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Al Rawabi Milk Factory at Kidzania

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KidZania, located on the ground level of Yas Mall, is an award-winning children's 'edutainment' concept. It includes one of the largest interactive mini-cities and blends play and learning in a fascinating and unique way.

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Ayman Kadan
January 18, 2023
Great for kids birthday parties. Plenty of fun for the kids with all the job activities kids can experience. All kids in the party had a great time at KidZania.
Eissa Alkaabi
August 24, 2023
Very beautiful place for the kids to play. You can access it directly form the nearest gate Grand Prix Parking
August 23, 2023
Kidzania AbuDhabi is located into Yas mall. It is a wonderful place for the children to learn about different professions and have fun. The staff is friendly. But if this is your first time to visit Kidzania then I don’t recommend this branch. The price is affordable and the place is easy to find in the mall.
Sara Alhameli
July 30, 2023
I recommend to allow adults to be with their kids (below 3 years old) for their safety. Some of the staff were extremely rude. The activities are really boring.
Muhammed Aadam
July 23, 2023
Very good experience for kids... They really enjoyed entire time... However, charging 75 AED for parents its not fair, for nothing... it must be free or very nominal money...
Amjad Khan
June 26, 2023
Kids seem to enjoy from 2+ up 10.nnIt's a pretty safe environment for the kids to run around for 2 to 3 hours and try different activities.nnStaff are friendly and helpful.nnThe only negative is the amount of time it takes to get in.
Saeeda iTunes
May 18, 2023
Kids enjoy working for points then they choose their toy according to the points they gained
Alex Kanbar
May 14, 2023
Great place for kida. The worst customer expwrience at the reception, they do everythi g to irritate you if you have / want a discount card.
Jose Wesley
Jose Wesley
May 13, 2023
Good for Kids .. fun and activity for kids .. but for parents nothing is there..we need to pay the ticket price ( including our ticket)..just simply sit there ud83dude14
Antoinette Smith
May 13, 2023
A wonderful place for the children to learn about different professions and have fun. The staff are friendly and helpful.
Alejandro Serhios
May 1, 2023
not accepted groupon voucher at regular day, not so friendly staff
Mohamed Abdallah
April 12, 2023
My kids 8yo and 6yo enjoy going there.nEducation and games combined
March 17, 2023
An amazing place for kids to experience and learn about occupations and urban life in a kids size model city, through role play! This place is so much fun. It is made really well, and clearly a lot has been invested to make this happen for kids to enjoy, and learn! The staff guides the kids through the games in a caring and fun way. Five stars to KidZania and their lovely staff!
Jalila ahmed
January 10, 2023
Itu2019s a fabulous place for kids, my daughters enjoyed the place , awesome experience for them to know about different professions and the enjoined working and earning money and the staff are very wand helpful and seems that they are well trained to deal with kids and they explained everything to me ,the place was very clean and sanitizednWe spent 9 hours and my daughters didnu2019t want to leave .
Reham Saleh
January 10, 2023
Nice &save; place for kids to enjoy and live the real lifenThe staff are very friendly and very helpful , and they are following the precautionary measures,the staff all are wearing face mask , advising the kids to use the hand sanitizer which available in each establishment
Aasim Nisar
December 15, 2022
Kidzania is the best place for kids till 8 or 9 yr age. I been taking kids from our family from years to Kidzania and believe this is best value of money activity for kids in UAE. Kids love and enjoy this, do check on offers on entertainer or Groupon.
Bakkiyashri R
December 2, 2022
Great place for kids can enjoy and learn the social community works
Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson
October 21, 2023
It was not clean or properly managed. Even during COVID, letting so many families in is just not the right approach. If you plan to do that, at least make sure the common surfaces and toilets are well kept. There is one tiny restaurant for the whole place with extremely long queues. On top of paying so much, not letting us go out of the play area and come back is just unacceptable. Won't be returning anytime soon.
minal Minu
minal Minu
September 1, 2023
I don' t feel it is a great concept. Kids playing such games at home with their friends is much more comfortable for both parents and kids. Staff was unfriendly with the kids, food was worst, the quality of pizza my kids had, was way too frustrating, and we had no place to set for a meal as it was overly crowded . No activities were available for adults, I just kept waiting and running with the kids for their turn. My kids were literally bored, tired and it was a total waste of time and money. Kids were always asked to wait in long queues for their turn at every game which made them feel tired and bored. In some games no guidance was given about what had to be done, kids did not understand what they were doing. Some games can even be played far better at home. No need to waste so much money for silly games. Age limit should be above 10 years for all the games as Kids under 10 years will not understand a single game. If the concept is not changed not sure about next visit.
karthik gopal
August 27, 2023
The Entrance:nThere is only single lane for all. No separate counter for tickets purchased online or newly purchasing on the counter. Every one has to wait in same line. The average waiting time is between 30 min to 1 hour during weekend. Expect more delays on public holidays. No discount coupons will be accepted on public holiday.nnThe city:nThis play area will teach the kids about the real world jobs and will entertain them for atleast 4 to 6 hours. So before you go make sure to take a good breakfast.nThe area is maintained very hygiene and all the staff's are friendly to explain your enquiries.nOn first visit the kids will enjoy a lot as they will be having different tasks to do, but I don't think it's worth to have annual pass.nnThe Play:nOnce completing each task they will be getting kidzos ranging from 8 t0 12 per task, which is kidzania money. It used to spend on juice making, chocolate milk making and cake making area( each cost 12 kidzos) . The good part kids will get 1 ea of juice, chocolate milk or small cake after that activity.nRemember you can also use your kidzos to buy toys in their toy store. But a good toy will start from 250 kidzos, so kids has to involve multiple times on same activities to earn more kidzos. Some kids will get tired 😫.nThere are also activities like space centre, airplane which will also cost you 12 kidzos, but you will not get any thing. Kids will like to enjoy here.nnThe Food:nAdults can go out and come back, so take your food outside if you think economical. For kids you can get chicken and pizza in their only restaurant. no other option.The pizza they gave half of the portion is very hard so you can eat only middle part ( only 4 slices) . Not at all worth it. So use as quick bite.nnDisclaimer: This review is only based on our personal experience.
Lucinda Pang
August 10, 2023
Clean and friendly with good organisation for each job activity. Particularly Mr Khalid working on the jobz counter - the energy and positivity from him really puts the children at ease. He even remembers their names bless him, definitely the employee of the month for us!!
Zeeshan Saghir
July 28, 2023
A replica of a real city, KidZania Dubai combines learning and entertainment perfectly. Located in Dubai Mall, visit the edutainment attraction that teaches kids life skills. Actives are nice but staff need to be more energetic and friendly.
Tala Arab
July 24, 2023
So good and fun. Awesome for kids. Has many options and fun. You can earn kiddoz and buy with them items to keep. Has restaurants inside. Recommended.
KokaBerry Almansoori
June 25, 2023
Great place for kids to live and learn the life of adults, they will enjoy doing jobs while having fun and learning responsibilities.. also they will learn how to balance between earning and spending money.. we really enjoyed it.. it wasnu2019t busy and we stayed for five hours to do all the jobs and repeat some to earn more.. and the staff was very friendly and amazingly kind and helpful.. also the pizza express food was so delicious..

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