Dive into 8 million litres of water, have an adventure in the indoor jungle and admire the vultures in our desert! Experience 45 hectares of animal park in Burgers’ Zoo! Burgers’ Zoo distinguishes itself from other zoos by its ecodisplays, where natural habitats have been recreated on a large scale and the visitor is part of nature and animal.

In 1988, the Bush was opened: one and a half hectares of tropical rainforest. The humid heat, dense vegetation, smells and sounds will make you blink your eyes. There is also a Mexican-American rock desert (Desert), coral reef in the Indo-Pacific Ocean (Ocean), savannah plain with giraffes and rhinos (Safari) and Malay rainforest (Rimba). Our newest ecosystem, the largest indoor Mangrove in the world, is based on our nature reserve in Belize that we have been managing for about 30 years! Here you will discover butterflies, manatees and various crabs, among other things!