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Shopping mall with lifestyle and fashion stores, plus a food court and a 3-screen cinema. Welcome to Abu Dhabi.

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S Hunt
November 2, 2023
Came here for a bite to eat whilst coming to see the Aldar HQ (round skyscraper) at Al Raha. Hard to find, hard to get out of (road works separate it from Aldar HQ… we crossed a building site and an empty dual carriageway to get there!). Had great service and food at Subway which the kids were pleased to find in the food court. Didn’t go in any shops but they looked ok, more for the locals here. I didn’t take any pics of the shopping centre as it’s not the most photogenic of places, so here is Aldar HQ instead!!!
Mahmoud Moussa El-Tanbouly
Mahmoud Moussa El-Tanbouly
October 11, 2023
The mall is almost emptynThe cinema there is not working and it seems not working since very long time as the movie ad there is bloodshot which is around 2 years ago!!!!nnThe best thing you'll find is LuLu express and there is two cafes which me and my family tried one of them and they really server very tasty & delicious food beside their excellent & quick servicennYou'll find also in the third floor the food court where you'll find some of the most common fast food restaurantsnnThe 2nd floor is almost emptynnThe mall doesn't have other than this to givenyou can go there if you have any requirements you need from LuLu or to stay in the cafe and watch somethingnnother than that there's nothing to do
juan carlos carvajal sanchez
September 13, 2023
To be honest I was expecting something more fancy because the area, but the place is ok there is some shops and specially gyms that you will not find in others malls in UAE, is not really big just to visit and see it’s fine. Parking lot is ok. I imagine that on weekends should be congested due to the size of the area.
Laurent B
August 23, 2023
Has the necessities. Ample parking, not busy. Very convenient. Too easy.
Ashish Yadav
July 28, 2023
Al Raha Mall is situated near Al bandar,opposite Al raha Garden on Dubai Highway, that caters to community development.With offerings in fashion, jewelry, fine dining, restaurants, cinema, electronics, entertainment, salons, supermarket and other services.nThis has popular brands like Subway,Papa Murphy's pizza,Charlie's Philly steak,Soulful,Samurai,Boulevard and some sweets and refreshments shops Moreish sweets ,fresh bake cafe,Thai fresh fruits. Other than this it also has Dubai islamic Bank ,FAB Al hilal Bank,Lulu Market ,DLD, a sports wear shop orlando store and it also has one Music institute ,Adidas ,Damas,Al ansari ,saloon and pharmacy and play area.
Alexander V Mosiol
Alexander V Mosiol
June 28, 2023
Love the small , 2 storey mall. I can say it's being properly thought out when they open it. It's packed with great shops,such as - Lulu's, Brands 4 Less, school supplies and uniform, learning center, cooking activity center for family, cinema (which is closed down at this moment), children's playground, food court, hair saloon and many more. Definitely one of my favourite malls.
Ngonzi Vicent
May 24, 2023
PRC screening tent still available and done fast and u leave.nAnd there are many accessories and transportation is reliable to different destinations.
sahriar iftekhar
May 4, 2023
I liked it. Lulu is here. But I should not expect the standard compared to Dubai.
Haris Mohammad
April 1, 2023
Lulu express outlet is good inside mall , very good offers . I met Manager Mr Siddik and he is very kind and polite...nHe knows what is customer service and definitely will visit againnAll the arrangements are world class ...
April 1, 2023
Fairly aged mall. That said, always clean and has some good shops in it. Has lulu with a households section also. Has pharmacy, typing centre, restaurants.
Palani Kannan Kandavel
February 14, 2023
Silent place to spend time. Basic necessities are available to buy, eat and experience. Not many options and shops. Many shops are still closed. Good for short time spending purposes.
James Mason
James Mason
January 18, 2023
Great little Mall with some super wee shops. Decent food court. Also if your wanting to put weight on fast, a very very good cake shop... Fresh Bakes Cafeud83dude42ud83eudd70ud83dude0b.
Zafer Tu00fcmer YAZICI
November 28, 2022
Compact, handy but limited options. Still does the work for quick shopping. Home of Party Center.
October 3, 2023
Still in construction, there are good stand for store, if you need to buy things inside, it s the best way.nAnd it is very calm and good build.
Howard Townsend (Farsquidge)
September 5, 2023
Al Raha mall does well for it's remote location. It may seem quiet and Covid has done nothing to help that but it is a great community place for those living off the main island. It has most anyone needs, good coffee shops, a Lulu supermarket and electrical store for great bargains. It also has one premier musical instruments store, a HUGE store for all party needs an apart from many others, even a barber!!
Nouman Ilyas
August 23, 2023
Here you will find everything in the world.nAnd this mall has very big parkings.nevery brand in the world is here.nYou can get whatever you want from here.nInside this mall there is a very big Lulu market in which you will find the world's fruits, groceries and electronics things etc.nAnd there are some really good mobile shops here.nThe food court area of u200bu200bthis mall is very neat and clean and beside food court there is a playground for children which is very big and beautiful.
Mariam Alawadhi
August 17, 2023
Very quiet mall. It has Lulu super market, coffee shops, few shops and antique shop as well. If you want to escape from long lines in the cashiers, Al Raha mall is the best place.
August 12, 2023
PRO: Convenient place for quick groceries shopping (Lulu) and money exchange (Al Ansari). Parking is on ground level, so you don't have to walk very far unlike other malls. Not crowded most of the time.nnCON: Pretty basic mall, nothing fancy. A/C is very cold in food court area.
Karel deWaal
Karel deWaal
May 1, 2023
Best barber shop for a hair cut in the area. 5th floor. Lots of fast food outlets aswell.
Irene Velarde
September 8, 2023
Just when you need urgent from LULU supermarket...

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