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Verde Dubai is based at the Four Seasons Hotel Jumeirah Beach, restaurant village, which is Dubai's most stunning palace.
Here at Verde, you'll find a friendly, warm, and high-quality family kitchen with Mediterranean influences.

From Verde Paris, a festive restaurant near the Champs Elysées on Avenue George V, to the sparkling popularity of Verde Beach on Saint-stunning Tropez's Pampelonne beach. The Yeeels group couldn't think of a better city to open its first Verde restaurant outside of the United States than Dubai, Luxuriante, unrestricted, and avant-garde.

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Aleja Zuluaga
Aleja Zuluaga
August 17, 2023
I am fascinated by this restaurant the theme the music and the food is spectacular the atmosphere is incredible whenever I go with friends I have a great time
Veranicka Sergheeva
August 3, 2023
Good attention with nice music. Tasty food especially pasta with truffles. Stuff is polite and friendly. Nice show while ordering dessert. Good for sharing and spending good time with friends. Will recommend this place.
Khaled AlHussaini
July 28, 2023
So to start. They always tell you its full before 10pm so they can charge you a 1000 per person. Such a cheap trick. We came for the food and it was definitely not full when we came.nnThey seat arabs and locals on the sides and tend to seat some special guests at the best tables.nnThe manager was super rude. He spoke like a gangster! Ease up 🤣 we just asked for a better table since we came early.nnOnce the music started it was super loud and dark. You couldn’t see what you wanted to order or now how it came up later.nnThe food itself was bad. The concept of the dishes didnt match the atmosphere. It was a white, quit, romantic kind of food that needed good explanation and admiration but ended up served like club grub.nnMaybe the dishes where OK but I for sure couldn’t enjoy them.nnP.S they made a mistake on my bill. We tipped them then they followed us up saying we had yo pay more for their mistake. Off course we couldnt get our tip back 😁nnNothing here is worth mentioning I couldn’t even find one good point about this place.
mohammed albloushi
July 2, 2023
Worst customer service ever.. They havenu2019t acknowledged as prior to reservation about the minimum spend and told us right after asking for the bill.. However They also refused to give back the amount I paid for the minimum spend thinking that this was actually the bill. When I elaborated and they were convinced it was their fault, they still refused to pay back my 1500 dirhams. When talking to the guy responsible with the reservation he said you have no proof that you paid 1500 for the u201cminimum spendu201d and that you actually paid for the bill. Total dishonesty and bad customer service. I definitely ainu2019t going back to this place ever again.
Yana Zaytseva
June 30, 2023
Decadence at Verde is the best party Iu2019ve been to recently ud83dudd25 AMAZING vibes, delicious food, fantastic service and great crowd! Had lots of fun, will definitely come again ud83eudef6ud83cudffd
Mody Ahmet
June 27, 2023
The food quality, test and presentation are amazing.nnOne star less because of quality of service, it’s not bad but not up to the level of a fine dining 🤷🏻‍♂️nnHowever, it’s highly recommended and make sure to try the Snail it’s really shows the quality of the kitchen
Mody Ahmet
June 27, 2023
The food quality, test and presentation are amazing.nnOne star less because of quality of service, itu2019s not bad but not up to the level of a fine dining ud83eudd37ud83cudffbu200du2642ufe0fnnHowever, itu2019s highly recommended and make sure to try the Snail itu2019s really shows the quality of the kitchen
Andrew “Ando” Murden
June 21, 2023
So I have always wanted to go to this restaurant due to seeing it all over instagram being a hotspot in Dubai. First impression is that the place is very elegant and classy. We arrived early due to being out shopping all day and was greeted and was shown to our table. Being a Sunday night at 7:45pm we were the only people there for some reason but we made the most of it. We only found out the best night is a Wednesday so I would suggest booking in advance if you want to see the show and up beat atmosphere that they promote on their instagram page.nnAs for the food our starter was a lightly crumbed mozzarella cubes in a tomato purè. This was quite delicious and light. As for the mains I ordered the beef tenderloin with French fries and my wife got the salmon. Both meals were tantalising and the beef was so tender. We also ordered their signature dessert was was quite entertaining to watch as they made the creation. It was nice but probably wouldn't order it again as it was over priced and really overwhelming with sweetness.nnThe staff are absolutely on point and we're fantastic to deal with. 👏 Price wise for what you get is quite expensive. It cost around 895aed and we didn't order any alcoholic drinks which in Australia currency is around $350aud. I have had better back home for $200 cheaper but I am guessing your paying for the name and also it being apart of the Four Seasons hotel.nnAll in all we did enjoy our time there and thank the staff.
Eissa Alnufaily
June 10, 2023
Dear Management of verde, I have been to your venue on multiple of occasions, and I have to admit that it has been a welcoming great experience for me and my guests. Spyros, Alex, Nadir, Dimitri and Elie were nothing but exceptional in their job, they treated me more as a family than a guest. I can assure to all future guests that you will not be able to find a better place to spend your night. Best Regards, Eissa
Fatma Alzarouni
May 21, 2023
The food was DELICIOUS. The truffle pizza was the BEST, burrata cheese was also good and very tasty, but the chocolate mousse was ok .. not that tasty. The reason that i gave 4 stars is that i didnu2019t like the waiteru2019s attitude, and I didnu2019t like how he was begging us to pay a high tip amount. This is really bad for a fine dining.
May 21, 2023
The food was DELICIOUS. The truffle pizza was the BEST, burrata cheese was also good and very tasty, but the chocolate mousse was ok .. not that tasty. The reason that i gave 4 stars is that i didn’t like the waiter’s attitude, and I didn’t like how he was begging us to pay a high tip amount. This is really bad for a fine dining.
May 20, 2023
