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The Hola Hola Toro Toro brunch offers a variety of Pan Latin favorites as well as Toro Toro's signature mouth-watering churrasco grill at the heart of every meal, evoking the warmth of Latin American hospitality and vibrant family-style eating. Guests should expect a variety of small sharing plates, including guacamole, fresh and flavorful ceviche dishes, as well as Toro Toro's beloved yuca fries and delectable salads. Toro Toro's adored churrasco barbecue, with quality cuts of chicken, lamb, and beef served by professionally trained passadors, is one of the many spicy South American staples on offer.

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Clare Langrish-Dixon (CLD)
Clare Langrish-Dixon (CLD)
September 21, 2023
This restaurant was included in our half board plan whilst staying at the Grovesnor House Hotel and so we were able to dine here for dinner. It definitely has a party vibe (helped by the fact that we were there on Ladies Night!) and the live dancers provided fantastic entertainment throughout the evening. However, the music is rather loud so if you want a quiet, romantic evening then this probably isn’t the place for you. The food was good but my favourite part of the meal was definitely their signature Tres Leches Cake which is a must try- it’s absolutely delicious and if there’s one thing I could have taken home with me in my suitcase back to the UK, it would have been a few slices of this amazing dessert! I’m still dreaming about it now!!
Ivan Stacko
July 8, 2023
Good steak house. I used to be a semi-regular when I lived in Marina. Food is good, ambience is great, staff is friendly, polite and professional. They could turn the volume of music down a bit, though. But loud music in restaurants and bars is a common problem in Dubai.
May 12, 2023
This place gives new meaning to the phrase "get stuffed". Because you will be. Delicious grilled meat and dude dishes. Very polite and helpful staff. Music can be a bit on the loud side, but I was there for the food, not the music ud83eudd23
mitch van haut
May 8, 2023
My friend and I went there for the Dubai festival week.nnWith a set menu of 250 aed for 3 courses.nCurious about how this would turn out, we decided to give it a go.nnAt the entrance you were greeted with a smile and asked kindly whether you wanted to sit outside or inside.nnWe opted for the outside which was very cosy and relaxed with some salsa music on the background which was at an enjoyable noise level. Not too loud that it is disturbing, not too quiet too. It really added a lot to the South American themed restaurant.nnThe restaurant it self was very clean.nThe restaurant staff was very kind and attentive, they had an eye for every detail and were always there for you.nnSo far. Restaurant vibe, staff, service and cleanliness a 10/10!nnA special shout out to Chelni one of the waitresses who was very kind, happy to pair me with the perfect pisco. Give that woman an award since she goes above and beyond.nnOn to the food.nnI started off with a beef anticucho, the beef was tender, juicy and delicious with the aji giving that extra kick to it.nnFor drinks I opted for a pisco sour and a Pisco cola. Both made perfectly and was happy to find pisco since it's a Peruvian/Chilean speciality drink which you can't find everywhere.nnFor main course I went for a rib-eye steak medium rare with roasted potatoes and fries.nnThe roasted potatoes really complimented the steak and honestly there wasn't any need for fries.nnYet the fries were crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. Just as they should be.nnThe rib-eye steak was medium rare as requested, very tender, juicy and probably one of the best steaks I've ever had. Adding extra salt or pepper wasn't needed since it was seasoned perfectly.nnFor dessert I went for the tres leches cake and passion fruit sorbet. This dessert was the perfect way to end a 3 course meal!nnThe passionfruit sorbet paired perfect with the tres leches cake and once again I'd give the food a 10/10 just like all the other aspects of the restaurant.nnIs the restaurant pricy? Yeah quite so, but this is the perfect venue to have a special occasion or a date.nnIs it worth paying the price? Hell yes!nI've been to many restaurants all over the world and this is probably one of the best dinners I've ever had.nnConclusion. Highly recommended and I will definitely come back.
Alexander Leo-Hansen
March 19, 2023
Amazing South American inspired restaurant. Super cozy and high quality of food. Note that wearing sandals is not approved by the dress code but they allowed me. Thank you for an extraordinary service.
Whiskey Sour15
November 23, 2023
Great steak, professional service, cosy.nOnly recommendation is to have a better wine list. The house wines are not that good of you appreciate good wine
Kristina Du
November 14, 2023
Weird experience…nThe environment is truly beautiful. I was very impressed.nBut food… starters were okay. Nothing too special. I can’t eat spicy food and I e been told that I can choose any tacos and they will make it not spicy. After all, they said it’s only chicken tacos that they can do not spicy. It was okay.nMy husband got octopus. It was interesting, but he wouldn’t order it again.nAnd one important thing. We ordered a starter each and I got mine first so I had to wait for my husbands dish and tacos for cold. I think it’s not good to give one dish only so one person has to wait.nnFor the main I asked for the vegetarian special dish (rice with vegetables) and I again said NOT SPICY as I can’t eat spicy food. The waitress said “it’s not spicy” but when I tried the dish it turned out to be really spicy :(nMy husband showed the picture to a waiter and asked what is this dish and she was told it is a steak “name” (again, don’t remember the exact name”. He like the picture and asked to have the same dish as on the picture.nBut he got the totally different dish.nHe wasn’t pleased.nnI was given a wrong winenCutlery came later than the dishnnDesserts were nice, but not enough ice cream for chocolate dessert and mango sorbet is a weird addition to trio leche.nnI was very keen to go to this restaurant and was so excited to bring my friends and family here.nnBut indefinitely I don’t think that I will return
November 6, 2023
10 out of 10, simply excellent Friday brunch. Incredible quality of food, impeccable service and great ambience/music, this is a brunch we thoroughly enjoyed. Free valet parking available nearby.
Romy Lahoud
October 24, 2023
Another Dubai classic that kept the same high standards over the years which is rare in this city.nServe a fusion of South American cuisine and good selection of wine.nGood vives and music!
Arun Kumar
October 21, 2023
This restaurant is in Dubai Marina area. High end location. Very nice ambience. Enjoyed the dinner. Tried a fusion of Arabic and continental food. You will like it. Variety of beverages too. Staff courteous.
S.Lamont Boozer
October 17, 2023
Great place to visit while in Dubai. The food is amazing if you enjoy Spanish style tapas along with a good selection of wine.

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