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Sky Views Observatory

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Get your phones out for this one, as it will keep you on the trending page. Sky Views Dubai showcases downtown Dubai in a whole new different way and it’s the hottest attraction in the city right now. You’ll be 219.5 meters above ground you’ll be able to indulge in thrilling views! So, check out the observatory, slide down the glass side or be on edge at the edge walk!

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Ashiq Roshan
November 2, 2023
Great place to enjoy. But weekends are too much crowded. Especially for the glass slide we waited in a long queue of about 50-80 peoples.nFor the glass bridge also if you need to take good photos you can come any time, but for great photos definitely you need to avoid weekends. The slide is like for 4 seconds before you realise you are sliding you already finished!!nnEntry fee for this was around 65 ( try online some offers maybe available)nFriendly staffs and amazing architecture.nnEnjoy…
Akosua Oparebea Adu-Adjei
October 24, 2023
It is a nice place with an amazing view. I do not recommend if you are afraid of heights. I had so much fun on the slide as well as the glass walk. It is a cool experience.
Kathrine Quiambao (Kathie)
October 24, 2023
Am absolutely amazing experience. The views are seriously gorgeous and so breath taking.nWe tried the sky slide, and we had a really good time. Best experience and super fun to try plus the amazing views and we bought souvenirs at affordable price.nnBrowse my review photos so you will see the sample of souvenirs.
Ahmed Ismael
October 1, 2023
Take a thrilling ride in the panoramic glass elevator to more than 219.5 metres above the ground. Walk the 46-metre glass floor, and enjoy spectacular views of the city’s fabulous skyline and shining coast.nnAdvice: take tickets online is cheaper 😁
Hassan Khan
September 13, 2023
The slide is great, but it's a very quick experience. But that doesn't mean it's over, spend ample time looking around and soak in the views from the lobby with high glass walls and glass floor. Worth the price.
Gagan Sikri
August 23, 2023
Amazing experience and wonderful place to visit, the glass walkway was great, the slide as well. The view itself was incredible. Iu2019d recommend exploring this while you're in Dubai.
Guilherme Ferreira
August 21, 2023
I loved this place, I did the edge walk and it was amazing. It was worth every penny, the photos they take could be more affordable as the price is too expensive! I ended up spending more on the photos than on the tour. I won't give it 5, because their staff was a bit rude and could be more friendly, while doing the slide they don't let you take pictures, and they pressure you to leave soon.
Abdullah HDXB
July 25, 2023
Take a thrilling ride in the panoramic glass elevator to more than 219.5 metres above the ground. Walk the 46-metre glass floor, and enjoy spectacular views of the cityu2019s fabulous skyline and shining coast.More than just another observation deck, Sky Views Observatory is a thrilling, one-of-a-kind attraction that simply canu2019t be missed, and the gateway to three adrenaline-pumping activities, each more extreme than the last.
brijesh trehan
July 3, 2023
One of a kind experience, a sky walk at 52 floor or 200m above the ground. A construction marvel.nComplemented by a glass slide 54 floor or 220m above the ground.nNon peak hour ticket is AED 60, must visit at around 5:30pm to enjoy sunset and little dark.
alia mo
June 28, 2023
Want a unique fun experience away from crowded malls? This is it, the kids would love it as well, best time to visit IMO is around sunset! The view is just so breathtaking.
Kristine Nalam
May 4, 2023
The view is absolutely amazing! The place is easy to find. You get to see the city while riding the lift up to the 53rd floor. The queue was long but it was fast. The hype of adrenalin during the slide drained our energy so we decided to eat their cafe. Peperoni pizza was divine! We devoured it right away. We also had lemon mint iced juice and iced coffee. The place also had a glass walk where you can see the bottom. Super worth your 65 dirhams.
April 21, 2023
Very nice experience. We went on the sky walk and sky slide. Thrilling experience. Separate ticket is needed to walk outside of the building. I guess that will be a terrifying experience. Sky view is must view site for a tourist. After the view photos can be collected. Tickets can be purchased in headout website. Highly recommended.
Sakshi Mittal
March 29, 2023
It is situated over Address Hotel. You can take a walk from Dubai Mall to reach this place through walkways for metro station.Glass Slide is the highlight of Sky View Observatory. Though you have to wait for about an hour for a 5 second experience. One slide is included in the ticket and 25 aed per slide it you want another chance.nAmazing Picturesque of the city and the Burj Khalifa. Glass Walk is another experience to take away from this place. I will suggest to take a day time slot for a better view and experience of the glass slide.nThey also have sky edge walk for fearless people, although it's expensive.
George Robu
March 19, 2023
Very poor organized. You buy online a ticket and you have to wait extra to get it printed. After you get the ticket, you are asked to wait more before going to the security screening.nThe slide is nice but very small and the view is not comparable to what you can see from the Dubai frame. From my point of view, itu2019s not worth paying 15 euros per person to view it.
Mehdi M.
February 5, 2023
This place is just amazing. It was a good decisions to go there and enjoy the view on this observatory. The service stuff were really friendly and we also take the glass slide, which was really joyful.
Anand Malto
January 31, 2023
This place has three major activities:nn1. The Egde walk: its is a must try and the most thrilling of the three. You walk at the edge of a 53 floor high building. The view is just exceptionalnn2. Glass slide: second on the list in terms of thrill. Its a simple slide inside a glass set up. Good experience as you see entire Dubai while you slidenn3. Glass walk: A transparent glass which shows you the roads at the bottom of 53rd floor. It looks a bit scary and that's the fun part
Haneen Isleem
January 10, 2023
Very beautiful experience and nice place to visit, the glass walkway was great, the slide as well.nThe view itself was incredible.nThe slide only was 25 AED
Kateryna Sakovich
January 10, 2023
I have visited Sky Views on Jan 9 in peak hours. I came at 5pm and I was waiting in the very long queue for the slide. Finally I went down the slide in 1 hour (at 6pm) when the sun had already down.nnAnd when I went down the slide, I would like to take a 1 photo but workers refused me to do it! I had been waiting for 1 hour for slide and even was refused to take 1 quick photo! It was extremely unacceptable!!! My experience was very bad.nnThey need to set up an adequate number of people per hour and let them to take photos!!!nnVery horrible experience that did not worth its money.
Maria Manzanares
December 17, 2022
The whole staff were friendly and the experience is truly remarkable. The best time to visit is during their opening hours around 10 in the morning. Long queues can be avoided if you arrive at least 30 minutes before the booked appointment. For those who were afraid of heights, this was a good chance to conquer one's fears. Besides walking on a glass from a high floor, sky slide should never be missed out on this experience. Video recording was allowed and they even had a special pouch where your phones can be secured while filming. This was the best part!

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