It is one of the nicest places but with the WORST experience. The main problem was the price of the shows, we first requested to play a specific song and the waiter told us you have to drop a show and I asked for a price and he didnu2019t give me a specific price, he went and came back more than once to ask other waiters because there is no specific price, at the end they brought the bill with prices that wasnu2019t mentioned to us before, which is totally unacceptable , unprofessional and not fair. Everyone who was there knew about what happened to us and this is ruining the reputation of verde.
Akmal Bakar
May 10, 2023
Mid place. Am here for cocktails, its ok. Music is basic but...sound system is fire enough to make Dance Monkey not induce thoughts of self harm tho
Sul Goodman
May 6, 2023
The worst reservation system ever.. even the manager ( Alex) with his team they treat guests with a very rude attitude. The atmosphere is very nice and the waiters are so friendly. Again the manager needs to take some courses about how to be a polite and gentleman after that you can give some courses about how to deal with customers.
Mischa Angst
April 16, 2023
Food quality is below expectations. It takes forever to get attention from customer service.nAmbiente is ok, but from 8.00 pm music is that loud, it's not comfortable to hold a proper conversation.nBasically didn't meet up to any of my expectations.
Rayyan Daghistani
March 30, 2023
The atmosphere is great, but the food is no more than average giving its high price.
Abdullah Alsheddi
March 27, 2023
Atmosphere and music are great. However, there is not a clear policy regarding minimum charge per table or table selection. The food was average. A long waiting time between orders. The staff working at the door are very unprofessional and treat you as if we were begging them considering we were already overcharged.
Natasha Beech
Natasha Beech
March 16, 2023
Possibly the worst restaurant Iu2019ve ever been to. Given some an afterthought table on top of top other tables asked to moved and manager assured us he would move our table. Longest pasta cold and hideous. Nothing done about it. Then charged us doubles for the single drinks we ordered to try and up our minimum spend. Asked for the manager and they left me over an hour. Refused to take the incorrect charges off my bill and the vile food. Do not go there. Disgusting food and horrendous service.
February 21, 2023
So far, the best experience in Dubai, and hard to be beaten. Starting with the beauty of the place! Cozy and with extreme good music, itu2019s experience is improved by the warmfull attention of all the works. The food is incredible. Everything we ordered was delicious!
January 14, 2023
Let me start by saying: I donu2019t get the hype. Food is average and the vibes are below average specially for a city with numerous options for a 10/10 night.nnIn addition to this, the hostess and the manager were rude to us even though we had a reservation and we sticked to there u201cdress-codeu201d. I donu2019t understand when I get an attitude at a place that I am already overpaying for. Our waiter was very friendly though. We left after we made a reservation at another better place.nnI really recommend that you do not waste a night out in Dubai at this place, go enjoy one of the nicer and more fun places.
Katy Tereshchenko
November 12, 2023
Thank you for nice experience.nThe staff is super friendly and very professional!nWe love VERDE u2764ufe0fu2764ufe0fu2764ufe0f
Muhammad Ismail
August 29, 2023
My boss asked to book a table for them I tried to call one of very unprofessional call centre ever you will experience, I heard someone pickup the phone and cut off. I don't know about the service or the food inside but very unprofessional people who can't recieve a call. You guys should better hire some call centre
Muhammad Y Ahmed
August 19, 2023
Great place with amazing ambiance. The service is fantastic and probably one of the best places if you are in a larger group or going to do a birthday. Amazing vibe and fantastic crowd.
Doctor AJ
July 14, 2023
Great food, great vibe, and most important of all, great staff and team! Special thanks to the manager Mr Alex for supervising and making sure everything was smooth and going well.nFood wise I recommend the truffle pizza and the wagyu steak.
Mohammed Alshoaiby
Mohammed Alshoaiby
June 18, 2023
Being a Thursday night, it was exceptionally busy. Getting there was chaotic. I would give 4 or even 5 stars for impeccable service and great food. However, the hosts were awful. We were stuck in traffic and 20 minutes late for our reservation. I was calling Verde and the hotel non-stop to try and reach someone to inform them, but no answer for over 30 minutes. Upon being seated, the host finds it appropriate to point out how late we are. So, I show her my call log, that proves Iu2019ve been trying to reach out. She tells me itu2019s their policy not to answer the phone after 6pm.nnLet that sink in. Itu2019s this businessu2019 policy not to answer the phone during operating hours.nnWhat are the front staff doing exactly, then?nnGreat service. Great food. Horrible reservations and hosting.
Nazanin Hashemi
May 19, 2023
I wish I could give less than one star! Being in this amazing city with so many great restaurants, itu2019s a shame to experience such a terrible experience!nWe had a booking at 8:00pm and we arrived 8:30pm due to traffic ... like itu2019s a dinner not a military camp !nThe reception was extremely rude , telling us weu2019re late and we have only 1.5 hours left out of our 2 hrs table sitting.We didnu2019t say much and entered , the service at the restaurant was even worse ! The staff were treating us as if theyu2019re doing a favor serving us food and when we asked for dessert menu , the waiter said he has to go and check if we can still order and then he came after a while saying we can ! I asked him if there are people waiting for our table as the tables around us were literally empty and he goes like oh itu2019s gonna be full in an hour !!!! I asked for the manager and he comes being even more rude like this is the policy and we allowed you in even that you were late ! Long story short , we cancelled the dessert and left and guess what the tables around us were still available and there was absolutely no one standing outside waiting to come in ! Honestly the rudest staff and the worst service ever ! NEVER going back !

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