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There is a world like no other, filled with a magic so powerful, it makes you feel like a kid again. And while the rest of the world tells you to grow up, here you never have to. That’s the power of magic. Come discover the kind of magic you can only find at Walt Disney World Resort!

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Gabrielle Panayotova
June 24, 2023
The most magical place in the world. Have the best time here, staff were very friendly. The rides were really fun but you do have to wait quite a bit for them which is understandable. Meeting the Disney characters was a wonderful experience. The whole atmosphere is very nice but be prepared to walk a lot. Overall it’s a great place, 10/10 would recommend
Tyler Mullins
June 22, 2023
My family and I have been to Disney twice. Both times we had wonderful and amazing experiences. People, food and the all around atmosphere are with the cost. We cant wait to plan our next trip. We will be back soon, I highly recommend spending a day at Disney Springs, (free to get in, free to park) amazing stores and places to eat. Disney is a great experience for people of all ages.
Villarreal Jayden
May 25, 2023
Dang, amazing, what can you expect it’s Disney world! This is the best fire work show I’ve ever seen! Definitely recommend to stay to watch it. Moving on from the fireworks, you have to be willing to wait for the rides for Disney world in the summer. We went on a Tuesday and it was packed! But overall great for family and it’s Disney come on now!
Doug Fullerton
Doug Fullerton
March 30, 2023
We got to visit WDW, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for a recent family Vacation. While our single-day Disney Park visit itself was pricey, incredibly packed, and loosely planned, the park itself was fun. Was fortunate to ride Space Mountain but sadly the fast passes did not quality for most rides we wanted to go on, plus having been sold out for a week beyond even our date of visit.nnFood was very expensive, but tasty. The Magic Kingdom Parade was really awesome to see as well as the evening castle stage show. Other family members also enjoyed the rides they went on.nnIf you really want to see and do everything at even just the Magic Kingdom, be sure to spend extra for Fast Passes far in advance; otherwise be prepared to wait a bit in line as expected. Even then, with how busy it was, multiple days might be considered to ride everything.nnThe Genie App, while useful, does also have a hamburger menu to show the full list of shops, restaurants, etc., while using it. Also, keep in mind nearly every boutique focuses on take-out ordering so you'll want to make sure you get orders in at least 45 minutes in advance if not more if you're planning meal times - there are to-order lines of course, but you might wait awhile as both on-premises and to-go orders are being processed. It worked well enough - just not the most ideal method for handling crowds in the tens of thousands or more.nnOverall, still a fun time. Still magical. Not quite the same as being there when young but still had a good time.
Manny Alonzo
Manny Alonzo
March 24, 2023
I have visited several times Disney World before the pandemic and really enjoyed it. Very Beautiful and lot of activities for Kids and Adults as well. Our recent visit was a little disappointment . We went there last spring break and the park was very busy. It took a long time to get into any rides or activities unless you pay more for the fast lane. Also 2 week’s before the spring break all the parks except EPCOT were fully booked. We’re lucky we’re still able to Book EPCOT because on the start of spring break all the parks were fully booked. Also you need to get a park reservation in advance in addition to your pass tickets to enter the park. And it cost $25 to park your car inside the park. I advise that you install the My Disney application to help you navigate the park. The application gives you update in real time how Long the wait for each rides in the park as well as schedule times of each activities in the park. You can also use the application to buy tickets and park reservation .The fireworks at EPCOT was amazing. Overall still a good place to visit probably better if you go there on off season..
Laura Brown
February 23, 2023
I grew up going to Disneyland and decided I wanted to try Disney World because I had heard really good things. Itu2019s hard to say if our experience was typical for Disney World or if it was a fluke thing, but we were underwhelmed. For going in the middle of February, it was PACKED, almost worse than Disneyland during peak season. The employees were generally mediocre at best (some were exceptional, and some left something to be desired.) What saddened me the most was that so many of the rides were down when we went. We travelled all the way across the country and we werenu2019t able to ride some of the rides we were looking forward to. There werenu2019t really any parades (other than the occasional float with a few characters on it.) The wait times were incredibly long and everything has gone up in price.nnOn a positive note, we loved Epcot and being able to u201cgo around the world.u201d It was fun being able to take the ferry into the Magic Kingdom, and we liked how there were some rides/experiences at Disney World that werenu2019t available at Disneyland. The Avatar rides in Animal Kingdom were really cool as well. Overall, our trip was alright but we probably wonu2019t return anytime soon. For what you pay for it isnu2019t worth the massive crowds and rides that constantly break down.
Madmatt D
Madmatt D
February 22, 2023
I love Walt Disney World resort. To me it's a beautiful man made creation, so many details to see and endless things to do. It is expensive but it's not crazy compared to other destinations. And you have to plan your vacation ahead of time but that part of the fun to me. I've been here 20 plus times over the years and every trip was worth it.n2022 update-the park experience is dramatically changing in a negative way with the genie era. It wouldn't be so painful if it actually offered a benefit but it is 100% about more profit for a significantly reduced experience. Wake up at 7am and attempt to plan your day. Pay the extra charge to still wait in lines and not get any lightning lane choices until late in the day. Just awful. Most of my stars from my last trip are for the nostalgia and resort portion of my stay. Park experience was very disappointing. Disney you need to listen to your core fans.
Ruthie Rosenfeld
June 20, 2023
Walt Disney World is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth for good reason. Everything is well thought out to provide guests with an experience unlike any other.nnThere are 1000's of very friendly cast members who are wanting to insure the best possible visit. Each one takes pride in answering questions and doing whatever is necessary to bring happiness.nnThere is something for everyone to do here no matter how old you are. The 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT each have there own focus. My personal favorite is EPCOT as I enjoy the World Showcase.
Elliott Marchand
Elliott Marchand
May 20, 2023
Expensive, and the lines were long, but it was fantastic. Pure art. It is the standard by which I will judge all other amusement parks. Everything was just so well done. Even waiting in the lines was part of the ride - there were artistic scenes and layouts along the way to examine and enjoy. On the Peter Pan line, you walk through beautifully laid out rooms, several of which have Tinker Bell magically twittering through. On the Splash Mountain line, there are fascinating pieces of mining equipment to look at and amusing signs to read. Compare this to other amusement parks where they just move you through like cattle. The Splash Mountain ride was the unexpected gem of the day. It was our favorite one. No spoilers. Everything was just so artistic. Enjoy!
Orianna Bylsma
May 19, 2023
AMAZING! My parents took me for my birthday and it was our very FIRST EVER family vacation. We had an amazing time. I was so exited but a little worried that I'd be too old for Disney, but I had a blast! There are literally so many things to do, there's something for everyone to like. Everywhere we ate, the food was amazing. The staff was also very polite and friendly.nnMy mom has a prosthetic leg and had to be in a wheel chair most of the time, due to all of the walking. Disney was so accommodating to us. It really encouraged the fact that people who are handicapped can and should be able to have fun. Especially if someone handicapped children, they are so amazing! They didn't look down at us or make us feel like we were a hassle, which happens to us a lot. Overall, everything was amazing. Highly recommend.
Simon Elliot
Simon Elliot
November 17, 2023
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for a reason. Good food. Good rides, but what you can't replicate is the atmosphere. I could sit hours on main street soaking up the vibes. This is truly a magical place. I only wish that my wife and I could afford to go more often. We look forward to seeing you again a few years from now!

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