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About Restaurant Kitchen6

As the sun sets, diners are invited to experience six succulent live-cooking stations at the multi-award-winning buffet restaurant Kitchen6 in the famous JW Marriott Marquis. Kitchen6 offers a range of aromatic dishes, ranging from Asian woks, European bread, and Indian tandoors to an extensive Middle Eastern station.

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Jem Callos
Jem Callos
December 20, 2022
It is really good place to have special occasions on this place. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for sumptuous meals, complete course with a lot of varieties to choose from.nnWelcoming staffs and very friendly.nYou don't have to ask from them. They know what they are doing.nnThe ambiance is so good, well lit. Not noisy at all. You can see chef serving fresh foods and they always greet you.nnDefinitely a must visit Restaurant.
The White T-Shirt Guy
October 10, 2023
Excellent! Everything was very good. A wide variety of many different types of food from around the world. Everything was fresh and some things were even made to order! The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They made the dining experience very pleasant! And the place super clean!
Jt Kharatmal
September 25, 2023
Is place never stops enticing me with beautiful flavours. And the hosts here are so welcoming and pleasant to talk to, I was greeted by Simran a very pleasing personality who took special attention of our kiddo and took her to the confectionery section to choose her favourite delights from! You aren't going here just for the food, you will also be greeted with a beautiful atmosphere and ever so courteous staff!!
Toni Tot
September 4, 2023
Ambiance was modern, chic and warm with large sitting capacity and total of seven food counters. They have great variety of cuisines probably has the most variety of dishes in all of the buffets weve visited yet. Tasty and well prepared and well presented food. The staff were warm, friendly and extra accomodating. There was so much food to choice from than your mind, taste and stomach can handle. The hotel lobby has great and modern ambiance too where ypu can lounge freely before or after the buffet meal. A must visit if you want diverse types of dishes and cuisines in a buffet experience.
Shah Newaz
May 29, 2023
What an amazing experience. You would sooner run out of an appetite before you can try everything from there six separate live cooking stations. Everything is extremely well done and flavourful. Great experience altogether
Travelling doctor Prithvi
May 16, 2023
A vast restaurant with many international cuisine stations to choose from. At the tallest hotel building in the world , this is a good place to have varieties of food options at a decent price. One of the largest if not The largest variety available in Dubai- I must say.nI have visited there few times for dinner sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies after medical seminars. Some days they are extremely rushed and getting a seat will be tough task. The weekdays are usually calm and quiet. Buffet restaurant and hence basic service is available and that's good enough. There are enough cosy nook and corners to be comfortable.nQuality of cooking is always top notch. I tried some cheese chicken sausages on a German night also. It was spectacular. Lots of Indian sweets available.nVery satisfying.nBasically they have many counters for different cuisines and also a drinks licence.
A Kanjani
April 19, 2023
Amazing international buffet restaurant!nnIt’s amazingly huge, of the past multiple visit this restaurant doesn’t fail to impress.nnWith a huge spread of Salads, Arabic, Asian, Indian, international cuisines.nnSmiling and quick serving team adds to the experience.nnRecommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Suraj P S
March 16, 2023
Stayed at the Marquis and had lunch at Kitchen 6 buffet restaurant there. Six live kitchens, dishing out six different cuisines from across the world, with chefs proudly displaying their talents. Amazing food covering the best dishes from each cuisine and easily one of the biggest spreads I have come across during my travels..
Char!ey C.
March 7, 2023
Am a new fan of Kitchen6 located at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel. We had our dinner buffet with friends in celebration of one of our friend ‘s wedding. All foods variety taste so deliciously good. Great ambiance and staffs are amazing. Highly recommended.nnCan't wait to go back!
Priyanjana Kumar
February 20, 2023
Iu2019ve been to the restaurant a couple of times. This time, I went with my friends for my birthday! I loved the food and the range of cuisines available. I liked the layout - very spread out and enough options for both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian individuals.nnThe staff is friendly, polite and helpful and takes the plates as you finish your meal so you can go grab your next set of food. The atmosphere is enlightening and vibrant and design is minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing.nnThe taste in food is just fabulous and so are the desserts, very much recommended to visit with family or friends and enjoy this buffet.
Anupa Mathews
November 27, 2022
I've dined here quite a few times already on weekends, so for a change decided to try their Seafood night. It was needless to say an outstanding spread. My favourite section was the sushi zone and the Asian counter too which had an excellent live cooking counter. Desserts were also quite good and hospitality was at it's best.nWe had to book a week in advance as its a very popular restaurant and valet parking is available within the hotel.
Wayne Eddie
August 21, 2023
Well, Marriott Marquis, five star hotel, what could go wrong?nnFor me, I am disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the service is good; food, not so much.nnLimited choices, with five or six, depending how you look at it, serving stations, Asian, Indian, Arabic, and presumably western (well, maybe six if I include the Japanese station), plus a dessert station. (My wife and I think the Japanese Station is the best amongBut all of them.) They are located in two separate areas! We went in on a Saturday, and it was lunch buffet, where soft drinks are included. But "soft drinks" do not include juices. When I asked for a latte at the end of our meal, I was told that the soft drinks include black coffee only, but not latte or coffee with milk!nnFor the cost of the buffet, personally, not good. There are better choices in town.
Sreema Sreeraj Anil
Sreema Sreeraj Anil
July 31, 2023
I went with my family to celebrate my husbandu2019s birthday from Kitchen 6. Inside of this restaurant is having a great luxurious interior design and ambience. We had delicious buffet dinner. The display of chocolates, desserts, vegetable salads etc were very beautiful. We could enjoy the food taste and celebrated birthday. All the staff members behaved to us very nicely .
September 14, 2023
French toast was missing from the breakfast. Varieties are way limited.

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