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About Lomonosov Bar

The LOMONOSOV BAR club has a pleasant atmosphere that makes the time spent here so cool

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Parham Katouzian
Parham Katouzian
June 25, 2023
It was my first time visiting Saint Petersburg City. I went to this club and all i can say is that youu2019ll have a wonderful night with great drinks and music. Just enjoyable!nThank you Lomonosov! ud83eudd29ud83cudf7b
Thierry company
Thierry company
October 28, 2023
to much expensive this bar is for rich people
Aashish Sehgal
Aashish Sehgal
December 15, 2022
Looks like Foreigners are not welcome here on weekends. On 2 consecutive weekends, when we landed up, we were told there is a Private Party on. Saw some other being allowed inside on at least one of those weekends. The place has 3-4 floors, and it's highly unlikely the entire place was booked up, that too on a weekend.nSo, all I can rate are the bouncers. They atleast tried to be polite
Elettra Esibizione
Elettra Esibizione
May 28, 2023
the fat bodyguard at the entrance, choose people to not let get inside, if u don't speak russian you can't get inside. Racism is something bad in the 21st century..., we went there many times and every time that he was at the entrance we did not get in because of him. And our problem was that we are not russian. (we are fron europe). pls Fire him because is distroing alone the reputation of this besutiful club.
Christoph Mu00fcller
Christoph Mu00fcller
May 5, 2023
Great place to have a great night! Have been there three times in a row.

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