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River Cruise Rotterdam

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Get on board for a cruise approx 1 hour on the Maas river along all the highlights of Rotterdam. You will have a beautiful view over the impressive skyline and the various ports. An enthusiastic guide will tell you about all the ins and outs of the sailing route during your trip. We will sail past the famous ss Rotterdam, Kop van Zuid, Hotel New York, the White House, the Willems Bridge, the Euromast and more special places that you should not miss.

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Andrea chaves
Andrea chaves
June 6, 2022
We arrived at time and we waited and we ask around where the boat was. Nobody knew.nWe realized it was a scam because nobody ever showed up...nWe could have booked another visit but because of this terrible reservation we didn't have the opportunity to book a different one.nWe lost a lot of our time.nTerrible experience!!nI don't recommend this visit to anybody and i hope that no one lives the same experience as we did.n0 stars
April 25, 2022
Nice staff
Lucas Vieth
Lucas Vieth
April 22, 2022
Itu2019s a nice cruise but I expected some more information about pretty much everything.. Iu2019m interested in the harbour, the container ships and all the cranes and systems.. but I canu2019t tell you more then before
Tom Vanbelle
Tom Vanbelle
November 14, 2021
Really loved this trip. The guide was funny and explained the history of Rotterdam and it's landmarks. Recommend this to everyone who visits Rotterdam.
Joost Helberg
Joost Helberg
October 20, 2021
Nice to see the harbour of Rotterdam from the water. The scale of some of these boats is impressive.
Anastasia S.
Anastasia S.
September 18, 2021
Meek Mirza
Meek Mirza
July 17, 2021
Was very nice trip with ferry.
Mirjam S. Slot
Mirjam S. Slot
September 12, 2020
Reserved a place for 10.30 on a 1,5 hour cruise through the harbour. We arrived here on time and saw nobody there. We made a call and it turned out they were not sailing at all at that time. Apparently 'they tried to reach us'. As I paid upfront I requested my money back. Earliest they could do: Monday. I was pretty upset as we only had 1,5 day in Rotterdam and (due to Corona) had to plan everything to the minute.nPieter however find a good solution and booked us on a Spido. We really appreciated his efforts to make it work!



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