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With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, THORPE PARK Resort is an Island like no other and is a must-visit for those looking to embark on an incredible adventure with friends and family.

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Matthew Barrett
October 7, 2023
Absolutely brilliant day out… took my son (11) as he had an inset day and it was excellent. The rides were epic, Swarm was our favourite as it was so smooth but Stealth was incredible. We paid Β£66 for us two (with vouchers) and it was worth every penny. Can’t wait to revisit
Nutty Nanny Rita Cove
September 26, 2023
Fantastic day out. Haven't been for many years and overcame some of my biggest fears, so felt great.nOnly one disappointment for us, won't spoil the review with it.nnExcellent quality customer service and friendly helpful staff, excluding the odd one or two, looking board and mumbling.nnExcellent teamwork with staff getting people on and off rides, well oiled machine on all the 🎒 roller coasters. Some of the seats could be made more comfortable.nExcellent idea of having a replica seat to try before you even queue up.nnFound the majority of the rides comfortable but the head and neck are poorly supported and we did have pain after a couple of the rides.nnLarge selection of food and drinks available...shame only one healthy option though. It's obviously rather expensive to eat and drink inside the park, there are designated areas for people who self cater.nnVery clean and the facilities were again very clean and maintained.nnWould definitely recommend pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised how brave and successful you can be.nOvercame and serious fear and started with Stealth....couldn't started with a better ride.nn5 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Abdullah Mahmood
August 22, 2023
Thorpe Park is the best thrill theme park in the south west of England. When we visited Saw and Rush where both closed so I was already disappointed as I enjoy both of them very much.nnHowever, I assume it is in your best interest to ensure the safety of the rides.nnThe queues are obviously the only bad thing about these rides so if your able to a fast track pass would be great. I can recall a few years ago when virtual queues were available so you scan a QR code of the ride on the app. Not sure why they didnu2019t pursue this idea as it was good perhaps because they make money from fast track tickets.nnThe main disappointment was when it came to kids rides. The website specifies the aged 3+ are required to have a ticket however unlike Lego land they donu2019t specify height requirements on their website for many of the rides for kids. Therefore it was disappointing when my niece a 4 year old couldnu2019t go on many of the rides. In fact the amusing thing is that she couldnu2019t go on Rumba Rapids - probably the safest ride in the park where you sit with 8 other people and go around rapid waters - however she was allowed on flying fish an actual rollercoaster.nnGiven many families attend in groups it is unfair for there not to be a fair experience for children. Even the beach was closed so not so good. When I was writing this I started with a 3 start rating however upon reliving the experience I lowered it to a 2.
Clear The Lot
August 19, 2023
Great Theme Park for all the family to enjoy, though its mainly aimed at thrill ride seekers and older children / adults. Queues can be long, though luckily on the day we went it wasn't too bad. I would recommend using fast track where possible to maximize your day of getting in as many rides as possible. If you don't like getting wet avoid tidal wave at all costs ..... there's no hiding from getting absolutely soaked ! Though refreshing on a hot sunny day : ) Definitely worth a visit.
Samuel Russell
August 10, 2023
I was deadly scared of roller coasters, and waiting in line is so much scarier than the actual ride. Once you're strapped in you're safe, and you can't get out so there isn't much to worry about, and you just enjoy the rides. Overall a great day out, I would recommend going as early as possible to make the most of the day.
