand u201dgluten intolerantu201c or u201cgluten free foodu201d means, and he was keep insisting that I can not have butter.ud83eudd26u200du2640ufe0fnThe same waiter did not even present us the restaurant packages or he did not seem aware on the food they were serving ( when asking clarifications)n- decor :5 stars : you feel just like in a cute french restaurant in Champs Elysees.nAC : -1 stars , very hot .n- For sure I come back in the winter to avoid the problem of the AC.
Jose Gomez
September 5, 2023
Good location, good french cuisine, very nice staff, perfect to go romantic or with friends.nI will definitely repeat...
Chantelle Rhea
August 6, 2023
Their breakfast items are amazing and fresh! Try any of the Benedict egg variations and even the simple Avocado Toast was great. Not tried anything else on the menu, but breakfast is a sure thing here. Definitely worth a return.
chanju merly
July 11, 2023
Loved the experience. Went to brunch with husband and friends. Calm ambience. The host and severs were helpful and kind. The food was another level. Love the croissants. It's a wonderful place to brunch with family and friends. Will be coming back to try the a la carte menu.
June 18, 2023
Been there several times and enjoyed it every time. The food is always perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. A lovely relaxing meal with nice views out over the marina.

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