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Nieuw Rotterdams Café, popularly called NRC, is a household name in the popular Witte de Withstraat. This Metropole Café transforms from café/restaurant into club every weekend. At NRC you can eat burgers, vegan, small bites, sushi, different tasting boards, dinners or good salads. The cake display is renowned, as is the wine list and cocktails. DJs NRC concerns after dinner in the different areas for the best beats. Upstairs you enjoy a funky, soul, Latin-like sound. And downstairs in the hot NEXT, while enjoying cocktails and fine long drinks, people dance vigorously to tasty R&B and well-known hits.

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Sina Afshar
February 17, 2023
The restaurant is super loud. You can’t hear yourself talking and you must shout. When I asked the lady if it was possible to turn down the music, she said it is a marketing strategy to gain more customers from the street. When I went out, I couldn’t hear the music, though. The dress code of the girls was also very bad. Very short dress in red but the guys wore a blazer which was ok. The food was normal, nothing special that you will remember for a lifetime. I do not recommend this place.
Habib Mazahir
Habib Mazahir
January 29, 2023
The ambience was good, service was fair, food tasted good but much use of sauces and the prices seemed to be on the higher side. We ordered a bao special and an Angus burger for the mains. The bao was very little quantity compared to the size of the dish it came on. If there was a side with the bao or a 3rd slice it would be okay and the Angus burger was decent in taste but underwhelming in looks and quantity. An overall fair experience.
Alexander Schoonderwoerd
December 4, 2022
Visited with 2 friends without reservation. You are greeted and seated and all very friendly. Unfortunately after first drinks and starters, the service stopped. Nobody came round the table for the next 45 min to ask for extras or deliver the mains. Had to walk over to the desk to ask what happened. Same with everybody else offcource on the tables on our path. It was full but not extremely busy imo. Plenty of staff around. Thereafter had to wait another 15 min for the mains to arrive. Probably had to make it still. Quality of food is good and well displayed. Ambiance with high ceilings is nice but very open plan. Its worth checking out and hopefully the service was a one off occasion.
Richard Gomperts
November 17, 2023
Nice restaurant in the Rotterdam area good service very crowded great place for eat drink with a small 💃🏼 area
October 30, 2023
The security is not letting black people inside. Said it was full but 30 people went in front of us. So disappointed! This thing should be closed in a city where different cultures are accepted. Was ready to spend a lot of money there as it was my birthday but cool, there are other clubs that let me in on witte de witthstraat :) avoid this club
Lil Griffin
October 5, 2023
The latte machiato was 10/10. I asked for caramel and they added it too. The place is cozy and staff are welcoming.
Marta H
September 29, 2023
I went for a nice glass of red wine, because i saw the wine menu, and they'd had very nice choices, but then the waiter brought me a tiny glass of wine, a white wine glass to be more specific for a crazy prize (almost 6€).nBut that wasn't all, also the bathroom was broken, so if you want to come and drink, you can't go to the bathroom which makes no sense.nAnyways never again.
Melt my butter
August 19, 2023
Service is very slow . Waiters do not notice you . Being on their outside terrace is nice in this notorious alive street . The aperol spritz is good . The sushi platters were very average . The crunchy salmon was fried rice and salmon too heavy too oily complete disaster to be honest . Food was disappointing . stick to having bites with your cocktail . Food taste was not worth money .
Christine Cassiers
July 9, 2023
It's a nice mix here. You can make your choice between local Dutch food and specialties from further away places :)
Estelle Guthleben
June 18, 2023
If you have 30 minutes to wait to drink a beer itu2019s a nice place ud83dude09 !nThe place is good and the food also, but definitely the service is too slowwwww!
June 9, 2023
Not a place for a fast lunch. Waited 30 minutes for our order. Disappointing, it wasn't that busy. My friend ordered The American Pancakes. They were soaked in watery maple syrup. I ordered The Club Sandwich. What was supposed to be grilled chicken was a thin slice of luncheon meat hidden under the melted cheese. Even the waitress thought they forgot the chicken. But she didn't come back until 20 minutes later to tell me the luncheon meat was the grilled chicken. I didn't even get to eat because our one hour was over by then.
Melis Duran
May 17, 2023
The cauliflower wings are heavenly! Vegan burger was also very delicious. I will definitely come back here.
Dimitris Toromanidis
May 4, 2023
It took them 45 minutes to serve me and my friends our drinks (2 beers and 1 sider) on a weekday evening! The table was in a complete chaos but they did not bother to clean it, the waiter cleaned half the table the rest remained there with the drinks we ordered (a lady took them 10 minutes before we pay) and finally when we wanted to pay they were charging us bills of the previous customers! Just sad service!
Daniel M. Gonzu00e1lez Gzz
April 17, 2023
Terrible experience. Donu2019t recommend at all. The hostess there is very rude and unwelcoming and the waiters dont seem interested at all on doing their job. Iu2019m almost certain they didnu2019t want to serve us and we were been definitely discriminated since we are not dutch and blonde like everyone there. Save your energy and money for anywhere else where people have better attitude
April 2, 2023
One of the most fun places in Rotterdam. The dance floor is nice, the atmosphere is cool and they're almost always stacked. The service needs some improvements though. Hire more people if needed, pay them better, do something because you need to wait at least half an hour to get a beer. Overall, nice!
Guido Postma
March 27, 2023
Not the best bar in town. Long waiting times. Place littered with empty glasses. The basement is cool though
Marc ten Oever
March 6, 2023
Nice lunch. Service could be better, but is was busy so I guess it's a lack of staff these days. But I like to visit NRC!
March 5, 2023
Good food, nice atmosphere great choice for both carnivores and vegans.
April Stowers
February 14, 2023
Very nice cafe. We had snacks and bread plate which were very good. Lovely atmosphere.
Zita Pronj
November 28, 2022
Nice location and atmosphere but really sad mango daiquiri (only mango syrup used as flavoring+not strained with huge blocks of ice). Meh.
Vladimir Popu
October 18, 2023
Great for breakfast or brunch. The breakfast box was filling and delicious also for a good price. A gem.

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