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A SpeakEasy restaurant in the Centre of Amsterdam. At Graphite, you can only get in with your own QR code, which you receive after booking a table on this website. The setting is clubby - loud music and dimmed lights - You will be welcomed in a private and spacious restaurant where you will be entertained with special flavours and quirky wines. Enjoy one of the menus or create your own by choosing a la carte dishes.

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Ali k
Ali k
April 12, 2023
When I heard about this place I was so excited to try on my next trip to Amsterdam, I made a reservation but I was put on a waiting list. About four days later I decided to follow up since I did not hear anything back. I made a call and I was given a time slot for my reservation, I was looking forwards to the experience.nOn the morning of reservation, I received a message with necessary information to get to the restaurant and some other details.nUpon arrival and successfully entering the restaurant, I was briefed and sat on my table. I chose the 15 course menu.nnService was amazing, staff are knowledgeable and try to accommodate as much as possible. Food experience was great, although I would increase the size slightly maybe by .5 oz.nThey use a lot of fish dish as mentions in their website. I loved the experience and would maybe try again in summer time since their menu changes seasonally.nAs per the staff request, I won’t go into the details since they want the experience to be more personal to each guests.nThe price was €150 for 15 course meal, for that I would add an Amuse-bouche and palate cleanser.
Matthieu Coquet
Matthieu Coquet
January 7, 2023
[TL;DR: Graphite has 1 Michelin star, but they definitely deserve a second one]nAbsolutely mind-blowing dining experience ! We had the 15-preparation menu : the quality, diversity and visual appearance of all dishes is fantastic. Fresh products and audacious combinations create new tastes and "umami" dishes.nOne great touch was to have a cocktail as one of the preparations to do a break during the other coursesnThe sommelier also proposed us with great wine bottles recommendations that we could even taste thanks to a Coravin
Yentl Goosens
Yentl Goosens
September 17, 2022
In one word AWESOME! The food was delicious with extraordinary combinations of ingredients. With good wines to pair with the meals. Also an enjoyment for the eyes. Personnel was really professional and friendly. They were passionate about their job and the food/wines. A really big complement to the chef-cook(s). Definitely take the 15 course menu. Dietary requirements were taken into account on a nice way. Definitely coming back and recommended to all our friends.
June 20, 2022
Such a great experience! We did the twelve course dinner and enjoyed every bite. All of the food was delicious and the presentation was incredible. We had dietary restrictions (one vegetarian and I am gluten-intolerant) and they were so accommodating and made sure we all got a similar dish and could have the same experience. The gluten-free bread was some of the best I’ve had. Highly recommend!
skip ster
skip ster
November 16, 2021
The allure is for sure a major draw card as is the food but the service falls short on many levels for a Michelin star restaurant. If the staff and chef are not in sync it’s a overshadow experience. Arrived at 7.30. Asked for a cocktail in which we started having in the entrance and then asked to continue at our table. Upon being seated asked if we wanted the wine list and water. 2 times I replied NO as we had large drinks to finish. Without asking our first corse landed in front of us mid drink !! There on after you are ushered into dining on the time slot of someone else. The food undoubtedly is a treat. The service of the staff throughout the evening was less convincing and often felt forced. The end of the dinner was present the bill that had the printing so faded I couldn’t see what I was paying for with all the extras. I took a guest as a gift and to my horror had to ask the waiter in front of my guest what the amount was as could not read it. Lighting you must know is also very dimmed (great until this point), and my phone camera bleached out the print viewing even more. My guest taken back by the situation which was unfortunate as it then didn’t work as a surprise.The interior is tasteful and private and the music just the right level but can’t help but feel we were being ushered out of the restaurant as the restaurant needed to closed. We left at 10.30 after a 13 corse menu. Just keep in mind it maybe a gamble.

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