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The Al Ain Zoo

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Al Ain Zoo is a 400-hectare zoo in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, nestled on the slopes of Jebel Hafeet. It is predominantly consists of ungulates and herbivores such as Arabian antelopes and oryx, eland, gazelle, and lechwe and may be found in tree-shaded paddocks that provide 'excellent' breeding conditions. It is a member of the EAZA, as is the Breeding Centre for Endangered Wildlife in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is now closed to the public.

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Roueida Denath
Roueida Denath
May 11, 2022
Refreshing to see an absolutely clean environment. Really a vast variety of animals. I enjoyed the hippopotamus viewing especially view underwater. The heat is a huge challenge so good idea is to use the shuttle transport service at an additional fee. This will avoid dehydration. All in all a very pleasant visit.
tashi tobgyal
tashi tobgyal
April 23, 2022
Visited during Ramadan so the visiting hour was in the night. Managed to see some animals but it was pretty dark so couldnu2019t enjoy the real beauty. The bird show was very interesting and knowledgeable.I am pretty sure day time visit would be really overwhelming. So will plan a visit next time during day. The security team and all the people out there was really helpful and kind. Would be glade if they give free rides for old age people and people with determination. Some feeding to non harmful animals would be really good experience.
harshad G
harshad G
March 13, 2022
Boring. Very big but only few varieties of animals and birds. Rude staffs. Everything expensive inside, but very low quality food and service.
Savad Mangalasseri
Savad Mangalasseri
December 25, 2021
The best zoo in Middle East. Very vast and wide. Well designed and maintained. Need more than a whole day to see complete zoo. Expansion work is in progress for elephant and other animals. Best place to hang out for all stages of aged people. Golf cart and people movers are available. Masjid and restaurants available inside.
Ali B
Ali B
October 15, 2021
Most of the animals was not available . Really wasted my day today there. I came all the way from Sharjah and found empty zoo.. Even call center was closed.. Had big expectations but found that the main focus of staff is to close the animals even when it was early afternoon to make it more convenient for them to leave early this is not acceptable since you collected money from customers and keep on selling tickets without informing ahead that animals are not available.nnHad to act like nothing wrong because I didn't wanted to make day worst for my family who was with me. I think I should next time ask when it's convenient for the staff to show the animals because if I came early maybe I will wait hours to see the animals so please if you replay me put your comfortable hours so we all know what time to really come
Ranjit Kumar
Ranjit Kumar
September 17, 2020
Should visit at least one time!



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