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The Green Planet | An Indoor Rainforest

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About The Green Planet | An Indoor Rainforest

The Green Planet located at City Walk recreates the enchanting world of a tropical rain forest with more than 3,000 plants and animals. In this closed ecosystem, the most beautiful birds fly around. This is indeed an educational attraction for all ages.

There are over 3,000 plants and animals you can encounter here. In this truly special interactive experience, you'll meet our sleepy Sloths, visit the fruit bats in their caves, feed hungry piranhas, see the agile squirrel monkeys climb, and watch as colorful parrots and tropical birds fly by.

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Marko Lichner
Marko Lichner
October 27, 2023
It's really worth for the experience if you never done similar tour before. It looks like they really care for every animal there. At the entrance you get picture which later you can convert into magnet picture :DnDon't forget to say hi to curious parrot, in photos the one who biting the bolt :D if you happen to find him.nAnd don't forget to visit night room as well.nOverall it was really nice tour. We've been there right when the storm was so that was pretty cool too :DnOut you can get shave ice or other food.
Ku00e0reem Herzallah
August 3, 2023
It is an exciting experience especially for kids, and zoology enthusiasts!nUnlike any ordinary zoo, this place offers a better interaction with the rare species available as you can see them roaming around freely in a similar place to their habitat. Most of the animals are tropical birds and lizards, but there are also lemurs, bats, and sloths.nVIP tickets allows you to further experience with more uncommon creatures like sugar gliders, porcupines and anacondas.
Micky Fricher
Micky Fricher
June 30, 2023
It was absolutely worthwhile spending quality time with our kids at The Green Planet. We were amazed at how beautifully the place was designed with man-made trees and fresh plants all over. The temperature was perfect inside to roam about and enjoy observing the various species of birds, animals, reptiles and insects. We loved interacting with most of them. The cherry on the top was the Australian Walkway. We got to see a giant snake, wallabies and two big and beautiful parakeets. It was indeed a memorable and fun filled experience. We look forward to visiting again very soon. And last but not the least, a special mention of the well trained, friendly, professional and helpful staff u2013 they did their job superbly. They assisted us to all the floors and throughout the wonderful tour of the place. They guided us very well. Big thanks to them! A heartfelt thanks to Touristino.com to have provided us with a great deal which made it affordable to visit The Green Planet.
Guido Ojeda
June 22, 2023
If you want to escape for a little from the city, you have to try this attraction. There are a lot of variety of birds, they are flying all around the building and there are not afraid of human so you can make a lot of funny pictures. The staff is super attentive and helpful. The bat cave is amazing. To visit at least one time. 2 times in a day they simulate a tropical storm.
Joshua Gokul
June 18, 2023
It's such an amazing greenery set up with most exotic feather friends, a sloth family and other night creatures, reptiles, aquatic, insects which are a native of tropical, Savannah, rain forests etc.nnLovely it looks like as soon as you enter into the place. They have created an ambience just the same as a forest where it drizzles, rains, thunders and even lightning can be seen.nnThe birds love to get drenched and even they sing and fly with happiness. The birds are so friendly that you got to feed them, get a real close encounter with them as if you are one among them.nnAn awesome experience. Must visit place!! 👍🏼
farzan khan
May 5, 2023
This is worth a visit. No negatives.Brilliant setup. Very interesting and keeps you entertained. Staff/Animal trainers are welcoming and helpful. This was my second visit and experienced new addition. Best part was the thunder and lightening with rain arrangements. Night Camping in the Rain forest is also available, seasonal.
Angharad Hill
February 18, 2023
Beautiful building and they have perfectly designed the path with bridges and different sections to make sure you can to be fully immersed in the forestry and see all the animals from every angle. It’s a short experience so is perfect for a stop of before or after lunch however not a whole day trip. Price is a bit expensive for what it is however overall a great time and lots of animals to see very up close.
Daiva Harree
September 22, 2023
Our experience started with a good 10min queue at the entrance...in +40! The security guy was kind enough to invite my hubby and son inside while I was queuing to pay. Only 1 person at a till, the manager sitting in the corner having a break. We made a fuss but he did not dare to come out. The ticket part aside, the rest was great. You start at the top and go down, meeting the birds, rabbits, sloths on your way. Some birds are very inquisitive and come so close you could touch them (don't!). There was a lovely lady with a snake, giving interesting information to kids. She later walked up to us to show us some frogs that were hiding (5u2b50). She also ensured people had the masks on their nose not their chin. The price is steep as you have to pay for kids, too. Even with the Entertainer voucher we paid over 200. And if you want to do one of the animal encounters, that costs extra. To sum up: not cheap but we enjoyed visiting it.
Lydia Childre
Lydia Childre
August 26, 2023
Had such a great time visiting the Green Planet at the recommendation of a friend! Kiddo and I had so much fun seeing all the animals and beautiful birds. Katie taught us a ton about conservation during our sloth interaction and my daughter is INSPIRED. Beautiful birds and fantastic people! Weu2019ll definitely come back!!
Zahra Nuruddin
August 7, 2023
Beautiful place to get connected to nature. You get to see and experience Tropical rainforest here in Dubai.nnAll sorts of colourful beautiful birds and animals are there living and roaming freely and they are well taken care of.nnThe premises is well maintained and all safety precautions are taken care of.nSocial distancing and wearing mask is very very important.nnKids enjoy reading and seeing all birds and insects and reptiles.nnA good 2 to 3 hours you can spend in it.
December 28, 2022
Very nice "human size" environment with a mix of free roaming animals and others in boxes/ cages. I would have wanted to see more information on the animals on panels but the staff is really great and makes up for it entirely.nLovely tree shaded area at the entrance with a cafe and food/drinks as well as a playground for kids.nGreat for young ones from 2 to 9 I would say! Happy and relaxing moment for parents ;-)
Al Taqs
Al Taqs
December 4, 2022
Its really excellent place and great idea to have all such rare animals in indoor. Those who behind this idea to make this for the generation to see, know and explore they really deserved heartily appreciation. I have no Word how to tell or express my feeling but simply tell they are greatest. I need to visit again and again to know more about it and to encourage others. Finally wishing more success.

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