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Budget hotels I Recommended Netherlands

Here are the great way to meet people from all over the world. That’s why we’ve selected four of our favourite budget hotels, where you can have some much needed social contact.

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

King Kong Hostel is a modern boutique hostel, located in the heart of Rotterdam. Previous guests proclaim that the place welcomes everyone with open arms. That’s why it won the award for best hostel in the Netherlands, twice in a row!

Rebel Rebel Groningen

Rebel Rebel offers something truly unique. You will be able to sleep in repurposed shipping containers. Located in a former industrial area, just outside the centre of Groningen. Community, campfires, dancing, and looking divine are the key components that make Rebel Rebel so fun to stay at.

StayOkay Maastricht

Budget doesn’t mean that there’s no comfort to be had. StayOkay Maastricht just got renovated in 2020, and it’s ready to welcome you with open arms! Located next to the Maas, it’s the perfect base to explore the far south of the Netherlands.

Hans Brinker Amsterdam

Welcome to the Hans Brinker: quite honestly not the best, but definitely the most memorable hostel in Amsterdam. You get what you pay for. A basic room in the centre of Amsterdam that is worth every penny. Well, that’s what they told me to say.

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