Karen Notaro
August 3, 2023
Great day out. During the heatwave so queues for the water rides were much longer than usual. Great atmosphere and lots of good merchandise in the shop too. Would have expected more water stations given the heat but other than that an awesome time and managed to do all the rides we wanted to do as well
Akash kumar
July 30, 2023
Amazing experience. Fun fun and fun.nSuper rides.nBest place with family and friends.nGo and enjoy your weekend.nBut if you want to avoid long queue line then it's better go on weekdays.nThorpe amusement park is one of the best amusement park in united kingdom.nGo have fun ud83dude0a
Jim Fell
July 30, 2023
Hi I took my grand children to the park aged 14 & 13 they had a great time we stayed 2 nights in the Shark containers four bends were squeezed in a space of approximately 8X14 feet and the toilet/wet shower room 3X8 feet very cramped also no windows apart from a port hole in the door which had to be covered to give you privacy from other guest passing we noticed condensation on the walls in the morning we decided to eat in the Vibes restaurant in the evening I would not recommend this not because of the cost u00a320 per a person plus drinks the quality of the food was discussing cold and poor quality when we eat in there at 7.30 it was quite empty although they suggested to book so you wonu2019t be disappointed ud83dude02ud83dude02 the second night we drove the short distance into Staines and had a enjoyable evening the other thing I think they should address, my wife and I are in our seventyu2019s and would not use the park rides no allowance is made for this you pay the same as the other park users if we hadnu2019t taken our grandchildren they would not been able to go so we paid for two days without using the rides the last thing I would like to say the park shuts at seven and for those guests who stay there is nothing to do apart from sitting in your box and watching TV But my as I said did have a great time
Jerin Cherian
July 26, 2023
Have not been since 2015, it was great to get back to this adventure place, yes it gets really busy as school holidays started, but thrill seekers don't care about that why because it's adventures we care about, loved every bit getting back to the park, very helpful staff and rides are as awesome as always. Young or old you will love it, yes book the tickets in advance to get huge discount otherwise it be very expensive. Enjoy recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Adela Stanescu
July 15, 2023
Waiting times to get in were ridiculously long, almost 2 hours, so I recommend planning ahead and arriving early. Waiting times before each ride range from 5 minutes to 2 hours, having the Thorpe Park app installed on your phone is essential to plan your day. In a whole day managed only 4 rides and one of them had to be fast tracked otherwise wouldn't have happened. Other than that, great fun!
July 13, 2023
We stayed overnight in the shark cabins, never been so pleased to have air conditioning! I would definitely recommend fast passes, as we went on every major ride in under two hours compared to the day before where we queued and only went on 5 rides over 7 hours. Worth the money. Staff were really friendly and helpful and safety checks were always carried out very thoroughly.
Anna K
June 20, 2023
Just amazing! The park has lots of different rides, but mostly for older kids or adults. Little once can enjoy the beach and some kiddie rides. Great choice of different cafes, so definitely will find something to any taste. This place is definitely worth to visit!
Ella Bella
June 5, 2023
If it was just for me I would have rated it 5 stars... but I visited with my partner and him being slightly larger, he couldn't do some of the rides, and the ones he could it was pretty uncomfortable for him. The website gives restraint measurements but we didn't think they were 100% accurate. But we did pick the best time of of year, queue times were really short :)
Aidan Rudge
June 3, 2023
We went to Thorpe park on the bank holiday Thursday. The whole day was excellent from start to finish. Managed to get on all of the thrill rides, even got on some twice. The ride staff were awesome. Very friendly. Made our day very enjoyable.
abid alshamat
May 10, 2023
Nice experience but needs improvements. Website suggests u00a337 / ticket, four hours later still trying to figure why I can't select the number of tickets and book, then just after midnight the screen refreshed, ticket selected and new price of u00a357 / ticket appeared, six tickets and the difference added up.nnWrote an email and got a reply with sorry but the small print says ...........nnHad fun but could have been better. Detonator was awesome, ghost train below average.
Shahria Uddin
July 31, 2023
Great place wonderful experience. Had lots of fun on all the rides. Staff was nice and friendly too. However, the prices for anything inside the amusement park are extortionate so be warned.
Jason Parker
July 29, 2023
Fantastic place to visit for adrenaline rush and fix. Some of the rides are simply crazy. The ghost Train is especially clever technology which is very scary. Major downside is the car parking charges. Why? It's their land yet they charge you u00a38 to park to spend a day on site. If I did go again I would seriously look at parking in streets outside the area to save a few quid.
M Leong
July 4, 2023
Great rides and great facilities throughout the park. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful.nnThe queues can be pretty long though, so get some comfortable shoes or fork out a tenner for fast track.nnThere's also not as many good places to choose from, but they are very reasonably priced.
mark bulgin
June 7, 2023
Friendly and respectful staff. Very clean throughout. But most important of all the food was excellent. Tasty, authentic and good sized portions. Not too expensive so decent value. Highly recommended.
sam halter
April 15, 2023
The kids love it. The rides were good although some were closed but there were still enough for a very full day. My daughter was a little small for a quite a few. So if you have two kids of different heights might be worth having two adults. There is a surprisingly good selection of vegetarian and vegan food. So pleased lockdown has finally eased enough to allow family treats like this again!

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