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SEVA Experience | Feel the vibe of Sanctuary

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About SEVA Experience | Feel the vibe of Sanctuary

Relax and let SEVA raise your vibrations as you visit this hidden gem in Jumeirah. This beautiful hub consists of a yoga and meditation studio and a wellbeing Treatment Center. It also has a plant-based cafe to nourish your body and soul and a conscious shop for your unique gift ideas. You can sign up for courses with some of the world's best therapists and foreign instructors at the SEVA Experience. Spend whole afternoons in their underground garden, soaking up the vast array of therapeutic literature.

SEVA is a Sanskrit word that means "selfless service for the good of the society." In today's context, it's something like a much-needed haven in this crazy-bustling metropolis.

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Lee Harrison-Wilkes
July 20, 2023
SEVA Experience is a great hideaway , it’s has a cafe at the rear and a shop by the main entrance.nThe Cafe is a soothing place with bamboo screens and subtle lighting. It also has a wonderful courtyard with bamboo mats keeping the sun away , trees offer shade and and tranquility.nThe menu is Vegan and everything is sourced from sustainable green suppliers.nThere are books you can browse while your relaxing which is a nice touch.nnThe menu is small but has lots of tasty options, the coffee is better than many places I’ve been.nThe staff are also so helpful and friendly.nnIt’s hard to explain in words how calming the whole experience is,nIf any of you practice yoga you will understand , SEVA is a spiritual experience as well as a culinarily one.nThe eastern philosophy Tapa into the whole looking after the planet and all its inhabitants.nnIt’s a place you need to visit you can eat drink and find your centre.
Afnan Binmahfooz
July 14, 2023
A very beautiful and relaxing place to escape from work and responsibilities. The avocado toast, french toast was amazing and cappuccino with coconut milk. The staff here is very calm and nice; Salome helped us picking some of the food in the menu. Must try even if u are not vegan.
Dana Ashraf
June 14, 2023
I went to the cafe at SEVA which if you are a vegan, is your go to place. The ambience and decor at the place is calm and spiritually soothing. If you are a bookworm like me, then you will find a large collection of books at the cafe.nI am not personally a vegan but I wanted to try out the place after my friend suggested it to me. I liked the calm atmosphere at this place. I did try the hot chocolate(Deep Cacao Love) with hazelnut milk and a cookie. It just tasted okay to me but this was expected since I am not a vegan.nThey also have activities like yoga and many other treatments as well.
Alexander Gonchiy
June 13, 2023
The jungle hut vibe makes up for high prices - one of the few places in Dubai that is truly "green" and worthy of title "garden". The food is excuisite and their coffee is just excellent.nYou might want to sit outside though because, ironically for a health-centered place, the interior is filled with wood soaked in highly flammable and toxic creosote which you can immediately tell by the smell of it.
Katia Bougchiche
June 3, 2023
Great quality. The spot is amazing with trees and tablesnOn the floor. So relaxing.nDishes are tasty. Smoothies are great.nCool vibes. Yummy dessertu2019s
Youmna Hammoud
May 18, 2023
What a lovely concept and placenSEVA is a real experience. In the middle of the super fast and crowded Dubai, Seva managed to provide a serene and cozy shelter for those who are mainly nature and spirituality lovers.nnDespite the fact that the service was slow, and the prices were high comparatively, but it is a nice place to try at least for one.nnThe outdoor seating is so comfy and cozy, the juices and smoothies are so yummy, and it is a pet friendly place.nnThe shop is nice with a wide collection of so many stuff, but extremely overpriced.nnAll by all, it was a nice experience and i recommend it
John C
April 7, 2023
Nice place for vegans. The garden area of the cafe has a nice vibe to it. Although the staff is courteous and helpful, the service might take a while. But that's ok, you can just chill since you are in a cafe. I am not vegan, but I do enjoy exploring different kinds of food and tastes. so while I did enjoy the open mushroom sandwich, as a non-vegan I found it to be too expensive. The coffee was quite nice though.
Aliya AIT
March 8, 2023
The atmosphere is like you are in a cafe in the center of tropical jungles :) Very refreshing. Everything is vegan and without allergens. I liked their vegan burger and avocado gazpacho. It’s not a fast food, so you have to wait a while your order. Beside the cafeteria, they have yoga classes and other activities.
martin libang
February 25, 2023
Finally found a place to chill and relax with good food and ambiance and the most amazing staffs, i am alone and yet i felt like i found new friends. Will surely be back and next time with my whole family. More power to you guys.
Carolyn Mitchell
February 21, 2023
Amazing experience! A feast for the senses! The moment you walk in youu2019re hit with the wonderful lavender aroma thatu2019s a subtle feature everywhere. From the awesome vegan menu and food, all set within the stunning backdrop of the amazing garden, to the chic rustic, Bali like ambience, and thatu2019s just the restaurant.The Wellness Centre is another heavenly space where more of the magic happens.nnThis is Wellness at its finest and very best, where the wonderful staff Rona, Carine and the rest of the team serve your food with love and take great care of your every whim.nnPure magic and much need in these times! Love the place, food, people and the love vibration it oozes from every pore. Thank you SEVA, we are truly blessed to have all you have to offer!
Victoria Lambrianidi
January 16, 2023
Quite a disappointing experience at the shop. I asked for somebody to help me choosing healing crystals. Nobody knew anything about the crystals. They said i need to research them myselfu2026 what?!!! Then they didnt have the packaging for the stones. I was buying a gift and they suggested to put them into some random boxes. The prices are super high comparing to other places selling healing crystals and the service is just awful. Better go to natural healing house where a specialist can help you with the purchase.

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