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What's so special about L'WZAAR? Giving you the full ocean-to-table experience, right by the beach in contemporary Katara, this is where you want to dine in!

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Wissam Ismail
August 6, 2023
A rare establishment with a consistently stellar experience over the past 10 years. Widest selection of fresh seafood with many preparations that are sure to please the most complex palates. Reserve in advance as there is no room in the massive seating areas for a walk-in!
Lusin Hidiroglu
August 5, 2023
One of the best seafood restaurant in Qatar. Wide variety of seafood available. Prices are high but worth it. Good thing about this place you can choose your fish freshly and the way you wanted to be cooked. Especially during weekend better to make reservation as it is quite busy.
Tabrez s
July 19, 2023
Excellent place for having fish. The restaurant is in katara and the ambience is very good.nPrice wise being a sea food restaurant it's good.nnYou can choose ur fish by weight n prepare the way u like, tandoori, fry, grilled n choose dry or spicy Thai style on some preparation. U can chk with the person taking the ordernnAlso sometime u can fry with spicy breadcrumb.nnMy best recommended fish is salmon tandoor , shery spicy breadcrumb fry and oyster in thai sause.
francois P.
June 5, 2023
Fresh fish, crabs, shrimps, etcnChose, decide how you want it prepared, seat, and trust the chef...it will come to your table as dreamed... seriously delicious...
John Daniel Torralba
John Daniel Torralba
May 30, 2023
Good food. You will pick the seafoods you want and how much you want, then have it cooked the way you want from their selection. Staffs are friendly and accommodating. Our food for two costs around QR190 but it is more than enough for us. It is located in Katara Cultural Village which is suitable to have a good time after eating. We will go back again some other time.
Olivier Cecillon
May 17, 2023
A very good moment in this restaurant. You can choose your fish or sea fruit and decide the cooking method. Prices are ok for the quality and the freshness. I took fire cracked prawns followed by an Harmour filet grilled. Kudos for the cream brulie with spiced pineapple desert. I can’t tell you about the view as we arrived at night
Mona Hasan
March 17, 2023
This is an old but gold place. Consistently good seafood preparation. The complimentary dishes (fresh vegetables, bread and dips) are generous.nnThe salads are really good. I highly recommend goat cheese and beets salad.nnHowever, the prices are so steep especially for side dishes and drinks.nnAnother issue is that they don't have a big variety of preparations that can be made with the fresh fish you select from the display. They only have grilled, fried, tandoori, and curry styles. For some fish, they offer grilling with other flavors (balsamic vinegar for example) but I wish they add more ways to choose from.nnThe servers taking orders near the fish display don't handle customers so well and not always patient to explain things.
Faiza C
March 16, 2023
Visited about a month ago. Very nice and a different fish market style. Everything was super tasty, fresh and quick service. Loved the squid and red snapper!
Harriet Simpson
February 28, 2023
High quality fish market... but I still go for the fish and chips. Good service, slightly on the pricey side, but you'll be well taken care of and get a good meal here.
Diana Bouziane
December 30, 2022
Great service! Fresh products and a lot of choices fir everybody! Prices are correct. I do recommend this place
Poonie Tiengtrong
December 5, 2022
I was there before noon. The staff is they are very helpful and friendly they help me to get cheated and also instructed me how to order.nnThe food came with big portions and reasonable prices I ordered two dishes of different kinds of fish and a side dish of hummus.nnThere are many selection and cooking method s for us to select. It was quite exciting!
Bety Bass
October 23, 2023
This place is often good.. except that the prices are getting higher and higher.. the good service is probably connected to locals and packed table with more than 4 pax.. I hope I'm wrong!
Kaltham Alassam
October 21, 2023
I have been here a couple of times. Everything is just perfect. The food is tasty & worth every riyal we paid, the service is excellent even during weekends & busy times, and the staff is very professional, friendly & respectful. The restaurantu2019s ambiance is lovely as well. I will share some photos next time!
Kaltham Alassam
September 3, 2023
I have been here a couple of times. Everything is just perfect. The food is tasty & worth every riyals we pay, the service is excellent even during weekends & busy times, and the staff are very professional, friendly & respectful. The restaurantu2019s ambiance is lovely as well.
khalid jassim
July 25, 2023
Best sea food restaurant in QatarnAll foods are delicious ud83dude0bnLocation. PerfectnEnvironment. 10/10nStaff. 10/10
June 19, 2023
Consistent reliable service. I wouldnu2019t go anywhere else for high quality tasty seafood dishes. Wide selection of fresh fish. Seaside vibes! Bring guests here for work lunches and they will not be disappointed.
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May 29, 2023
Best cuisine ever. Always full of locals. They are very spoiled, so it means place is very good. Scallops and lobsters fresh and delicious. Miss this place a lot....
Zahiduzzaman Biswas
August 18, 2023
Honestly, huge waste of food and money. ( Read the conclusion at least)nnPros: Foods are delicious. The best seafood restaurant in the area. Super clean and 5* customer service.nnCons: One piece of Salmon cost me about $12 which about 3 times more expensive than corniche area. (Little exaggeration to make it juicy). Bunch of wealthy Arabs sitting there just to waste food. Plates after plates of foods are going to garbage. ( Not all Arabs are the same btw, but the majority of the arab customers here are alike)nnConclusion: if you can afford to pay little extra for a bit more fresh and delicious food, then I would suggest you to check out this amazing place. If you cannot handle the social pressure and/or short on budget, then at all cost avoid this place.

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