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The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a new cultural lighthouse, bringing people from many civilizations together to shed new light on humanity's shared stories.
The Louvre Abu Dhabi was founded in March of 2007. The UAE and France have created extraordinary cultural cooperation, with the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island being the centerpiece. The cooperation would bring together the UAE's ambitious vision of cultural growth and openness with France's art and museum expertise. It would delve into the universal themes that expose and unite humanity.

The Louvre is the ultimate design. It celebrates the region's diverse multicultural past while representing the dynamic character of the current Arab world. The loan of artworks to this UAE museum is coordinated by Agence France-Muséums, a consortium of 17 of France's most prestigious cultural institutions, which also offers management skills.
This concept underpins all the museum accomplishes, from its origins as a cross-cultural partnership to its stunning building, which mixes French design with Arabic tradition. The Louvre celebrates cultural achievements from the dawn of time to the present. The galleries are arranged chronologically rather than geographically. Respect, curiosity, learning, and self-reflection are all goals.

Louvre Abu Dhabi was built as the core of a new urban area for the United Arab Emirates' capital city, thanks to architect Jean Nouvel's distinctive concept. Its design was inspired by the region's rich architectural traditions and the museum's unique location at the point where the Arabian sky meets the dunes of Saadiyat Island and the seas of the Arabian Gulf, creating a symphony in concrete, water, and the delicate dance of reflected light. Louvre Abu Dhabi is not just the Arab world's first global museum, but also a strong emblem of the United Arab Emirates' ambition and success. It is now regarded one of the world's modern urban wonders.

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Alejandro Vera
Alejandro Vera
April 6, 2022
Stunning architecture. The place itself is overwhelming. The exhibition is very well selected. All the rooms are nice and peaceful. Ac is quite high to spend a lot of time inside. The cafe bar is cool too.nA must see if you visiting Abu Dhabi for sure. Make sure you have 2 good hours to enjoy everything this museum has to offer
Geoffrey De Ram
Geoffrey De Ram
March 20, 2022
Ok.. what to say? By what to start?nnEverything about this museum what amazing!n- First the building is incredible, either inside than outside. It's well designed to let you walk through the museum and enjoy the visit. The exterior part too is obviously incredible, and the dome is wonderful. It let the light go through, without the heat so you can enjoy your time outside.n- Exhibitions are also incredibly well thought and you follow in parallel the evolution of the civilizations and can see how, even when evolving in different places, they all come to a lot of similarities. The audio-guide is well made and explanations are kept short for each display, which is nice, around 1m30-2m max. In order to listen to everything, it will take you around 4h.n- Finally, the staff is really friendly in all part of the museum.nnTips: arrive early to enjoy the museum with less people and book a kayak tour around the museum, it's so much worth it and make you see the museum differently!
February 4, 2022
I came here on a school trip. Even though it's pricey, it offers a good experience for those who haven't been to a museum before. Personally, I think the Louvre Abu Dhabi is very much like the one in France. I've been to museums in Europe and they are compact and crowded. This one is spaced out, offers activities for children and even has restaurants at the exit.nnThe entrance looked stunning. It was like walking through frames. The view was scenic with a lush blue waterfront. I'd suggest you come here either in early morning or at evening because it gets very hot in the afternoon. I went to one of my the restaurants inside, not sure which one, but they had really expensive food in small quantities. It did taste good, though. Apart from the price, I think this is a great place to visit as a family for some knowledge of history and for fun.
kamel zebib
kamel zebib
December 22, 2021
Louvre Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It's an architectural piece of art built on one of Abu Dhabi Islands one hour and a half drive from Dubai. Of course this is not the Louvre Paris, it's an experience of its own, like any other beautiful museum in the world. You will find a great art collections, you also find a lot of amazing local historical artifacts and a wide range from around the world cultural artistic masterpieces. You can also enjoy fine dining at the museum restaurant with an amazing view of the gulf.
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones
October 21, 2021
What a great space. I enjoyed the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The building itself and the design was very impressive. Very clean lines to the building. Once you get inside it's not overcrowded with art but it's nicely spaced out and a lot of rooms so make sure you find yourself self getting to all of the available rooms to see the artwork and there is more coming.
Baskaran Durai
Baskaran Durai
August 24, 2021
This place and it's exhibits are at very high standards. A must see for history lovers. Children museum section was special. Kids lesser than 10 would enjoy the activities there. Parking is super easy, but little far. However, buggies help you to shuttle between parking and museum entrance.
Shabbir Patrawala
Shabbir Patrawala
April 19, 2021
The experience really takes you by storm! Beautiful is an understatement for the absolutely stunning architecture of the museum. There is a person to guide you through at every 10 metres. The exhibits are well displayed throughout the area. The best time to visit would be sunset, to get a breathtaking view of the Abu Dhabi skyline from Saadiyat, as well as the beautiful dome. You can also try the kayaking they offer!
Danish Aziz
Danish Aziz
March 11, 2021
Amazing adventure...covers a lot of eras. Highly educational and fun at the same time. They also offer membership programs which guarantee good discounts. Although I'm not an art fan, this place still amazes me with the sheer number of artifacts and paintings of cultural as well as historical importance. A couple of coffee shops here(one inside and the other outside). These guys have special events scheduled throughout the year.
Sam Durrant
Sam Durrant
February 1, 2021
I will probably only visit Abu Dhabi once in my life but I was so lucky to visit the Louvre museum while I was there. I was even privileged to see Rodin's The Thinker on its year-long visit. What wonderful timing. The museum is amazing, a real homage to the Paris version and Abu Dhabi are honoured to have somewhere like this. I was actually staying in Dubai but the trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Louvre was well well worth it. Highly recommended.
narendra chouhan
narendra chouhan
December 1, 2020
Good morning,nwe went there early in morning to enjoy sunrise and breeze at waterside.nIt wasn't a trip to museum itself but surely this was amazing experience to be there.nVery nice weather, sightseeing, the kayaking, building of museum looks so beautiful with bright light coming out of the roof. The echo sound coming from the roof itself gives you thumbs-up ud83dudc4d experience.nWould like to go little early for some jogging around it and on the other side of building to enjoy sun rise over the top of the museum roof.



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