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You can get a wonderful cup of coffee crafted with love at Bonza. We provide a variety of speciality coffees from across the world. The green coffee beans used in this recipe are from ‘This Side Up.’ This group guarantees openness in the coffee trade and assures that coffee growers earn 40% to 100% more money for their coffee than Fair Trade.
Knowledge exchange and training help to bridge the gap between the two realms. We promote the growth of farmers and communities in this way, and you may have a wonderful cup of coffee at Bonza with a nice feeling! You can also get in touch with us if you want to try some other local coffees. We also provide a variety of filter coffees from Rotterdam coffee roasters on a regular basis!
Bonza coffee represents craftsmanship, passion, and excellence. This is reflected in a mixture of high-quality goods and a stimulating work environment in Rotterdam. Don’t you know who Bonza is? Then stop by to experience the atmosphere (and coffee). You’re very welcome!
Are you seeking for a peaceful location to work? In addition to coffee and lunch, Bonza is a good location to work. Everyone is welcome to come and work flexibly throughout our full space. In Broeinest’s vast space, you may choose a space to separate yourself for a bit, or join the reading table to maintain that work feel.
Welcome to Netherlands, Welcome to BONZA

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