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discover the smartest and largest port in europe. You can't get any closer to the most modern port in Europe. Experience what it's like when everything is big, bigger or biggest! In FutureLand you experience the development of the newest port area of ​​Rotterdam with your own eyes. It not only shows you the most modern container terminals and largest seagoing vessels in the world but you also see the latest offshore developments. Curious about other port developments? Be surprised by Rotterdam's role in digitization or the development of promising forms of new energy.

Discover the fantastic view of Europe's smartest terminals from the Panorama Deck. Take a unique tour or boat trip through Maasvlakte. Experience what it is like to be a crane operator in the game Drop the Box. Or take a look beyond the gates of port companies in the 360PortExplorer. It's all possible in FutureLand!

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Allison Elgersma
Allison Elgersma
May 9, 2022
We went on the boat tour of 1&2. The guide spoke in Dutch over the onboard speakers non-stop for the entire tour. The volume was so loud that we werenu2019t able to hear the English audio tour we accessed on our phone. No headphones were offered to listen to the audio tour. The route was nice and we saw lots of ships. Iu2019m sure the tour would have been great if we spoke Dutch.
Pieter van 't Hof
Pieter van 't Hof
August 27, 2021
During COVID-19 it has lost a bit of its purpose. A lot of stuff is either closed or not functional. Sad to see. Hopefully it will all be better when restrictions are lifted.
sfa asd
sfa asd
July 6, 2021
Very friendly people. My dad forgot his phone in their bus and they sent it across Europe for free!
John Edge
John Edge
October 4, 2020
Interesting view of how new land is being created. I think it is impressive that the Dutch are putting nature reserves close to industrial areas - it provides additional encouragement to do industrial activities in an environmentally friendly way.
Maarten Pilgram
Maarten Pilgram
August 13, 2020
No attempt to make a hype on a spot that is very promising. Compare ndsm Amsterdam. (And that's about the only thing 020 is better in then 010.....
Daniel Thomer
Daniel Thomer
August 9, 2020
Interesting for everyone who wants to know more about how goods are moved around earth today. Well designed exhibition and fair price for the tour.



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